The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) New update, chapter 1 finished and reworked (01/02/2019)



well there was a game recently “crystalline” In it the hero came from earth and asked where he was and one of the local other mains said the location, after a lengthy conversation it went to region then kingdom continent and she didn’t get it yet and went to planet where he basically said “ok i’m not from there” not once did the local even think about planet its just rarely though about who would unless they aren’t from here or are aware of that possibility to begin with. at best you might say “Direction” hemisphere but you still wouldn’t say planet.
Edit: i just though of something weird
Airport checkpoint
Welcome to Hawaii, USA, North America North western Hemisphere, Earth. have a nice stay.


Yeah, when you think about it, it’s simple logic for a medieval world. You can’t expect the common people to understand this concept.

On Shinra, the closest thing to an actual scientist are mages and arcanists, but even their conception of space is not accurate, like the nords thought worlds simply laid onto the branches of Yggdrasil, to them worlds simply rest onto the weave of the void. Though some of them still have rudimentary astronomical knowledge.


If for some reason you decide to make more games in the same universe could you have one where you play as a extremely weak God trying to get there power back


The goal is indeed to make more stories in this same universe. For exemple Shattered happens before the Wight King, and once the Wight King ends there will be even more stories set after the endings of the Wight King.

Whether or not I’m going to do a game in which you play as a god, I don’t know yet. I already have a lot of projects, some that I am already working on, and others that I’ve only summarized and left in a corner for later.


Seems interesting, good luck


One of the few wips that I can read 10x back to back an still not get tired of reading it love ur stuff man keep up the good work brother :+1:t5::ok_hand:t5:


I think wight king was made after I got what Wights are monster from a dead human but they have live of humans soul that on


I’ve reached 20k words in Shattered’s demo. I expect 3000 more to be needed to finish it. We’re seeing the end of it guys!

All of it would surely need heavy reworking before being a proper demo. But because I and everyone else really are getting sick of waiting, I think i’m going to release an ‘alpha’ version to get some feedback early. I think I work much better when I actually have feedback to help me.

This alpha would probably still be open for everyone on this thread, but I don’t think I’ll make Shattered’s own thread yet. Not until I deem it truly ready. So, I’ll probably host it here for now, or create private pm on the side that everyone wanting to talk about Shattered could join by asking me.

90% of the demo is finished, so what it needs the most is polishing and a trademark cliffhanger before release.

What do you think?


Yeah sounds good to keep shattered here untill it gets more meat on its bones
and its litterally unplayable without trademark cliffhanger



Needs more cliffs, and edgy elves

I think that it

I’d be happy to see it if it’s a private pm (though I’m adjusting to college and work life)

So it’s a prequel, how will I live without Bob? Or bob? Or BOB?


Sounds good. Looking forward to playing it :slight_smile: When you say 90% of the demo is finished, do you mean 90% of the full game or just the portion of it for the demo?


It would be open to anyone that wants to help me improve the game. If I go with this, all you’ll have to do is ask.

Screams hysterically in second year of college
I know the feeling. XD

Wish I could. XD

This. I just need to write the final scene of the chapter.

You will gather many steves during your quest. Maybe they will soothe your pain.

Never enough cliffs. Wait… there’s always the world-cleaving sword. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

When are elves not edgy tho? XD



looks off into distance dramatically


Needs a Spontaneous Fade To Black Mid Sentence somewhere in there.


At least it’s free right now, though eating has been a problem lately, because my food money has turned into bus money and I have to get up early enough that I can’t cook something (Not that there’s much food in the first place) .

When they shave their ears?

Faulty Bobs. At least give me a John.

Oh that reminds me in Fate Stay-


Just wondering are you going to have a private beta for all future demos or will every future demo be public?


I guess it depends on the state of the demo. And on how confident I am about this particular story.

I’m not a fan of the idea of putting my work off-limit to a part of the readers, so that’s unlikely to happen unless I really don’t feel confident about it.

At some point, every of my demo will be public no matter what, at least to a certain point. But maybe in the future the way I do things will change, I can’t tell.


Damn. It’s been two weeks already? XD

I’ve continued working on it during what time I could take away from studying, and I’m at about 25000 words. There’s really only the ending of the demo left for me to write. Then as soon as I finish the demo’s content I’m going to release it and improve the writing afterward, because it’s going to go much quicker with your feedback to help.


Don’t lie, you were playing Spider Man like everyone else right?