The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) cliffhanger intensifies mini-update - half of chapter 1 done (12/05/2018)



“Leave old man, I’m busy with more important matters than your petty revenge”

The words the wight king said to the paladin before walking away lit a great fire inside the older man as happy memories of his fellow men and woman appeared in his mind which was quickly replaced with their corpses and funerals.

“Damn demon turning his back on me!” The hulking paladins roared inside his head with hatred glowing in his eyes that matches the silver glow of his battle axe.

As the veteran paladin grips his weapon so tight that the shaft starts to crack he swings down with all his might tossing the weapon with a similar boom of thunder,

The divine axe spins so fast that in a matter of seconds it becomes a blur which tears through the air while blitzing towards the towering wight king who has stopped to stare up at the full moon.

But to the surprise of the paladin the divine axe stop inches away from the wight king’s back.

“My lord decided to gracefully spare your life and in return you decide to attack him from behind” A cold voice speaks with barely contained rage. “I’ll break your mind and body until you beg for death”

The paladin narrowed his eyes as he saw a pitch black hand sticking out of the wight king’s shadow and clutching his weapon before slowly rising into the form of a cloaked man with pale skin, long black hair and deep yellow eyes.

The cloaked man launched the axe back with an even louder boom which the paladin barely managed to catch and even then sent him skidding backwards slightly.

“Alexander,I thought I told everyone to stay at the castle” The wight king speaks with a clam voice as the cloaked man bent down in front of the wright king as he floated above the ground.

“Forgive me my lord, I sensed that man’s presence and knew that he would be a bother to you on your most important journey and came to stop him from interrupting you” Alexander spoke calmly which turns into annoyance “I hate to admit it took me longer than I liked to deal with three paladins he was leading”

“Please let me rectify my mistake for allowing him to reach you!” He begged while his cloak and hair started to leak smog due to nervousness.

“Three paladins” The veteran paladin muttered as he quickly remembered the three trainee paladins that are worthy of his training before seeing purple eyes, golden pigtails and a blood drenched arm with a lion tattoo stick out from under the shadowy cloak before sinking into his depths “I’ll kill you all!!!”

The wight king glanced at the paladin now surrounded in a silver aura that cracked the surrounding ground and tore the bark off trees if not snapping them in half before staring down at Alexander.

“You have twenty minutes, don’t take too long I want to reach the tower in a day” The wight king spoke as he started to walk away.

“It will be done it ten” Alexander said with a happy tone before twisting around to face the enraged enemy with a glare as he quickly absorbed the surrounding shadows to grow taller and form sharp tendrils from under his cloak “You’ll pay dearly for making me look like an incompetent fool in front of my lord”

The veteran paladin simply yelled in utter fury as he blitzed towards the monster in front of him wanting nothing more than rip and tear into it.


Getting minions is part of the plan. But I don’t know if I’ll go so far as making micro-gestion of your troops part of the game. Except for companions.

I prefer to concentrate on unique characters evolving alongside you rather than nameless scrubs. Lieutenants will have some stuff too though.

I like what you wrote. I always enjoy fan fictions. :sunglasses:


Thanks. So you mean that lady we had fight the skeleton knight we made could deal with an angry paladin mini boss allowing the player to save power against the main boss.

Also like the anime/manga overlord with the floor generals


There has to be a part where some major ally betrays you and you can respond with “It’s Treason then?” (All hail lord Sheev Palpatine! For the Emperor!)


It’s all that Horus’s fault the heretic!
Treason amongst the mostly dead…
that’s something you don’t see every day
:thinking: :+1: weird but I iz approving.


Is there any romance in this game? If not I totally get why.


Yes there will be romance for all orientations.


and all tastes … get your minds out of the gutter, er, crypt people!


Including paladins and Templar? That’s the real question.


Including a skeleton? Bunch of sweet bones!!!


blOOdragon: "I will write a game where people incarnate an ungodly abomination, a creature tormented by its undeath, struggling against its very nature or embracing it, as it feel its humanity slowly slipping away."
Players: “Okay, but can I romance a sexy paladin?”



I think that describes very well more than half of my fanbase. :smirk:

I think one of the question I answered the most was: “Will there be romance?” :laughing:


Eh it’s cuse it’s lonely being the ruler.
And we have gotten used to it from other games… I’m fine without it but if it exists I’ll turn on shipping powers. In all seriousness I iz happy with the game in both its current and former incarnation. It makes me feel for the sad Templar that have to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Much respect for the one guy who’s willing to hold us back in his half dead state. So hard to kill him given his attempt. (I did it once despite multiple deadly playthroughs)


Well it could be worse don’t ask what is worse


Hey. I’d lie if I said I wasn’t spending my time shipping for my own characters. :smirk:

I’m glad about that. Making you feel for those characters, even nameless ones, makes me happy.

I never said it was a bad thing. :3

I like my fanbase.


but for reals…is one of the ROs an undead? zombie? or plain old bones?


I don’t think I’ve planned anything like that. Several ROs are undead. But I don’t think I’ve thought about making a zombie or skeleton RO.


one night stand where we say that we can’t be together because every time after the “act” we have to fix them and put their part together. (more of a comedy touch for this scene)


Honestly, I think it’d be far too different from the general tone of the demo. As you present it, I have trouble imagining it not breaking my willing suspension of disbelief.

Also, traditionally, skeletons and zombies are mindless (though it might not necessarily apply to all of them, given the skeleton lieutenant of the old demo), making any “romance”… ethically problematic (and yes, I’m holding the unholy undead lord to ethical standards, sue me!)


It depends on the soul used to reanimate the body. Strong souls make better undead in every aspects. Both physically and mentally. Cassius had a soul strong enough to keep his mental capacities at the same level as that he had in life… mostly.

Zombies also depend on their freshness. The more a zombie rots, the more mindless they become.