The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) cliffhanger intensifies mini-update - half of chapter 1 done (12/05/2018)



Will you be able to become Over powered i like being over powered.


How Strict is the paladin code in this game? Is it once you break a single rule your out or can they maybe break a few rules but stay a paladin?


You know, I’m very intrigued by Bann Stone (previously known as the nameless girl that stands beside Asterius), would it be too much to ask for her to be a possible RO for the Wight King? There’s just something innately romantic about the prospect of slowly building a relationship with someone who is pretty much your opposite, then coming to understand one another and both becoming a better person. But maybe that’s just me. Thought I must admit, with what little interaction we have with her so far, her devotion and adherence to the Templar Order seems like borderline zealotry.


As the Wight King, it is a given that you shall become powerful.

The paladin code is more of a guide than laws. Each paladin has to choose the righteous path, but each person having a different definition of right and wrong, the code was made to be flexible. Even then, paladins are always held to their actions, and can be brought before the inquisitors if they are believed to have abused their powers.

They can also downright lose their power if they stray too far from their righteous path. It is a mental trigger that is forced into the mind of every paladin through their teachings. It is not a sure system, it doesn’t always trigger, but when it does, the paladin is left broken by it and has little chance of ever recovering.

The code however has little meaning in this new era. The paladins have been absorbed by the templars. Those that have accepted the rule of the Templar Order at least.

Bann is an Arkadian gender-neutral title equivalent to “lord” and “lady”. Lady Stone is a character I didn’t expect to become much more than she was at the time of the first demo. But with the revamp I can’t simply let her stand by the sidelines. She is trained by Asterius after all. And I see where she could stand in the grand scheme.

She will certainly have her own development. It isn’t a no for the romance, but I’ll have to see how things evolve. Her zealotry is a trait I wanted her to have, at least at the start, and this trait means she will have to broken out of it before she sees the truth and could even accept the Wight King as more than an enemy.


Lol, seems like Annie would be more likely (assuming you spare her) considering you’ve actually shown her mercy after showing how utterly pointless it is to attack you.

I do kind of wonder, considering how powerful yet confused the MC is, why we don’t have the option to question any of these soldiers. I mean, the last few who stand against you probably wouldn’t be up for answering any but it seems like you could fairly easily avoid killing them at that point if you wanted to and let them wear themselves out until they can’t fight any more. Even if not, Annie ends up surviving regardless and giving you a choice of whether or not to spare her.


Love the reboot! Looking forward to more!


So if someone genuinely does not see something wrong with their actions it’s ok?


As long as they belive they are right they have power when they start to doubt themselves it diminishes


No the trigger is ingeniously made. Only the downright psychopathic or insane can go around the psychological trigger. Regular people doing too much evil have high chances of losing their powers.

It’s not 100% viable. I’d say 40% of regular paladin could disarm their trigger unwittingly. But inquisitors are quite harsh on paladins who lose their trigger.

Yes that’s also the case. Except for the insane, people are brought up to clear definitions of good and evil. It’s not about just or unjust actions, it only uses the morale compass.

That means that people that are more morally evil have higher resistance to the power loss. And those that are actually most vulnerable to it are the very good-oriented people.

The morale compass prevents clearly evil actions like rape, murder for the sake of murder, cruelty from being affected by the mindset of the person. The person can consider it just, but their brain still associate the action with evil. Only insanity or other mental afflictions can corrupt the moral compass.

Paladins were also very picky when it came to recruitment, and kept a close eye on their recruits. So cases of fallen paladins were actually very rare. And most of the time, it would take years of evil conduct for the trigger to work. It’s a very unreliable mix of magic and psychology.


The faithful are also quite vulnerable. But they share similarities with psychopaths. Zealotry gives great protection to the fanatics. But a single step out of line, a single sin could be enough for them to fall.


Falling is not always permanent. Though most are broken beyond repair, others changed the nature of their powers through other means, or managed to rise back to grace.


That moment, When you’ve been waiting for so long. And you trade in a somewhat longer less detailed story for a revamped intro with a load of detail. The fact that it isn’t done is quite the nuisance. However, I’m sorry that I’m checking this out right before I go to bed. I’ll be typing up a bug and typo/ grammar report after I get back home from work tomorrow. Who knows, maybe by my 5th time reading I’ll be much more satisfied. I like the whole primal power thing by the way. I’m very interested in the new direction you’re taking and the depth you’re adding. Good job. I’ve been waiting and waiting and it’s here so it’s time to party and have some fun debugging.




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You’re reading the old version. This is a bug that I cannot fix myself, it can be solved by playing the game in a private window apparently.


The update was lovely! I hope mc gets a chance to wash off after bc being dusty and sweaty is not a good combo. xD I feel bad for the mc since dust allergies are terrrible! Jokes aside, the prologue revamp was really cool, it was really atmosphereic, you can really feel and breath the setting,can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of the story!


Not permanent you say smiles do go on…


Cast that curse on door splinters


Evil caltrops…
Hmm… chucks down 2 dozen D4’s on your floor