The Wight King(WIP) - Chapter 4 added (30/04/2020)

What the fuck are you talking about? The old demo is three years old, the new demo was here for a long time, your “advice” was posted when the new demo was out.

Oh because your english sure is perfect.

If you’re here to be condescending, don’t bother coming back.


Besides if there was a error anyone can point it out no need to get insulting show the error and move on


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Would a typical bandit group have someone who uses magic in it?


Forgot to answer that. It’s kind of complicated to answer, things made by demons aren’t like what is forged on a physical plane, demons craft a lot of artefacts or weapons but these are usually tied to them, they are made in part out of the demon’s essence and no one else can use them or even take them from the demon except through an excision ritual or if the demon gives or sells it to you, these are called demonforged.

With more efforts, demons can create objects with the very essence of hell, these are usually stronger, much stronger than most demonforged objects but can be taken from them and even be used by mortals, they also cost so much most demons could never afford it, these are called hellforged.

Both, like demons, are able to manifest physically in a physical plane, though they are not as powerful when they have to manifest a physical form. When these weapons get on a physical plane though, they are usually already very old and not easily influenced or altered because they had the time to develop already.

It depends on the size of the bandit group.

Large bandit groups (20+ bandits) will often have a few casters of any kind. Usually sorcerers, pagan divine casters or outcast magic casters in general.

It’s pretty rare for a caster to join a bandit group, because they usually don’t need to. Even a weak caster can easily find a job at The Guild, in a clandestine magic shop, in a mage tower, they have tons of job opportunity, legal or not. But those casters that were exiled, outlawed, or whatever often end up in banditry if they can’t make it on their own.

Casters are usually leaders if they join bandits, because they simply are twice as dangerous as the usual bandit even if they are not particularly skilled.

Smaller bandit bands don’t usually have any casters.


Could we fund bandit groups to harass enemies?


Maybe. I’d say probably. Bandits tend to flock to the strong.


OI, it’s me again are ye ready to read a giant question? I hope you are, cause here it comes. So, we already talked about dragons, cursed weapons, and even just how powerful zee wight king is/can become, but, what about a lich? I mean, a wight king is technically equal if not superior to a lich, so wouldn’t that make us a threat to any lich lord out there? I mean, even if they are infinitely more powerful than the WK we certainly can’t be ignored, because if even a “normal” citizen could feel the awakening of the WK, how in the name of the emperor wouldn’t such necromantically powerful being feel our presence as well, not only feel, but maybe even fear this presence, like, from what we can see from the lore of your world WK are beings of legend, beings so mythical, old and powerful that are taken as fairy tales even to the most knowledgeable and ( I forgot the word) of people, so how would this kind of creature act when dealing with us? Now, as something completely off-topic. Tarrasques exist in this world?

PS: Sorry for my extremely long and unnecessary questions I will try to control meself in zee future.

From thy faithful reader, Commissar Vincent Da’l Trevelyan. The emperor protects.


According to the authors power ranking (post #115) the Wight King is higher in the undead hierarchy than Liches. Regular liches are actually in the mid-lower tiers, comparable in power to ordinary vampires and elite zombies, whereas the strongest types (ArchLyches) are a rank bellow the WK. His reasoning being that lyches are basically just undead warlocks.

If you use the search function (narrow down to this topic only) and type in “lich” or “lych” you can see what has already been discussed about them. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, I didn’t know about that function, thank you


That cursed word


Well, like IvoryOwl said, in terms of relative power level, a Wight King ranks above a lich or even an archlich, and given time will almost always be overwhelmingly superior. Not just in term of raw power, but because of their respective nature.

The Wight King is not any undead, it’s a lord of undead, of all undead. They have an influence on other undead, and just resisting the Wight King’s influence as an undead would be very difficult.

So yeah, the Wight King is a threat to liches, vampires and all of the undead. But ultimately, fighting the Wight King is basically wasted effort. Though, it happened before, and that ended with the death of many powerful undead, and the submission of many others before the Wight King was destroyed.

The few undead old enough to remember what a Wight King is, and that they actually exist know there’s no point fighting them.

If you’re thinking about the Tarrasque from DnD, not really. But there are some forms of dragons or drakes that are kinda similar.

If you’re thinking of the Tarrasque from our legends, it could exist as a chaotic chimera, horribly mutated into that weird lion-turtle thing.


I am now picturing a giant tortoise slowly meandering around with a giant lush mane roaring at other tortoises then pulling its head close to its body when predators approach.


I want that as a pet


Does those Tarrasque spin?



Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer…


The slow blade penetrates the shield…


God the ancestor has amazing lines

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How would half elves be treated?


Listens intently as he hasn’t trimmed his ears to properly fit his new hat yet.
are they ostracized by both sides, seen as the opposite by each.
Why do i have this weird urge to sleep in a tree hanging upside down wearing bells?