The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) Current update: beginning of chapter 2 added (02/27/2019)



Eyes Gloss over Hail Glorios leader

i would regret its a Rhyming ork a non rhyming ork is fine and being felled by a shaman ork just awsome but that would be one powerful shaman to fell me.


Here’s another bit of lore. It concerns the abilities of paladins. Like the last bit of lore I posted, this might change in the future. If you have a question, or even just a thought on that, don’t hesitate.

Paladin abilities:

  • Blessing:
    All divine magic users can use blessings, though since paladins aren’t affiliated to a god most of the time they bless in the name of the light. The difference being that the light doesn’t have very specific blessings like incarnated gods would. Kurrow for exemple grants dark blessings of immunity and plaguebearing, but the light tends to have more straightforward blessings.

  • Stigma:
    The stigma is a rather unknown type of divine spell, they are also available to SOME divine users beside paladins, but only a few. They are more complex than blessings, as they often involve taking and giving, they can be used both on yourself and on enemies. Using a stigma on yourself would typically be about accepting a permanent wound or deficiency in exchange for a powerful blessing, knowing that the blessing will never completely replace what you gave. For exemple giving up on your eyesight may allow you to gain an exceptional sensory abilities, though self-inflicted stigmas are pretty unpredictable. On enemies, they are harmful miracles that can have various effects, like forbidding an enemy to walk away but also direct attacks like light magic.

  • Virtue:
    Virtue is a mechanic available only to paladins, powerful archpriests and saints.
    At one point, a paladin might face a situation in which they will display… something. A spark of something divine, an instant of greatness during which they become the incarnation of a greater aspect. Once that happens they become virtuous, the seed takes root and this divine spark becomes a part of them, they may call onto its power and take on a form and that lets their power increas to a point they couldn’t reach otherwise. Though, it is not without risks, the virtue is also a poison, it takes over your mind, it obsesses you, until it twists you from virtuous to wicked. This is why it is to be used sparingly.

  • Martyrdom:
    The paladin order was built on sacrifices. It is one of their core values, the sacrifice of self in the name of the greater good is considered the greatest thing any paladin could ever do, they remember their martyrs, and their prayers go to them. A paladin may become a martyr, lay their life on the line to increase their power to new heights the time of a single fight by becoming incarnations of the light. But even if fighting in this form doesn’t kill them, they will start to desintegrate, beginning by their extremities, it can take days or it can take months, but it’s not a pretty way to go.


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I’ll release the first part of the update right now.

Edit: Update is online:

What’s in that part:

  • A rework of most of chapter 1
  • Chapter 1 is probably definitely finished at 11000 words.
  • The beginning of some new stats, more gameplay-oriented, still not fully implemented though

So, I will update the game soon. Chapter 2 is on the way as well, but not in this first part. I’m still working on chapter 2, but I’ll try to show you what I have done on chapter 2 while I’m still on vacation.

I’ll also probably do an overhaul of the stats, because they’re kind of a mess.

As usual, I’d really be happy if you could tell me what you think about what you read. And tell me about any bug or typo you encounter. :grinning:


The to-do list is on the to-do list still?

War Status is new?

Where’s the Bob stat?

I’ll probably check it when the rest of the update comes out :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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I really hope we get to kill that first paladin we meet.


How do you meat someone?


Well that is a embarrassing typo for me.


You see, when a man and a woman love each other very much…

typos and errors



I feel like A heated conflict ensued would work better

A heavenly warrior

some minor nitpicking

I feel like this option should increase the cocky stat instead of the dignified

I feel like there should be a stoic or angry response here. Playing a WK who is angry at everyone, then having to chuckle or grin at a stranger who’s been nothing but condescending is a bit immersion breaking imo


So um… that necromantic shockwave you involuntarily send out when you try to introduce yourself to Helena… You describe its effects on one page, then say practically the same things again on the next page. It feels a bit repetitive, like you had forgotten you’d already described it previously and wrote a description a second time.


Done. I corrected the typos and added things.

This stat man, it never wants to work as intended. XD

Which part do you mean exactly?


Um… I’m not sure how much more effectively I can describe it. The part where you try to introduce yourself to Helena and instead unleash a shockwave of necromantic magical energy that corrupts everything around you… This scene didn’t used to happen, but now it. And it’s described almost identically twice on two separate pages, including how it makes you feel.

This part?

It was violent like a storm, so overwhelming that a shock coursed through my entire body.

A single instant was all it took for countless lives to be swept away, their flames as if snuffed away by the breath of a vengeful god, flaring in terror all at once as suddenly as they were silenced. And with this single blow, they were reaped, the force of their lives became a flood about to overtake me, the echo returned to me thousands of times as strong, the energies burned together into a baleful wind that seemed to tear apart and assimilate all that stood in its way.

And soon the tide was upon me, raging, whirling around myself before nestling into my hand. The torrent of energy settled over me as if frozen in time as it poured into my open hand, rushing into my carcass, into my veins, into my soul, filling me with the warmth I sought. The essence of thousands of lives was devoured, restoring my powers, filling me to the brim with unholy strength. And as I looked into my upraised arm, seeing my own reflection in the plates of my armour, I saw a beast, a beast that could never be sated, a beast with eyes black and cold as coals, two dark abysses slowly being set alight by the lives that were stolen, a beast as dreadfully pale as the flesh that had tasted the kiss of death.

All were taken, and the storm ceased.

And there was nothing but silence.

Before me laid the sanctuary, the same brimming place of power and serenity. And behind me, desolation and ruin, the terrifying emptiness left when you take everything away. And yet, I had never felt so alive. I could still feel the echo of my power seeping into the empty shells left behind with every beat of my heart, leaving place to the work of chaos. And as I turned around, I could scarcely believe what I had done.

Everything was blackened, devoid of life, taken by the dark powers I had unleashed. The great trees that marked the border of the sanctuary now nothing more than charred husks ready to crumble into dust, grass turned into ashen blades so fragile that the wind tore them apart. Even the sanctuary was left maimed and bleeding, its veil torn apart and turned to shreds by my power, it waned and stumbled as it slowly tried to mend itself back together, but it would never be the same. Within all of them, was a part of me, an insignificant shard of my essence, a brand left behind by my powers. They all burnt with the slightest drop of my power, spreading from life to life, jumping from host to host and twisting them.

A wicked spark igniting within them, lighting a fire…


I think so. I’ve only read that section once so far.


Welp… Green peace os definetly be after our ass
On a side note judas priest necromancer while i was reading new part… strangely fitting


I’m going to see how I can rewrite it later.

I didn’t know this song. Yeah, it goes nicely with the scene. XD