The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) cliffhanger intensifies mini-update - half of chapter 1 done (12/05/2018)



Oh yeah by the way. I’d like to expand upon my waffle curse from earlier. after they smack someone in the face they go back through another portal to smack even more people. Hence the same waffle is smacking everyone that has ever and will ever be cursed in their own instance, but also at the same exact time. Even though they are technically linked.This could make for a very interesting addition to either a weird magic section or a time magic section, Or possibly a form of cruel humor.

p.s. If you don’t think that teasing someone with a waffle while they’re hungry is cruel. You’ve obviously never had it happen to you.

p.p.s. We still need to work out the details about whether the waffles have butter, syrup, peanut butter, etc.

p.p.p.s I recommend just syrup. Preferably blackberry as it tends to stain. This is a curse after all. :upside_down_face:


are there any more romantic options planned.great story althought i did find some minor misspells


OMG, I’ve been reading CoG for s long time but desided to register just to say this works is awesome! I love paladins, and Asterius is probably only one in CoG who is so iconic! And the atmosphere is really captivating, thank you!
P. S
This ending speech of his… Most. Epic cliffhanger. EVER. :heart:


Evil incarnate. Worse than Lego pieces. :japanese_goblin:

That’s actually not what I meant. It is permanent it leaves à mark on you, a deep scar that will never truly close. You cannot regain what has been lost but you can grow beyond if you still have the will.

I’m at school right now, but if you have questions about that, ask away I’ll answer once I get home on five hours.


So why isn’t there an option to try to coax one of these feeble mortals into providing you with some valuable information about your current predicament? I mean, if Annie has the presence of mind to beg for mercy she’d surely be able to realize that answering a few questions is only courteous in response to it being granted. I mean, it seems like trying to avoid permanently damaging at least one of them for the express purpose of asking questions seems like a reasonable idea even if you don’t have any aversion about killing people. Sure they might be crazed with fear now, but if you don’t kill them they’ll eventually calm down as their fears of immediate unavoidable death prove to be unfounded, or if for no other reason than that being that scared is just plain exhausting.


i mean realistically you would but the plot probably needs you to find out later on


The trouble with that is the very limited time the Wight King has. Literally a minute after WK deals with Annie, Asterius is there.

There is also the fact that the Wight King has lost most of their memories. There’s not much they could coherently ask about. I see a few questions like: Where am I? Who are the templars? Why did you attack me? And maybe ‘Who am I?’, could be asked.

The reason why I didn’t made it an option was that the questions the Wight King could coherently ask at this point would be of little use both to them and the readers. I didn’t want to bother writing an interrogation that would last one or two minutes and only if you chose no to kill the survivors.

I could put that in, but only for the case in which you spare the survivors, and there’s honestly not much to learn from this interrogation.


Yes, there’s quite a number of potential love interest.

Welcome then. I feel proud of deciding you to sign up.

I do love to end things with a cliffhanger. XD

Glad you liked it.

Praised be the eldritch gods of waffles. I feel like this curse would actually be quite efficient against me. :japanese_goblin:


Yes!!! One of my favorite stories is back and better than ever.


Hey what about everyone’s favorite companion in the Lost Heir series, Pet(er)/(ra)! :laughing: Can’t even keep a straight face…

Is Bob one of them? Our Castle Door? The inanimate weapon we picked up? What about that corpse we made on the way out?

Or we can aim bigger.

The entire world


Turns out my work hates me. I’ll play on Saturday and report Sunday, Sorry if that’s a bit too late but that’s life.


I love the new version. The original just seemed cruel and arrogant, but here you can have a wide variety of personalities.

I will say that you might consider cutting down on the descriptive text in the first two pages; it feels a bit like filler.


Actually I played it, and yes, I liked Peter/ra a lot, but the difference is that Lost heir has more like general description of characters, not detailed. (well, its just my opinion because I don’t fancy much standart fantasy setting. Dark one is more for my liking.)


Currently working on the fight with Asterius. Of course, there will be more options than in the original, and probably a more in-depth use of stats.

This is why I present you with the current ‘utilitarian’ stat chart:

We have personality stats:

Aggressive-Diplomatic: Might change this one for a more fitting later. Not really happy with it.

Cocky-Dignified: Probably going to keep this one as it is, at least for now I think it is a good pairing.

Honourable-Deceitful: Just added this one.

Ruthless-Compassionate: I don’t think this one needs to move either.

Combat stats:


Psychological stats:

Most of them are hidden. They will have use later on in the story once the Wight King’s power start to bear onto their shoulders.

The only one not hidden is Humanity

If you have questions about those, ask away.

I have some questions to ask you:

Do you prefer that I say when the text has variations depending on stats in a model similar to Samurai of Hyuga? Or would you rather I keep up immersion and don’t say a thing except for actual textual hints?

As for combat I wish to design a system that rewards as much sound decision making, as knowledge of your character and their strengths/weaknesses. I feel like it would be interesting to reward player for strategical accuracy, instead of simply stats like is often the case in Choicescript games. So, what is your opinion on this subject?


I prefer the immersion with actual text hints, but hey that’s just me!

  • Show me them stat influence!
  • I’ll keep my immersion FULL, thanks.
  • Why not both?

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Now that I think about it, it would be a simple matter to make the indications a deactivable option.


Mmm. I think I’d prefer keeping up immersion - in SoH, the indicators are pretty helpful since it’s often not obvious at all which option is working off which stat, but that’s more of a necessary evil. Hopefully things are more clear-cut here, making visual help less mandatory (only thing that might mixes things up is the distinction between Aggressive and Ruthless - and on a personal note, I might have some troubles since I like to play Aggressive/Compassionate)

Or that, yes.

Hm, in theory the first option is more attractive, I think. I’d be curious to see what you come up with, at least.


Well, what does it mean to be human?

Kidding, kidding. What I mean to ask is how would that stat differ from compassion? Since obviously a sadistic and murder happy Wight King would be out of touch with their humanity.


It’s not quite the same. You can be the worst scum the world has ever seen, and still you would be human.

I think of it as something deeper. To lose humanity is to lose touch with your very nature as a human being. It represents the grasp you maintain onto this humanity.

The undead can lose humanity at an incredible rate, becoming more and more monstruous in nature. It’s not about being cruel. Rather about losing the essence of what you are, becoming nothing more than a monster.

Its use in the game is to register how human the Wight King still is, have they completely given in to the nature behind the curse of the Wight King? Have they forsaken mortality as a whole, its strength and its weaknesses?

In some ways, it’s to act against being human. To reject the natural workings of a human mind. It’s kind of complicated, it’s still hard to explain as it’s uses will be pretty limited before a later point of the story.


since their is no gods does that mean their is no holy magic? unless the world gets holy magic from praying