The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) cliffhanger intensifies mini-update - half of chapter 1 done (12/05/2018)



Well that’s a part of being in this community. You come across some strange stuff once in a while. But hey it’s fun.


Door Demons,Cthulhu, talks about necrophilia? what’s not to love?


This week I’ve some important tests (one has a coefficient of 16, this is effing huge), so even if I’m still working on it, I have to concentrate more on those tests than the Wight King. :japanese_goblin:

Welp, three more and it’s over for this week. :grinning:



And from a distance I watch the sh*t unfold, and be like:


… Aw I gotta wait longer to see how the revamped fight with the paladin turns out. :frowning: Oh and is it possible to romance Bann?


We’ll see about that. Shall we? :smiling_imp:


gasp I’m gonna take that as a yes. :wink:


We must consult the Necronomicon on that.


But but… looks around in fear What of Ash Williams? I don’t know about you but I’d rather not get carved up by that chainsaw wielding maniac. After all, we’re the Wight King so obviously Ash is gonna go after us.


to be honest I have no clue who that was until I looked him up well then we can read the version I copied off google docs


Well you go ahead and do that while I’m a mile away. mutters to self “Better to be safe than to be sorry.”


it’s just amazing to help make “The Wight King Abridged”

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Am I the only one who simple can’t NOT imagine Asterius as Uther Lightbringer?

You could describe him with a completely different look, but his mannerisms just scream “Uther”


There might be a bit of Uther in Asterius I guess. XD

But I think another paladin is more like Uther both in looks and personality, Strom, an important character that will enter the stage later on.

I always picture Asterius as looking like Aragorn with Obi Wan’s beard. Black hair hung back, green eyes. About 1.90 meters tall and kind of on the lithe side. About 30/35 years old.


Seeing how we have the option to be all friends with Asterius, I can’t help but to imagine The Wight King in all of his undead glory being all buddy buddy with a paladin out of all things in the world. People would definitely be like “Wait what?!” if they catch a glance at them being all okay with each other lol


Welp. Things would never be that simple, especially since Asterius has a large grey zone between friends and enemies. But I admit it would be hilarious to see the people’s reaction to this. XD


Ah! But you’re saying there is a chance to be his best buddy ever like Deadpool and Spiderman. :slight_smile:


Though spiderman there is a grumpy, beardy, plate armoured paladin. His thing is not swinging around, rather punching your face in with his shield and stabbing you with his blade and throwing light spells at you.

I don’t think you can actually become friend with Asterius. He’s just not that kind of person. But you can earn his respect.


Hey I was wondering if we will obtain minions like the skeleton Knight and be able to train them in different ways aka berserker or shield wall. And be able to let them fight enemies like paladins in your name and stead,

And I wrote something to go along with that idea.


We kinda could do that in the old demo but I’m sure we’ll be able to do something like that in the revamped demo.