The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) cliffhanger intensifies mini-update - half of chapter 1 done (12/05/2018)



Love this moment, tho in DS3 ther is only one true ro /waifu - keeper :wink:


Nah. The only true waifu ever is Hag Melentia


If you’re lucky she might just sell you a covetous serpent ring and carry all of the hollow soldier shields you could ever give her :wink:


I’d say so. An animated corpse is still a corpse.


completely off topic but the empire did nothing wrong.

this is the first site i actually have heard people talk about what is and isnt necrophilia…This site is so weird but i love it


What if you kill your RO then you’ll BOTH be corpse


…but why would you do that?


There’s clearly magic in this world, and you do have the ability to raise the dead, so if said RO just so happens to die from “natural causes”…


I’d think they would lose all interest in the MC.

Also, I don’t understand the reason why the MC would do that thus my question. :thinking:


Well we’re kind of alive and dead unlike the undead, so no matter what if it’d be necrophilia…

I want to be together forever, they’re mine

I guess eternal life could be a reason but I’m not sure how readily available the fountain of youth is…


Thats one problem :slight_smile: . Second is “is every living ro in this game necrophiliac?”



I think this talk about necrophilia might be starting to get out of hands. As it’s a slippery subject, and to avoid scaring away new people from the game, I would like it to stop, at least for a while.


The First Order
The Sith Empire
The Imperium of man
The Roman Empire
The Great Gree Empire
The Klingon empire
The Dalek Empire
Galactic Padishah Empire

I wonder if you can place all of them…most are obvious


That’s the only I don’t know of.

Never saw or read Dune.


Ahh well dune is pretty cool. I wish you a happy cake day.
Edit: …or whatever reason the cake is there.


Today I am god of cakes!

It was an error in the matrix. I was born in July.


This is the Empire i was talking about


Dune is one of those great, classic fantasy/SF books series, which are too heavy/slow/wieard for most of the population after 1995 (and yes, I know about The Road to Dune )


So if you decide to add them will the RO be undead?


Lol our banshee friend definitely is :wink: