The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) New update, chapter 1 finished and reworked (01/02/2019)



I disliked your choices of characters kek


Wait, can WLs have, you know…, sex?
They don’t sweat, so I assume no body fluids, how?


My children.
I see you have fallen.
The 2nd door crusade?
Have you forgotten the sacred curse of the flying pancakes of doom?
I must say that I am disappointed in all of you for this lack of reverence for that which gives us comedy.

Or I’m just really bored and finally got the time to come back to the forums. Oh, and saw that the curse wasn’t being represented. Have a great cursed flying pancake day :kissing_heart:


it disappoints me that I have been responsible for at a minimum one of these in some way shape or form

Contacting local bug exterminator

Choice: "Let’s rid the woods of their presence, then

Awesome story, BTW :heart_eyes:


Did you read the old demo or the new demo?


Sorry… new player and didn’t backread. But I would like to play.


For now, I’ll say yes instead of a lengthy explanation. XD

Though it doesn’t work in the same way it does for us puny mortals. And like the Wight King they are unable to reproduce.

The curse gets rid of relatively useless things, like sweat(wights don’t need to regulate their body temperature). But it would be hard to speak without saliva, so their body still produce a similar fluid instead of getting rid of it.


Ooh ooh, let me guess for guys its prehensile and girls have teeth! And then they adopt praying female mantis tactics… except with souls…

So… you’re saying everyone can go out in the winter snow naked?

Nudisto Beach on Ice?


Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well. Somehow people will misinterpret what I just said.

Wights are naturally very resistant to cold. They still feel it more or less but it doesn’t damage them. (Except frost magic, it can still do some damage)

They’re undead, not eldritch abominations! XD


I’m nearing the end of the demo on Shattered.

It will still need a lot of polishing before I actually post it, but I think the finished demo should range between 15000 and 20000 words. I still need to write about half of chapter 1 and finish the prologue.

If you have questions about Shattered, you can ask them here until I make Shattered’s own thread.


What bloody type of curse is that, auto contraceptive, no cold, no sweat, immortality(?) but can still enjoy sex?
If that’s a curse I wonder what’s a boon.


that’s an old trope, more info here :


The grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence. What benefits the wights reap from the curse, they pay them in full.

The wights actually have it pretty rough compared to many other undead despite some quality of life advantages.

Hey! XD


Don’t me, I’ve been analyzing tropes, and adding to the Pantheon for awhile.

How? Immortality and hot vampires lovers aren’t pretty rough of a life.


Do you remember what happens at the beginning of The Wight King?

Imagine living through this with every death, imagine hearing the whispers of the Abyss between every breath. You can be cut to shreds, burnt, impaled, beheaded, feeling death take you over and over only to rise again. The agony of each death sewed to your corpse until you are completely destroyed.

You’re forced to obey a Wight King you’ve never met before, to protect them no matter what or lose all your power until you die again, only to be awakened once more with the next Wight King.

You’ll lose yourself more and more with every passing moment, your humanity, your soul, your will, until you are no more than a husk, nothing more than a slave. You’re fated to succumb to the undead madness, fated to be swallowed whole by the Abyss.

One of the wight lords is named The Flayed King. He doesn’t remember his name anymore, he doesn’t even remember where he came from. He can’t speak anymore. His tongue was torn out, his eyes gouged out, his heart replaced by a gaping hole going through his chest. Every inch of his skin was slowly cut off, exposing his withering, ashen muscles. His armour was melted, embedded into his flesh. His flesh is pierced with thousand of metallic shards. Every breath he takes is a rasping agony, the contact of the air onto his flesh burns like fire.

At least, the curse than animates a husk is merciful enough to make it so that you won’t feel pain anymore, or anything else for that matter.


Except for pure-blooded vampires, they are unable to have sex by the way. And those are an endangered species.


Stuff like that seems to be a frequently asked question for this thread so I have a singular thing to yell as an impartial observer


(Praying I don’t somehow start a new crusade of some sort from that comment)


Oh I don’t know sounds pretty handy to me.

Does healing magic/ necromancy not repair stuff?

Ah, the true price of power.


There’s limits to what magic can repair. Each living creature has a limited amount of essence, and the more it depletes the less you’ll be able to heal from anything. Essence cannot be replenished, not easily, and even then you may be to far gone.

The Flayed King will never recover, there is nothing left to heal.

You just read to much Berserk or something like that. :japanese_goblin: