The Wight King(WIP) - Chapter 5 added (10/12/2021)

A new job always takes some settling into, I wish the best on that. Also would like to say how happy I am that you’ve had the persistence to keep this project going for this long. It has so much potential and your skill as a writer has grown noticeably over the years. Here’s to your success thus far :beers:


I havent been here for a while but is there any way to win against the paladin boss dude? Even when I do 8 damage against him and receive 0 I keep losing in the end :sob:


Nah you’re destined to make a quick getaway there friend. That guy is a beast


Asterius is one of the strongest paladins alive, he may have been rusty but yeah. You’re not meant to win that fight, not in this situation, not against that man.

With the circumstances of the fight, the best you can do is deal as much damage as possible to him, and get out with your skin thankfully still attached.


I’m not gonna ask one way or another for obvious reasons, but it’s interesting you say “one of the strongest”. I can’t help but wonder how many come close to his level. Or maybe even surpassed it :eyes:. I also can’t wait to see what the top echelons of other the other ‘factions’ will look like. This is in pretty much every aspect the WiP I look forward to the most on this whole mf platform.


You also haven’t seen him at full power yet. The gap widened between him and those who surpassed him. He’s been kept on a leash by the people who feared or envied him, forcing him to let his sword rust in its scabbard, but things have changed.

I have a lot of fun thinking about them. I already have some very clear ideas for antagonists from the church proper, the ‘loyalist’ Arkadian army and the forces that you caught a glimpse of in the last update.

There’s also a lot I want to do with characters that are more neutral in the conflict. That can either end up with or against you depending on your actions.


Just read through like the entire lore and Q&A google doc. I am absolutely obsessed with the worldbuilding and history of the world you have created.


I’m making progress on the new stat screen. I could have a first prototype of it soon, and then I’ll start working on applying that system to the choices and interactions of the incoming chapter. The code is kind of bloated, because I just assume there’s probably no way to make it neater, but hey, I just have to write all of that once.

There will be more occasions to expand on this world, and to let you experience it firsthand, like in the next chapters. But I do love what it’s turning into.