The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) New update, chapter 1 finished and reworked (01/02/2019)



I forgot, was Shattered set before, or after The Wight King?

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the demo, playing as an ex-crazed maniac scientist of magic (that felt somewhat oxymoronic) was something I never thought I’d be able to experience, so kudos to you. I would gladly accept the invite, if you would be so kind.


Can I get an invite too?


Did you stop working on wight king?


good stuff man


Yes. It’s necessary for the story. But I’m not ruling out eventually adding the option to be a half-breed instead.

Hey, as a procrastinator lord, I have no problem with that. XD

Sweats in electronics test tomorrow

Before. About 300 years ago.

Close enough. XD


No. I haven’t worked seriously on it for a while now. But since the Shattered demo is out, I’m going to give a bit more attention to the Wight King.


I didn’t receive the invitation.


Can you send me an invitation?




Are we gonna be able to choose our body type?


I would like an invitation too if possible


Done. You only need to ask. :3

I don’t think there’s a limit to how many people I can invite on a pm, so everyone of you feel free to ask, there’s no requirement beside your willingness to share your thoughts about the game.

I didn’t plan to, I didn’t think it would have an impact in this particular story.

I’m not ruling it out, but for now I don’t see how it would be interesting in that story.


Just for role-playing my character cause I had idea for how he looked, but then it described our body as graceful.


I would like a invitation, I’m very interested so far, and I remember voting on the other option, but I actually enjoyed the demo


I sent you an invite.


Okay, I’m hooked. I’d like an invite please.


Sent in a minute.


Uh, actually we might have a problem there, gonna explain later. XD


Yeah, pm threads can only have 30 people at once. Gonna try to find another solution.

EDIT: Since it seems there’s no way to make a private thread big enough, gonna make another thread.


Here is the link to the new topic:

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Reminds me of the days the lost heir guide was private and everyone and their mother was invited.