The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) Current update: beginning of chapter 2 added (02/27/2019)



So I am now a new fan of your WIP. My interest in this game is definitely piqued and I cannot wait to see what more you have in store. Your prologue was definitely fleshed out but I felt like it covered alot for an introduction to the world you have built here.

I especially enjoyed the possible previous relationship that is apparent between the MC and Asterius, the brief recognition gave me goosebumps. I am super excited to see what parts the MC has played and what their role is in the rebellion (If they played a role at all) and if the MCs real history dates back even further in History! Self discovery is a must for any MC so i cant wait to uncover it.

The inclusion of races or at the very least elven influence is a well thought out addition. Through the majority of my playthroughs I was more inclined to play the role of the half elf as I felt like it would offer me more in terms of story driven play. I cant help but wonder and be excited to see what kind of lore comes along with this and what kind of influence this will have on the MCs interactions with the outside world. Will they be seen as trash for their race? Will their half human half elven heritage gain them even more enemies simply for their half breed nature?! I am super excited for how this plays out !.

I do hope to see traces of other races though! Elven and Human are the ones I currently am aware of and after looking through the character list and seeing Vampire, Banshee and even Annie (who I can only assume isnt entirely human either after still being alive after her beating) with her “Unknown” origin.

In those first few pages I was definitely getting a sense of an anime named Overlord which worried me but as I read on the worries were replaced by the fear that the preview/demo would end soon! I look forward to future updates and cannot wait to see more and more lore added to the page.


I have watched progress and have been monitoring this thread frequently for the past six (?) months I think and this is a great update, I loved it and it took me a little over a half hour for just the prologue and chapter 1 which is, honestly, pretty great. Good luck @bl00dragon I bookmarked the thread long ago :wink:


That’s always nice to hear. XD

Bad but or good but? The introduction is quite wordy, but I felt like there was some important informations needed since I introduce you to a new world. Even though I try to spread the lore around later on, to avoid force-feeding you the lore all the time.

To avoid spoiling, I’ll just say: Yes, they played a role during the time of the rebellion.

I did talk of orks and dwarves on this thread if I remember correctly, as well as some of the undead types. Once the stories go further I’ll probably add races that are less mainstream.

Oh, she’s human… mostly. :upside_down_face:

Honestly, she would have died if it wasn’t for Asterius healing her, and she won’t get out of this unscathed.

I get where you’re coming from, I’ve already been told once or twice that it reminded them of Overlord, but that’s not really the goal.

I guess my love for animes just shows in my writing sometimes. XD

Thank you. I’ll try to make time to write more content despite school’s best effort to put walls of work before me.

Remembers how little content the game itself had in six months.

Thank you as well.

me after reading through the entire thread and finding all of the lore


Can’t even tell what that facial expression represents. XD


It means that I laugh at all of the mortals asking about the WK’s lore :stuck_out_tongue: /s


Understandable. The poor new guys can’t know have read everything like you did. XD

I need to put more lore on that front page. Be right back. Sneaks away with da codexes.


@bl00dragon - I’m not sure which version of CS you are using but you might want to upgrade it to the latest version. I don’t even see a settings tab on your story, so I can switch on night-mode.


I didn’t know. How do I do that?

EDIT: Oh, ok that was just the CSS that it was using. I changed the style back to classic CS so now it works.


Here is the link to the latest version. If you hadn’t updated your files recently, I would suggest doing so. I update mine every 6 months :wink:

Latest CS version

Edit: my eyes thank you.


No problem. Night mode is just so much better anyway. :grinning:


Oh the beautiful darkness


What we need is a wight mode… :crazy_face:


I love the update, are you going to focus on Shattered next or focus on The Wight King?


I will at least release chapter 2 for The Wight King, then I’ll give more attention to Shattered, for which I’ve begun working on chapter 2 as well somewhat.


Hmm… I think I killed her, since she was so persistent of stoping me, I give her a swift death blow. So, are you saying that she will still be alive??
Actually, I didn’t know that she was an important character… I only thought that the paladin was since he showed up on stats screen.


I like asterius, I almost felt bad for slaughtering his troupe :sweat_smile:. Have no idea if there’s going to be a romance in the game ( almost don’t care if there isn’t cause the sheer awesomeness of this wip satiate’s me :")) but if there is I hope his one!


I think there is some ROs but I can’t remember.


thinks about the romantic angst and drama between the wight king and asterius hehe… nice
(I know it possibly isn’t an option but the thought fuels me lmao)


That banshee women is probably one of the ROs… since we can flirt with her.