The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) New update, chapter 1 finished and reworked (01/02/2019)



Ah! Neckbeard! :japanese_goblin:

A good assassin can still crack open a conq. Lawbringers are more efficient when it comes to shutting up any kind of offensive option. Though I really hate when people play him like that.

Though I think I’ll stop before I begin spouting technical terms that no one will understand beside the few For Honor players. XD


Tis true I am neckbearded and proud, will still use Warlord to enviorment kill you XD


had a weird thought go through my head after reading this
I have no idea why my brain is hammering out ideas like this right now.


Welcome to my world.

I’d go watch this movie.


this maybe why jay and silent bob became a thing…

but your world had cool undead guys and non-immortal immortals…granted vampires are “immortal”


Well, I’ve always pictured it that way: There’s always a way of dealing with pesky “immortals”. Whether it’s cutting them to pieces or banishing them, or destroying them completely.

There’s a creature that specializes in devouring gods in this world after all. An immortal, is no more than a mortal on reprieve. Doom comes to us all eventually.


evil way to deal with a immortal
chain them, pour concrete all over, old days lead or iron bury 20-50 feet deep.
they now wish they were able to die.
if you can curse someone to absolute horror wish upon them immortality, immovability & insomnia… cackles

speaking of wich its a good thing the wight king lost their memory of their time before…


Liches can’t store themselves in something huge? Voldemort almost had the right idea. But put the pieces in something huge, a location. like the whole world

Whenever I see an immortal one of basic things I think they need is teleportation and being able to reform, all it takes is one carnivorous thing for thing to go super badly even with regeneration (that’s how they did it in neverdead anyway).

One of my favorite immortal villains was a god. He died once (dragons can take out gods, go figure) and was brought back to life. He was terrified of dying again and went to absorb the power of other gods to become truly immortal. He even succeeds, though he’s still defeated, not sure if he’s still immortal by the end. Funnily enough the player character is way more difficult to get rid of. They basically have MMO powers (the game is an mmo anyway, they just have a reason) they respawn if they die (and can shapeshift during this process) perceive time differently and don’t age past a certain point. End result: a race of Renaissance men who can do everything and are very commonly valued less when it comes to battle.

Honestly though I’d imagine a society that’s very discriminatory with immortals in it. Either immortals are in charge and value mortals as one would an animal. Or mortals are and immortals have more life so they’re worth less. And if resurrection is a thing then a very different value of life in general.


Was in a pen and paper rpg was super durable neigh immortal and had regeneration spent 2 centuries in a giant space sharks belly being digested…really sucked to be practically unkillable then. I didn’t die the shark did, of old age.

Once was buried (reasonably deep) presumed dead but don’t check to well, was actually recovering, only to repeatedly die wake up a few moments later with only a few seconds of life suffocating trying to claw my way out. As that character I didn’t need to eat or drink, but I did need to breathe…5 years later I finally got out and was assigned the trait 4th wall insanity.

So many stories refer to mortals as mindless sheep, rats scurrying about their short pointless lives, or cattle meant to be our entertainment and food. The older the immortal the more jaded, bored, and eventually lazy they get.

Mortals are just a dime a dozen stock that you can just put together and raise like a little toy army to dual other immortals with…ironically that’s the reason my first example ended up in a long lived space shark, I lost a long term war with my ex-mentor and she chose to punish my insubordination that way. I didn’t really learn my lesson, just spent a long time in a lot of pain trying to plan my vengeance.


I’m superior to any of them so bow peasant boi


Gladiatorial combat? Hm… is this realistic gladiatorial combat, or the typical fantasy “Let’s send a bunch of highly trained atheletes who are also our property out to randomly die for other people’s amusement and somehow still turn a profit.” style gladiatorial combat? :stuck_out_tongue:


Liches don’t have to use phylacteries, they can, but they often proven to be… meh.

You have to put a part of your soul into the object, and with how this world works, that means a part of your power. Plus that means leaving behind, somehwhere, a part of you that can be destroyed or channelled into spells against you. And with the number of adventurers snooping around, you can randomly lose parts of your soul and power forever.

Those objects can actually be tracked, all it takes is a mage that can recognize your aura and then they can search for it and destroy it.

It’s similar to how the romans did it. Gladiators are entertainers first and foremost, like pro wrestlers, the goal is to put on a believable play for the people, give them a show they’ll remember. Death is actually extremely rare. Except for war prisonners (Meidia does that, mostly), which are put to the death in the arenas by different scenarios, all for the public’s enjoyment.


Lawbringers arw quite easy to play in my opinion. Easy to learn hard to master. Look at Spliced he’s a great lawbringer

I’m a Warlord main myself but I’m not a scummy one who ledges people.

Who dat? Jormungandr?



I fight very aggressively, even when I play lawbringer, that’s why turtles trigger me. XD

Noice. I remember the dark times when throw distance was a stat.

Some people call it the Pale One, the slayer of gods.

Show yourself!

I proudly identify as a tin can.


Of Captain Underpants can be a thing then so can this


I hope the October update will really turn around the game. Everyone says it’s dead but I’m still holding on for a turn around.


Do we get to meet him? How many gods has he killed? What does he look like? He is good, evil, neutral? I have so many questions.


Who the hell is still saying that For Honor is dead now? People were saying that when the game came out and still carried on, improving significantly over the year.

The game is in a good state right now, it could still beneficiate from a lot of improvements especially quality of life improvements, but still. XD

I’m really hyped for the release of marching fire though.

I don’t know if “him” is a good way to describe such a creature. It’s a being beyond human undersanding, most cannot define it, unless it takes form. It is beyond morals, though it acts toward what it considers justice/balance. It does not often interact with mortals, but it is always watching.

It would be hard to explain the Pale One through simple facts, but it will play an important part on this world.

I guess one thing I could say is that the Pale One, is a creature that is related to Chaos and the Abyss. It is much more than a godslayer.


That’s a lie, their is no non-scummy Warlord mains


Trust me. I am an exception. Not all Slytherins were bad, for example. Also a Lawbringer, Kensei and Aramusha main.

Chaotic Neutral?

Do you have a huge board somewhere with all the pieces of lore on it or do you just improvise? You’ve done pretty well on that front so far.


I build the lore as I go. I did a lot of improvisation in the earlier days like “I didn’t think about that, what do I think about that?”

Now I do a bit of both, I keep all the lore in my head and I improvise when I feel like something is missing.

That’s also why not everything is set in stone as long as I didn’t write it in the Wight King.