The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) New update, chapter 1 finished and reworked (01/02/2019)



Welp, Dragon Age dark ritual time


Stahp it! :roll_eyes:

No seriously, the Wight King isn’t human… what do you think would come of a perfect monster trying to make more of its own?


Frankenstein’s monster learning from the mistakes of thier creator…
The hulks son who learned from his pops who learned from his.
The twilight books…ok maybe strike that last one it doesn’t help my case.


Here. I fixed it.

The difference is that Wight Kings are not man-made. A monster without maker is left only with what they have as reference, the result of replication can only be a flawed copy.

And when you’re trying to make a copy of something that powerful, the slightest drift can result in a catastrophic failure. wink wink


This is why the people at the human cloning labs always say never make a clone of a clone of a clone…


@Drakeye How would you know? Unless… Gasp YOUR A CLONE!!!


I will neither confirm nor deny my relation to Dredd…


What are you talking about? Vault 108 went perfectly fine cloning clones of a clone…Hey Gary it’s me Gary and my cousin Gary and our mutual friend Gary!


Also let’s stop focusing our anger on the elves and focus on the stupid hobbits instead


What have the hobbits ever done :confused:

Are there hobbits?


Probably nothing but why not have undead hobbit you can name one Frodo


If there was, they wouldn’t last long. There’s no such thing as the peaceful Shire on this planet.

I hate hobbits for reasons I don’t fully understand myself… but they probably deserve it. XD

Preferably dead hobbits I wouldn’t name. :smirk:


I just want the option to have a ton of undead pets (people and things I have killed) and just name them things

edit: WOW that sounds more sadistic then intended


So, since I’ve managed to leave my undead state for the moment, I might as well tell you about some changes I wanted to make to the lore.

I wanted to replace the name Meidia by Aquilea. Because it sounds better and Meidia was actually a name I gave to the country because I couldn’t think of anything better. So now the meidian empire is the aquilean empire.

I was thinking on naming the world on which the Wight King happens “Shinra”. So, tell me what you think about it, or if you have suggestions, that could be fun as well.

I haven’t thought yet of a good name for the continent, so if you have ideas don’t hesitate. XD

So I had a lot of trouble finding both the time and will to write, but I’ve finally managed to go back to a regular writing rate. So hopefully no more unforeseen obstacles will slow me down.


Primum Latin for primordial or Primus


has a nice ring to it.

Primus that sounds ok somewhat comfortable sounding.


And now I return to final fantasy.


that was a final fantasy name?


Yup. The big bad company/family of 7 and a filthy al-bed boy in 10-2


I didn’t even think of it when I chose it, I only remembered later that the evil corporation of FF7 was named this way as well.

But yeah, I chose it because I like the way it sounds. XD

Even if it sounds kinda japanese. The thing is that very few people refer to this world by its name, not many have the necessary… hindsight to think of it as a planet or a world. This planet is significantly larger than Earth, and many don’t ever leave their country, simply because it is an incredible distance to travel. The population is largely ignorant of the world itself because of the simple difference in scale.