The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) Current update: beginning of chapter 2 added (02/27/2019)



Conspiracy theory time. The elves have pointy ears.Doors have pointy corners which means the elves created doors!!!


We’ve been exposed. Commence Operation Knife Ears.

Thank you so much for referencing that.

Woah. I thought the Wight King’s were quite powerful but it sounds like they’ve been flattened. Either that or they’ve just been around for a very long time.


The first Wight King saw the end of the old world. Millenias have passed by and Wight Kings succeeded each other, not all left their mark, while some still haunt stories older than Aquilea others were as quickly forgotten.

Being a Wight King doesn’t mean you’ll succeed, power alone is nothing. And several centuries can pass before another Wight King awakens.


But with power its one step closer to the extinction of doors and elves


This thread has been threw 2 Door crusades and is currently appears to be on elf hatred if I am not mistaken and honestly this is the thing I go to when I am angry at something just puts a smile on my face

Also I checked the Wight Kings height (Not certain for a Wight Queen if they are shorter but I would assume not) but at tallest setting is 7’2 feet tall and that is on the edge of human possibility (Without gigantism)


The humans of Shinra are tainted by chaos, they can grow much taller, and generally stronger than Earth humans.




Can we have dracoliches?


For the height, I’m actually happy with it being 7’2". Since I picture my MC like Legate Lanius from fallout NV who is 7’1" (his armor is badass and that voice is just too damn sexy)

art of him for reference



Patrolling the Mojave makes me wish for a nuclear winter




The tallest “human” still alive in this world is Strom Walhardt, who stands at 2.5m(8’3"). He’s an extreme case, since Kriegsgardians are tall, but typically under 2/2.1 meters.

The only humanoids that are taller than that on the continent are the Valgarmians, who often range between 2.5 and 3 meters tall. Anything bigger is probably a monster, and probably a chimera.


I wish I didn’t need a number translator for the metric system the rest of the worlds measurements confuse my USA brain if only pirates hadn’t captured the French math mathematician headed to Benjamin Franklin while he was president then would have used the metric system

And that is quite big without gigantism the tallest human ever was I believe 7’7 feet tall so they have impressive stature


I never understood why the USA kept on using this weird system of feet and inches. XD


The answer you can now give people is pirates


Benjamin Franklin was never a president


Edit: Darn your right but I think he was just in charge of stuff like that at the time but wasn’t president (I am not used to being out historied)

Unless the History Channel lied to me


oh that’s easy, because M’ERICA. Changing out of that system will take years sadly to implement by now. closest were getting is nasa. despite the annoying conversions we have to use when working with EVERYONE ELSE, i dont see any significant strides for another couple decades at least its just to much economic hassle to change everything.


I know I just wanted to point that out, he was very important and while was still alive, the presidents used him a lot to make important decisions.


Better get back on topic before we need to be warned

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