The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) cliffhanger intensifies mini-update - half of chapter 1 done (12/05/2018)



Am I the only one picturing an overly friendly Wight King?

Arises from their dread tomb surrounded by templars.

“You know, I don’t want to kill you guys, you guys don’t want to be killed by me. That right there is mutual interests, the basis of plenty of friendships. Now that we’re friends, let’s get some beer to celebrate. First round on me, no wait, I don’t have any money, first round on you guys.”

Gets attacked by templars “Foamy goodness, just saying.”

Stone gets warned by her friend that he’s a monster, run for your life. “Hey there, how you doing?”


Speaking about zombies. The term zombie is very anchored into modern fiction. Everyone know zombies today.

But the term seems… ill-fitting for a medieval era. It comes from voodoo beliefs, so, far far away from the european culture the Wight King’s continent is inspired by.

So I’ve been thinking about replacing zombies by a more fitting name. Both for my own version of zombies(which are not quite the same as those we often see in fiction) and for the culture of these lands.

Instead of ‘zombie’, I think of using ‘hollows’, ‘rotting ones’ and ‘husks’, as alternatives. (All three words would be used for them.)

What do you people think?


That would be hilarious. I just picture the Wight King popping out of the tomb with a friendly “Yo!” and scaring the shit out of the templars.


Does ghoul sound relative good replacement for zombie?


Ghouls already designate another kind of undead in my universe.


Necrotics, Undead, living dead, lurkers…etc


You’re not the only one. I was actually thinking about how my Wight King would be the Deadpool to Asterius’ grumpy old Spiderman lol


More Wolverine than Spiderman since spidey would probably join in.


Hmmm… That is actually a more accurate description of Asterius if we were to compare him with Wolverine. I’ll go with it.


My Wight King will build a wall to keep all the Humans out!


Will they have beheaded human heads on pikes as a warning to these… Filthy humans to stay out?


Maybe depends on his mood


Well if you asked me my Wight King probably would be sticking around Asterius bothering him whenever he gets a chance. And if he ever sees Asterius in trouble during battle, he’ll be like

Wight King shows up looking at Asterius having trouble
"So my friend… You need help?"

“No! I don’t! Just stay out of this!”

Wight King pulls out sword and looks at the enemy
"You dare to harm Asterius?! For this, you shall feel my undying wrath! … Asterius, you do know it’s okay to ask for my help once in a while, right?"

sigh “Let’s just get this over with…”


Pretty much how my bromance will go :grin:


That is just so glorious! Lol I love it


Yeah. Asterius would fit much more as a wolverine than a spiderman. Though he might be too lawful to be a wolverine.

And the Wight King will have THEM pay for it, for some reason! :japanese_goblin:

Can you think about these… humans taking the undead’s jobs? Properly scandalous. :japanese_goblin:

On a more serious, less trolling, note:

Sometimes you may have noticed the Wight King speaks to themselves. And I think I should probably make it clear when it happens like:

I paused for a second. Why would you put your own back against the wall templar? What’s your play?

What do you think about that?


What I’m doing right now, working for the fight scene against Asterius is a five-phase fight with three main paths and different possibilities depending on the path you take.

So the fight scene will be quite consequent and quite varied. The choregraphy will change depending on your decisions. So will the damage you will inflict on Asterius and the damage he will inflict you.

The fight may end in different ways depending on your relative damage.

And I think the fight shall be quite epic. At least it feels that way when I write it. :grinning:


Nothing quite like an awesome fight to get the blood pumping, I say! (also, with the right characters, to flirt, but I don’t think Asterius is like that…)


Couldn’t have said it better.

First phase is done. I’m working on phase two.

Prologue ETA: 20000 words.

This book will be THICC.


is it possible to “Beat” him like you are relatively ok while he is really hurt