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This thread has NEVER been derailed by talk about doors and elves


And definitely not by warhammer related themes either.


Surely there is a way to ban these words. :thinking:

I should nail a sign on this thread saying “Talking about elves, doors or warhammer without a license is strictly forbidden, and will be punished by putting a coin in the swear jar. And if you’re Alpharius get the hell out of my bar.”

I don’t care about a few off-topic messages once in a while, what I don’t want is a torrent of references and memes that completely swallows every relevent messages.

Welp, it must start somewhere, or the USA will always be left behind. And it would probably be better if it happened sooner rather than later. The unwillingness to make a change is a real problem with every modern government I think. I’m seriously flabbergasted at how afraid the masses and politics are of changes.

How do they expect things to evolve if they refuse to break the status quo once in a while? It’s the same in France, people are SCREAMING for changes, but every time something changes they start whining (half of the time it’s legitimate though, I have to admit it), you wouldn’t believe just how many strikes there can be at the same time. Though the government is largely at fault, it’s clear they don’t know or don’t care about the country’s and the people’s prosperity, preferring instead to fill their pockets no matter what, making useless expenses while increasing taxes like crazy. For exemple, there are people on strike all over France these days because of the last insane increase on fuel prices.


We can talk about darkest dungeon instead “suggestive wink” and to get my license I shall swear my trumpet into your service!


Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer. :japanese_goblin:


Many fall in the face of chaos; but not this one, not today!


well unfortunatly the biggest change issues are for a time we would need to edit our education structure, post a set of dual signs for highways or outright replace them. that is very expensive and unless we teach both at the same time and do dual signs we would have to do it all or nothing. it would have to be apporoved at the federal and state level as well. i dont see senators looking to kindly on what would be obviously a heavy tax needed for something that isn’t absolutely necessary but should be done, that amounts to nigh political suicide

black market licence sales you say…hmm


It is because we are the special people of the world. If we followed the French in everything we did, then who would save both of our nations from our folly? :wink:


Funnily enough we still learn the metric system Now if only they taught us the conversion rate

So in effect I don’t have much of an idea of what a measurement of the metric system looks like.

Funnily enough in the other special Murican category sports, I found out Japan says Football and Soccer like us too.

So I should get a license right? I’m your right hand Bob!


Eh, true enough. I think there’s enough of one France to spread nonsense through the world. XD

All I know for sure about the imperial system is that a foot is 30.48cm. XD

Maybe I should start a premium service? Go EA style and cut 75% of the content to sell it later. :smiling_imp:
(Eff you video game industry)


Look at these memes that I made and tell me I don’t deserve a license :stuck_out_tongue:





Also I demand a pass for helping you with the wiki and going through the entire shitshow that this thread is :stuck_out_tongue:


I should have one since I was here from the very beginning


…I’ll pack my things.

Just kidding I could never leave :slightly_smiling_face:


Fair enough, I admit. XD

Well. Is it my fault if some people continuously go overboard whenever elves, warhammer or doors are mentioned? :smirk:

If you left the SJWs would somehow find a way to accuse me of being elfophobe, so you have to stay anyway. :grinning:

After reviewing these I especially decree that you’re not getting a license to flood my thread. XD

Though… hiding them like that… it seems, more okay. At least it’s not getting in the way of actually relevent content. Interesting.


I’ll give you a cool hat as the head bob.


Accidently cause the first Door Crusade and all the sudden your going overboard


Funny enough i learned most of what i know of the metric system from researching world building for running pen and paper rpgs. School taught me very little of it “A meter is basically a yard” & “a Kilogram is a little over 2 pounds” school was helpful. Speaking of wich
@bl00dragon what is the comparitive education level of each of the races in city, and country living. Another question what is the literacy rate in general.


They’re all doing their own things mostly.

  • For humans, the pinacle of education is Nevarra. Their people are very educated, both in economics and culture, a very good part of their people is not only able to read but well educated, even in the countryside (a particularity of Nevarra is that even villages can be very well developed and small villages are rare except in the fringe, it is an extremely rich empire).

  • Kriegsgard favors knowledge as well, but in another way. They are practical, the children are taught how to read, mathematics, physics, strategy, anything that an elite soldier could still put to good use(if they are of the soldier caste). Their caste system limits the way knowledge spreads though and makes each very specialized, earthbounds(the farmer caste) or those of other castes know things that others are never taught about.

  • Aquilea is pretty obscurantist but is still an empire of wealth and culture. Anything that isn’t too obviously blasphemous is available to the nobility and the bourgeois, only those that have enough reputation are allowed to read things that could potentially invite sedition, or make the masses think. Though the public still has access to many books validated by the censors, which means very flattering books on the empire and the maker, and normal things like economics. Though the countryside peasants barely know how to read, just enough for signs and to know how much taxes they owe Aquilea.

  • Arkadia was in a pretty good state, Lionheart made sure to spread knowledge and culture to the masses as much as possible, knowing that an erudite people is far more effective than a nation of idiots. The country is small enough that a great number of people are literate.

  • The valgarmians(are actually not humans but whatever)… well, books get wet up there. They know how to read their runes but they are the least educated out of all pepople.

  • Velzarim is kinda ambivalent, they’re not the best but not the worth. Their society makes it hard for the common people to be literate, but the nobility and the rich are very knowledgeable, more than in most country. Though it dropped a lot with the aquilean invasion and occupation of a part of the sovereignty.

  • The dark and high elves have a long tradition of culture and magic behind them which makes them extremely knowledgeable, but the woodies are far closer to earth.

  • The orcs are… well, orcs. But it would be wrong to assume they’re just a dirty uneducated bunch.

And I’m gonna stop there because if I talk about each one of them eventually it’ll take all night.


Of course I mean if you do you will regret it when you get gutted by a Ork that speaks in rhyme or when you get burned by a Ork wizard(shaman?)


Everything in my life has lead up to this moment. I would like to thank the children, goats and virgins I sacrificed to get here.

Ah yes, get the token to justify all you do.

Am I gonna have to set up an education system for the undead?

First things first.


Never question the Wright King.
The only alternative title for the Wright King is “Glorious Leader”
Never break a door without their permission.
The Glorious Leader is the reason you’re able to read these rules.
The Glorious Leader has final say on all matters.
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You belong to the Glorious Leader.