The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) New update, chapter 1 finished and reworked (01/02/2019)



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Just a suggestion here, but I believe would be more accurate the title The Wight Sovereign, The Wight ruler or The Wight Monarch. Cuz kings are used for males, queens are used for females, while sovereign, ruler and monarch are used regardless of gender(I’m saying this because we get a gender choice)


How about this one?


The title of Wight King is gender-neutral. You’re assuming this world works in the same way as ours, it’s not the case. That’s just how it is, I’ve explained this eons ago.

And as the good professor showed you, there are titles such as this one in our world.

A Wight King rules alone, it is more than a simple title, it’s a condition, something that won’t be shared by an eventual companion, this is why there are no Wight Queens. Men, Women or otherwise, there only ever was one King.


But what about all the typos I found And posted in the pm thread you slothful scoundrel ?


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Queen and king refer to the gender of the monarch. The person who rules is a monarch, so it can be a king, or a queen, or a couple(in case both were monarchs)
Ok I believe an example is better :
X is king of xland- a monarch
Z is queen of zland- a monarch
If they marry, they both retain their monarch status; their lands will unite and they both will have authority over the xzland, unless one of them abdicates and loses the monarch status
If either of them is just a prince/princess, the one that was king/queen retain their status as monarch and have authority, while the other is just a glorified wife/husband
I’m not assuming anything about the world, I’m just pointing out how the meaning of the respective words work.


Before I posted my reply, I made some research.
King is used exclusively for male monarchs, while queen is used exclusively for female monarchs
A monarch is someone who rules a country or has great authority over that country


Words have the meaning you give them. Language is a fluent thing made to evolve, especially in a work of fiction, if I want to call the longsword a zouglab, then every warrior shall wield a zouglab.

You’re trying to apply the logic, lore and linguistic of our world to another. Which is a fundamentally flawed maneuver, the author is the only master of the world they made, their words are the laws that define its reality. Your researches hold absolutely no value or power in the face of another world, with its own rules, its own codes. This is not a history book made to be authentic to medieval Earth, this is a fantasy game, in which people run around manipulating the forces of the universe. So a gender-neutral kingly title won’t be the weirdest thing you’ll see.

Beside, I did say ‘WIGHT KING’, of course other kingdoms use the titles of king and queen respectively. This particular title is known by all this way and no other. The first Wight King was a woman, yet she was still the Wight King. You may think what you want of it, whether you disagree or accept it doesn’t matter, don’t expect me to change my mind.

Finally, does ‘Wight Monarch’ sounds any good to you? It’s a mouthful. The game has been named this way for more than a year now, it’s part of the lore as well. I’m not going to change it now.


If the Fate franchise can get away with Nero being the Roman Emperor instead of Empress right in our world, I’m pretty sure our wight can get away with it in their world!


i kinda want zouglab now…


Do we have to be the king of wights? Can we be the king of tacos instead?


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Ohhh… I miss all the action! :joy: THE WIGHT OVERLORD…