The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) cliffhanger intensifies mini-update - half of chapter 1 done (12/05/2018)



Here are some typos I found


Asterius is very powerful paladin, but certainly not the most powerful of the order. Where he shines is tactics, strategy, and all aspects of leadership as a whole. The Wight King, on the opposite, is a champion, a warrior without equal that could destroy entire batallions in an instant, not only that, but their upbringing gave them a very unique take of the battlefield, war is to them as natural as breathing, they are a born commander but not used to leading entire armies.

So, in a one on one, the Wight King would have the advantage later in the story. But in term of strategic might, they are outclassed, Asterius is just too skilled for the Wight King to oppose him with usual tactics.

Asterius’ weakness is the Wight King’s unique way of fighting and leading, he’s used to facing great commanders, not natural warriors.

The berserk ability is a side-effect of an event in the Wight King’s path.

Glad that you people like it.

When it comes to the use of sheer ability, for example “who jumps the furthest?” it’s power. But if it’s technical, like climbing, subtle movements, feints, it’s skill.

Yes. It will be possible to have a more merciful Wight King, but it doesn’t mean that it will always be possible. You simply can’t spare everyone.

Yeah. Thank you for that. Since English is not my native language it helps a lot.

Yes. I used to switch all the time from american to british english when writing, so as a way to avoid this, as it could be confusing for natives, I chose to write in british forms since it’s closer to french.


Question: Is this meant to be read as an anime? Because that’s how I read it…Like in my head it plays out as one lol.


Highly recommend Vampire the Masquerade blood lines and the unofficial patch mod. I also played with a enb that made the night a little darker.


DEBUG:7 This number indicates how grave the damage you inflicted to Asterius were. If you could communicate me this number, it would help me, and also you can compare how well you did with the other readers :3


Debug 7 for me o/
I’m playing a noble demon, sparing the weaklings who want to live, staying true to my word, but also killing anyone stupid enough to still attack me.


Debug 7, been a while since I played this.


Alaric, merciful wight king of skill and finesse, got debug 8.


I got debug 8 during the fight scene


I also got debug 8 in my play through.


I got a Debug:8 in my game.


Second play through i got Debug 8 is it possible to get higher.


it goes up to 9…


debug 8

btw @bl00dragon can you add a flirtation choice for the lady knight? that will be kind of funny.

something like " As you see i did not kill your friend here, so… will you invite me to dinner? " :rofl::rofl:


has anybody got 9 yet.


no one has mentioned getting it yet…


Actually it’s my fault, forgot to add to the value of the most damaging path. Now it’s possible to get 9.


While it would be hilarious, I doubt it would fit the scene for some reason. :smirk:

In a less grim setting I’d have thought about it.


I’ve got the DEBUG:7 Love the fight scene so intense


I got 8 yesterday but seeing how you added 9, I’m very interested to see what happens when I get 9 now. Especially if you can completely mess up the paladin to the point he has to go all out when you get 8 lol