The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) Current update: beginning of chapter 2 added (02/27/2019)


I wasn’t really mad, but I felt I needed to say something about it. If your mom was a SFC then I’m sure you understand the pride we have being veterans. That was interesting tho, because I wasn’t sure how they used the rank in the medival era.

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An experienced, veteran officer of not-knights unit could die and then the nobles be like:
"Hum… you, congratulations you’re a sergeant now."
Bob: “Who? Me?”
“Yes, you. Now begone filthy peasant.”

Well, the paladin’s sergeants were badasses in their own rights, but the templars hire pretty much anyone that can tell the pointy end of a spear. And tell them their job is to catch arrows with their heads to protect the higher ranked templars from dirtying their garbs.

(Though a sergeant in a Kriegsgardian army would be much more powerful and respected.)


Oh the madcap ideas I have.


Yo, I’m back for something literally no one waited for!

Here’s the preview of another side project of mine.

It’s quite different from the Wight King, but I hope you’ll appreciate it nonetheless.

Now without further talking here’s the link:

And a little exposition for those who want it:

Twenty years ago the world had its first taste of chaos since the old days. With the resurgence came back the monsters we had forgotten. Humanity, in disarray was taken by surprise, we had grown soft and the monsters devastated us. Only our superior technology allowed us to shield ourselves from this new threat behind gigantic walls and weapons able to destroy even the terrifying monsters. However the resurgence had brought another surprise with it, slowly the young generation began to present exceptional powers. Mutants, they were called, the traumatism so fresh in the mind of humanity came back in full force. To prevent waves of panic and abuse, the government hunted every powered down, either to kill or capture them. From then on, the state had taken complete control of society. And another dark age began. I am Deathclaw, one of the first powered born into this world. I have many grudges to settle, it is time for me to get retribution for all of my kind.


I’m going to make a seperate topic for feedback on this one. Gonna post the link here as soon as it is done.


Here’s a link to the topic.


Clap. Clap. Clap. I dont know which game i want to be released first now.

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Glad you liked it. :smiling_imp:


you made my dream live it like got be hellsing the novel of my dreams thank you


can’t continue after that.


Try launching it into a private window or clearing your cache. I think it’s this common error where the files don’t update properly.


The goal with those previews is to post three of them and see which one is the most popular. From the poll’s result I’ll set my focus on a side project and post updates on the forum ‘regularly’ like I do for the Wight King.

This is intended as a way to let me take pauses from the Wight King while actively working on something else.

It may not have been the best Idea to post à non-playable preview so the next two and Deathclaw will be playable by the time of the vote.

(WIP) Deathclaw - preview out of nowhere and also a mutant's tragic story

I’ve been thinking about it and being able to curse people with magic would be a fun addition to this game. Just unleash the curse of flying waffles. Random rifts in space and time would open to allow nice hot waffles to fly around and smack people in the face. It’d be both a curse… And a blessing. :smirk_cat: I mean who doesn’t love waffles? :upside_down_face:


ehh i think if we were able to curse people it should require us to do somekind of ritual of sorts


I wonder what that would be like? The ritual for the curse of flying waffles.

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a waffle,vampire blood,bat wings,and Bloodragons permission


Wait, do we have to ask permission? What if we want to just cast the curse like really early in the morning because we’re hungry? Also no blood. I don’t want no german waffles.


Germany all the sudden doesn’t sound that fun


Meh blood sausage is actually pretty good but I don’t care for blood being in bread like products that I eat.


Bloody meat best thing but ya not on bread