The Wight King(WIP) - Chapter 4 added (30/04/2020)

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Merry Christmas everyone.

Just thought I’d give you an update. Chapter 4 is almost finished and I already have pretty clear plans up to chapter 7. I didn’t have a lot of time to write unfortunately, but the time I don’t spend writing I spend it on planning or expending on what I have so at least that’s that.

From now on chapters will probably tend to be shorter, because the rhythm will be different. But they’re also going to give you more options, different paths to explore, different things to do depending on your goals. Though there will still be huge chapters like the prologue. The goal will be to make branching paths, probably not to take you into entirely different directions for the sake of my sanity, but I’d like to make it so there are different ways to reach the same main goal, with different things you can set in motion for later as well. It would increase replayability and make each playthrough and each Wight King’s path more interesting.

Though I can’t really put numbers on that yet. The first objective will be pretty straightforward and once you reach it, if it goes as planned, things will get more open. But on the way there you will meet a lot of new characters and the path won’t be easy. I think that will take up to chapter 10 or 12.

Happy holidays to all of you.


Merry Christmas


How explored is this world?

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Chapter 4 is almost finished, but there are other things I’m working onto. Chapter 4 just needs to be reviewed at this point but there were some things I thought I should work on as well.

Stats Overhaul:

  • Disciplines: Disciplines will be the main way to build your character, you should see them as the unique abilities of the Wight King, toward which you will build over time.

  • Skills: The skills will be pretty much all the physical stats that were already in the game. They will be more general in their use and more used to determine the outcome of your actions.

  • Items: From now on, you’ll have an inventory, including your main and secondary weapon. You’ll be able to change your weapons over the course of the story, exchanging or losing them. Some items you’ll gather during your adventures might help you later and offer alternatives, but you won’t be able to carry the whole armory with you, so you’ll have to make choices.

  • Personality: I might make changes to the personality stats, I don’t know what yet, but I’ll look into it to try to make a definitive version of these.

Character Creation Changes:

  • Gender and Sexuality: I was thinking about that for a while (perhaps more than needed), to be honest with you, I wasn’t all that interested about doing it. But recently I’ve had ideas that I think would be interesting so I’m going to work on several things concerning this in the next update. But I might need to make a separate post about it, I don’t feel like I could properly describe the changes I’ll make and the thought process behind it. Ask me if you want to know the whole story, but to summarize I’ll make several changes to that part of character creation to make it more complete and offer you more customization.

  • New Race: I’m going to include half-orc as a new option in the next update. And I’m going to work on the mutant race later. I might include a fourth option, but I’m not sure yet.

There might be things I forgot to mention, but that’s the plan for the next update. Chapter 4, the beginning of chapter 5 and the things I mentioned above.

Not well. People are scared pantless of the ocean, only shallow seas are navigated by humans, and most people try to stay away from the deep forest or other chaotic zones for good reasons.


Looking forward to see what you bring to the undead table, heh. :grin:

Just don’t take on too much, wouldn’t want this game to turn into a ghoul… :cold_sweat: :wink:


Huzzah? Like what kind? Or is it like a custom race excuse?

Oh do tell.

Are homonculi a thing here?

Confirmed dragonborn can beat the wright king.


Will you be able to get new armour.


Insert any rpg protagonist here_____

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Dunno yet. I’ll think about it. You won’t be a major mutant so not really a full-on new species, but you’ll have a few unique traits and a propensity toward being booted out of “respectable” establishments and treated like scum.

The ability to be a third-class citizen all your life at best.

Yes. Any creature created through magic, sentient or not, is considered a homonculus. That includes golems, puppets, mutants created by alchemy, fleshmelded creatures and such.

Hey, the wk can shout very loudly at people too.


But does the WK shouts tear holes in reality?


But can the wk carry infinite wheels of cheese? No? Then the king is doomed to fail.


If we can or not carry infinite wheels of cheese is of little importance, the real question is, can we break space and time to heal by eating everything in a 5km radius in the span of a few seconds? Can we break space-time continuum to knee cap our enemies and make their weapons magically less effective? can we use wood buckets to fly and plates to traverse walls?


I’d say that’s more Bethesda’s stand ability to multiply bugs in everything they touch and make weird gameplay decisions than the strange powers of the Dovahkiin.



But can the WK take an arrow to the knee?

(As a player of Skyrim I had too)


Arrows would probably just make the Wight King angrier tbh.


Can the wk actually die since he Is undead


When fighting the undead it’s not so much about killing them than destroying them.

Most of them can survive fatal damage unless you exploit their weaknesses. Skeletons are most resistant to cutting and piercing damage than bashing, husks won’t die until you destroy their brain. The Wight King isn’t easy to kill, and unlike other undead killing them once is not enough.

Killing a Wight King is possible, but far from simple.


what about vampire do you need to do the version when you need to do a series of step to completely kill them or is it just heart steak them

Edit- If anyone wants to know the process (Can’t remember where I learned it in fact I could be thinking about something else entirely) you had to decapitate them, fill their mouth with garlic, stake their heart, and then light them on fire

Edit 2-Apologise for getting off topic