The Wight King(WIP) - Chapter 5 added (10/12/2021)

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Her amber gaze lost in the horizon, she began speaking with the tone of a storyteller. “On a cold winter night, just like this one. A young hunter tracks a beast to prove her worth. The quarry had led her on for an entire day, she was wary but restless. Impatient.” She insisted on that last word with a growl and wicked smirk.

“She doesn’t notice the tracks disappear just a few meters further, busy as she is trying to get the frost off her trembling fingers. And she realizes too late…” She paused for effect, looking directly into my eyes. “The careless hunter turns to prey.”

Her eyes returned to the void, like amber canvases reflecting old nightmares. “It pounces too fast, her mind is as numb as her body. She nearly slips in the snow, and all she succeeds in doing is keeping her head attached to her neck, even as a claw catches her cheek… and tears through.” Her thumb idly traced the outline of the scar.

“The adrenaline keeps her from screeching just yet. But she falls on her back, stumbles for her bow. The beast turns to run her down, it pounces for her neck again. She sees her life flash before her eyes, but her fumbling fingers find her knife.” Her breathing had become eerily regular, even as she stroked the curved handle of the knife strapped to her chest.

“She lashes out, and gouges the beast, she stumble to pounce back at it as it cowers. She flails with her blade, once, twice, again and again until she loses count.” An odd twitch animated her fingers even as she punctuated her words.

The elf raises her head towards the night sky and takes a deep breath. “The beast stops moving long before she does. And it’s all she can do to rest on its bloody flank for a while. And then? She sewed her cheek close with a bone needle and shivering hands.”

“She finally got the beast on her back and she walked 'till she passed out. The end.”

She turned back towards me, with a faraway, nostalgic light in her eyes but a grimly serious look on her face. “If I’ve one lesson to teach, it’s to fear overconfidence. The slightest mistake can make you pay the ultimate price. Take a hint from a foolish hunter won’t you?”

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