The Wight King(WIP) - Chapter 4 added (30/04/2020)

Hey, not so long ago @Cicada of their own volition went through the whole thread and decided to compile some bits of lore together in a sort of glossary. We thought it might be interesting to new readers, or even people who were there for a long time but may have missed some posts or do not remember something.

Here it is. A disclaimer though, Cicada did not discriminate between the very first messages in this thread and the latest. Most of the older posts are absolutely unreliable, and to take with a grain of salt. This thing expanded and evolved a lot since then.

As a general rule, if two posts contradict each other, think of the most recent one as the one you can believe.

I will link this in the first post too, for ease of access. Thanks to @Cicada for that.


intresting thought paladin like capabilities
any the wight king has?


If you’re asking whether the MC can use unique paladin abilities, they don’t know them. But there are things paladins can do that the wight king can as well, infusing a weapon with magic for example. Paladins share many abilities with other warrior and divine caster classes on top of their unique ones.


any unique capabilities that the wight king has?

anything that others have that are supposed to be unique that they have mimicked?

anything that has been discovered and copied over time by other groups and classes?

how are you doing today?


It depends a lot on the Wight King, they don’t all get the same powers. Though there are a few they share, like innate ability to use necromancy, invulnerability to some forms of magic, durability. But a lot of abilities each wight king develops are personal.

Most champions have unique abilities that they developed through their experience as warriors, but it doesn’t mean they are the only one that possess that kind of ability, it’s just their own version. Technically you could develop any kind of abilties, but they will never be exactly the same as another’s.

Wizards are the homework leechers supreme. But for example, many of the abilities paladins use are derived from powers that the first paladin possessed, or that of other leaders of the order that came after him.

Fine enough, trying to adjust to my new life as the guy capitalists yell at when their shitty system comes crumbling down on them through sheer incompetence. I can fix a lot of things but I can’t fix neoliberalism. XD


1.) If they were in torpor wouldn’t that mean that they would have obtained the power of the wight king sometime before they died? and hence the power only awakened after death occurred?

2.) If you aim to be a good wight king would a main struggle be against the entity within them? Trying maintain your humanity and not fall to the dark side?


Been a long fourteen months.


Hey everyone, I’ve recently come out of a period of difficult work, hopefully to never get a job like that again. But I’m back on working with more focus on the next update.

One of the things that appeared to me as I near the completion of one of the chapters, is that the more I wait to start implementing the infrastructure for the new stat system, the harder it will be to progress efficiently.

While I can sort of work with a partial implementation, it would be a band-aid and it slows my work on actual content. So, I’ll need to start seriously working on converting old stat checks, choices in early character creation and such, as well as completely reworking the stat screen and the different variables used by them.

As you can imagine, the coding is far more complex with this new system, which isn’t an issue in itself but it will take time. I’ll figure it out, it will just take some serious thinking to make something that isn’t basically post-apocalyptic scrapwork code.

Right now, I’ve designed the seven defining traits for your character’s personality in that way:

  • Impulsive or Deliberate
  • Compassionate or Cruel
  • Dignified or Vulgar
  • Honorable or Ruthless
  • Hedonist or Austere
  • Prideful or Humble
  • Pragmatist or Idealist

Each side would have three tiers, depending on how far toward either extreme your character is leaning. They are also meant to interact with and influence each other.

It’s not really known when exactly the powers of the Wight King manifests. But it has never manifested in a living being.

It will always be a struggle. But I wouldn’t talk about a dark side, it’s the nature of the undead to slowly lose their humanity if they do not struggle to keep it but this loss of humanity can take many forms.

Losing their humanity is not simply about “turning to the dark side”, it doesn’t mean they would turn to evil. An inhuman being does not even think in term of good and evil anymore, their rationale, their values and the way they perceive the world, people and their actions is completely different.

Some undead lose any ability to reason, others lose all empathy, some become cold machines or demented animals. Some would see it as insanity but sanity itself becomes a foreign concept to creatures who have a radically different way of thinking and being.

If you aim to be a good Wight King, do what you believe is good. No matter what you choose, we all struggle.

It has. For all of us.




Glad to see you well :v:t3:


Haven’t really seen the game in a while, glad to see that things are starting to go well! This was one of the first games I played here, and one of my favorites (:
I think remaking the personality system is a good idea, despite all the work that’ll to have to be done.
I wish you luck, and hopefully it’ll be smooth sailing after it’s done.


This wip feels like Berserk, a new chapter every 20 years but everytime it’s worth it


You aren’t wrong, it’ll definitely be worth it lol. Even for as long as it kinda slipped my mind, it still stuck out enough for me to remember and search it up again.


I see mention of Berserk, I press F to pay my respects.


It’s quite the flattering comparison, maybe being slow as hell as it perks after all.

I really feel like I’ve done something right if it sticks with you for so long.

Of all the shitty things that happened this year, this was among the most awful. He was an inspiration for generations of writers and artists of all kind, myself included, and his passing left behind a void that may never be filled. But if his work is anything to go by, he would want us to keep struggling.