The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) cliffhanger intensifies mini-update - half of chapter 1 done (12/05/2018)



If nothing else showing stats will help immeasurably in the testing phase.


Great story, though it would be nice if we can do something with our appearance later on, (plate armor is kinda not my type of thing) and I wonder if it is possible for the MC to develop different types of magic or some sort?


oh btw I also love soul eater :clown_face:


The cocky stats seems bugged, when I said a sarcastic/cocky remark it raised dignified instead (like when you tell the templar he can’t even wield a sword or when you mock the templars and say you were about to take a nap)


I’d say the humanity stat is indicating how you perceive the world around you, right?
Like if your humanity stat goes down, you lose the ability to perceive certain aspects of morals and stuff like that?
And the more humanity you lose, the more you are like an animal/beast?

Please clarify this <3


It is not that there is no god. The thing is that the gods are dead. But few mortals know that. The gods are still worshipped, and the power of holy magic comes from this faith, even in lost gods.

Holy magic is a special case. Instead of taking its power from magic itself or spirits, it calls upon the power of a god. So, praying generates mana in the same way, that meditation, study and other rituals do. But prayer is not necessary, you simply need to honour the deity in your own way.

Asterius for example, is a paladin that only has a light faith for the one true god of Meidia, Asterius instead believes in a greater, more immaterial good. He believes that through the power of the light, order can be restored the world. And in his own way, he shows his faith to the Light itself instead of a God.

The paladins’ righteous path is also a source of divine magic. A lot of paladins were actually agnostics. Light magic is both a school of profane and divine magic, this is why the power of the paladins does not always comes from faith into a god. And why the power of the paladin could be quite different from one to another.

You will be able to change your appearance later on, once you’ve started to spread your influence into the world. For the first part of the game you’ll have to bear with the plate armour. Sorry. :smirk:

Later on you will be able to choose between actual armours and lighter garbs.

As for magic. Yes, the Wight King will have quite a selection at hand later on. The Wight King was not a mage, but they used to unwittingly wield a primal form of magic during their lives. So the Wight King will gain new powers as the story unfolds.

Okay. I’m going to take a look at this.

Yes. It is also true. I tried to explain the concept further to a friend, but it is not a simple thing, it affects your character on a fundamental level. (And I was also sleep-deprived from the hellish week I had. Doesn’t help.)

There’s a difference between ruthlessness and inhumanity. A ruthless person does evil for their own sake, or eventually for fun, but it’s more in the realm of madness than true ruthlessness/pragmatism.

A monster does evil without need for reason. They simply are, like tempests, like volcanos and tremors. And they become more and more like the eldritch, destroyers, corrupters by nature. That’s how I think of it. They fall deeper and deeper to the void.

To be clearer, you cease to see yourself as human. You become closer to an eldritch, you are simply part of the world, of the way of things, but you are a gear that started to turn the other way. You become an anomaly in the system. You stop being a cell in an organism and instead become a cancerous growth.

So, yes, losing humanity makes you a monster in a sense that humanity no longer means anything to you.


All right, whats better at stunning your foes than battling in the buff and on fire.


Wearing oversized and bright pink and green overalls with spandex under them. With arrows in you. To compliment the obvious awesomeness.


A pink leopard-print leotard with green patches and flashy yellow lines that shine in the dark. Rubber shoes, knee and elbow protections, a red headband, aviator sunglasses and a biker moustache. Best fantasy hero design ever.



Like this? This kinda fits the image, I assume. Close enough at least. I would be willing to test this out. Would be a nice change of pace from my usual grim, fatalistic pragmatists.


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I was thankful before that such an abomination was only an idea, that way my mind would not intentionally imagine something that would scar it. But now? Now I stand before the physical manifestation of that madness, or as close as the human mind could grasp, and it has left my mind broken and scattered.


it seems we are both in agreement
let us look upon it together…


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