The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) cliffhanger intensifies mini-update - half of chapter 1 done (12/05/2018)



I kind of hope you can’t. I mean, he gives a “final boss” vibe, and how lame would it be to beat the final boss in the prologue? I guess we should count our blessings if we manage a draw somehow.


I am hoping in mine I get a important reminder scar of our conflict that if I slip up around him he could reach out and touch me, so I train harder and so does he.


You can’t beat Asterius. Not yet. He’s one of the most powerful paladins of Arkadia.

The most you can hope to achieve is a draw, slightly to your advantage. Remember that at first he isn’t even using his full power and handling the fight against you quite well.


That’s good, I mean we just woke up, to beat him would be odd, and it gives the story more umpf.
Edit: it’s good to know my hopes of not winning are true and that this is not even remotely easy.


I suppose having an army of mindless skeletons is actually pretty useful if you are the type of undead overlord who lives and doesn’t want to kill people unnecessarily. You can have your skeleton hordes just dog pile people and even if a bunch of them get taken out they’re mindless skeletons so no loss. :smile:


How many chapters do you plan on adding?


Quite a lot. I was planning to split this story into three different books. Though that may still change.

Each containing an arc of the Wight King’s reign. I don’t really know how many chapters the first part will be. But I think about twenty.

Well, just throwing your soldiers away won’t work indefinitely. There’s a point at which you simply won’t have anything left to raise.

Yeah. Considering how powerful Asterius is, beating him at this point of the story wouldn’t make sense. Wounding him, yes. But you cannot get out of it victorious. You’ll have to retreat no matter what.


now im imagining a Warhammer Scenario where the Vampire Counts just reuse the same corpses over and over again even if the are lacking all of their limbs except their legs

Edit: god now i want to play a game where you are Vampire count well i guess im buying Vampire the masqurade and/or Warhammer Fantasy


Tis’ but a flesh wound.


More than half of the fight scene with Asterius is done. I only have to deal with the last two path and it will be done. Then either I go all the way to the escape or I release the update earlier, before the epilogue of the fight.

I’ve been working on some other games too. I think I’ll do some polls to let you know what I’m working on currently and what you would be interested in.(With descriptions of those games, and maybe some demos if I feel like they are good enough to be relevant)


Update time!

I’ve updated the game with the new fight scene against Asterius. Sorry people, it might be pretty rough since I haven’t made a thorough review of it yet. Nonetheless, I welcome anything you have to say, questions, feedback, anything.

One thing I’d like you to do is to post what I ask you to at the end of the demo, because statistics. :japanese_goblin:
Mostly just want to see who will reach maximum damage. :grinning:

Finally, as I say at the end of the demo, I’m still working on that thing I want to show you, and it should arrive soon. Here’s a quick description:

“This story is about identity, about a character whose first question was: “Who am I?” You awake, defeated and broken, on the verge of death and saved in extremis by a family of farmers, though your body is healed, your mind cannot be cured. It is clooded, dark and empty but for one thing, the face of your would-be murderer. You will have to set onto a quest for your own identity, following this only clue. And discover just how sinister this past of yours was.”

I’ll tell you more once the demo is out. But don’t hesitate to ask. :stuck_out_tongue:


Your European dates are weird…

Still the rebirth update?

I’ll have to warn you, I’m a cheater :blush:


You’ll have to do some research though. Branching doesn’t make it easy to track.


Oh yeah. I forgot to say that this particular fight scene uses a bastardized system. It’s half strategy and half stats. It’s à very early version of what I want to go for.


Made me think something was on my computer, curse your foreign unAmerican characters.


Attempt 1 debug 5
Attempt 2 debug 7
What pray tell is max?


My first go i got debug 7


I got 8 in my first.



What’s the maximum number anyway?


First playthrough i got debug: 8