The Wight King(WIP) - Chapter 4 added (30/04/2020)

What about Kyle Katarn?

Though I miss Starkiller.


As a completely biased opinion.
Darth Revan > Kyle Katarn

I liked Starkiller, even though the game was kind of messy.


Drop-kicking Ewoks in the second game’s DLC was a blast. :smirk:


Can’t wait to read this. When will the finished one be out? Thanks

Hopefully you saw my other reply to you. Again: same message.

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I can understand your excitement though. This is a pretty interesting WIP.

  • I stared in stunned silence at her almost diminutive form. Kneeling at my feet shifting awkwardly as she stubbornely gazed at my greaves.

  • stubbornly

  • Her demeanor completely changed, my assured travelling companion, so full of wit and confidence, seemed gone. Instead, her very aura was upset, exhuding genuine fright. No she was not frightened, rather unnerved, anxious. I didn’t know how, but I could sense how uneasy she was, how it was churning inside of her, molding with the puzzlement of what just happened. With this newfound sense, I felt like I could feel the world around me much more accurately and everything felt much clearer, as if for the first time the veil was taken off my eyes.

  • exuding, traveling

  • Embarassment spread through her face as she seemed to finally realize what she was doing. She hung her head low in shame as she rose up hurriedly, trying to act as if nothing happened to ask soflty “H-How about we get back into the throne room to speak?” I nodded slightly, still a bit baffled by all that just happened. Though she was already walking stiffly toward the ‘elevator’ before I could even answer.

  • softly, embarrassment

  • At one point she turned toward me, hesitating for a second “Helena.” she said, I was surprised by the sudden bluntness, when she saw that she continued “My name is Helena, I probably should have begun by that. I am Helena of Balewinds.” “Azshara, I think I heard that name before, but I wasn’t quite paying attention to the news lately. You obviously were a warrior of great competence, and I can see your soul is incredibly powerfull too, though that’s no wonder when one knows what you are.”

  • powerful

  • Though I didn’t show it, it was kind of a big thing, suddenly realising you’re an undead.

  • Darn European spelling.

  • “Good question. I don’t have an exact answer for you. But by the way you interacted with it, my guess is that’s it’s some kind of ‘magical engine’ of sort.” an eyebrow rising in surprise I asked “A magical… what?” I never had heard of such a thing. “Uh? Oh, sorry I sometime forget that not everyone have read the same dusty old tomes I’ve found. An engine is… a device that transforms energy. Though in that case, the monolyth seems to be a crucible of souls. I’m not sure, but it might be the power source of the whole keep. Including that platform.” I kinda understood the concept of the engine, and I had heard of the crucibles before. Though those I’ve heard of were not towering monolyth full of souls, they often were small and unremarkable to hide away these stashes of magical power. This thing however, it’s so huge, if it is truly full of souls, I could only shiver at the thought of what the one in control of it could acomplish.

  • accomplish

  • Her reaction was instaneous as she winced and turned her head another way, avoiding my gaze. “Helena?” her only answer was a low incomprehensible grumble. “I didn’t quite catch that.” she sighed in exasperation and emitted the same, slightly louder, grumble. It was my turn to sigh impatiently “Helena. You remember you actually need to open your mouth to talk, don’t you?” she hung her arms low in defeat and almost murmurred in a last dramatic sigh of despair “My king.” before continuing, her cheeks reddening as she covered her face with her hands, the display painting a big grin on my face “Hey! I don’t even know why I said that! It escaped me on the moment! It was instinctive!”

  • instantaneous, murmured

  • A disgusted look on her face, she comfirmed my doubts “Yes, fanatics, they had to be. And that’s not even the worst. Actually, some of their fanatics aren’t so bad, because they believe in the good things, but these are the best they have, as for the rest. Common thugs, bandits, first class assholes, you name it, they have it. They recruit aggressively, so they get all the two-bits bastards that abuse their position to do whatever they want. Hey, from what I’ve seen, their ranks are mostly filled with mage(cannon) fodder not even capable of creating the tiniest of light. And that makes them common soldiers, not templars, and surely not paladins. Not much better than common ruffians or filthy peasants, the main difference is that they wear a uniform.”

  • confirmed

  • “Those I’ve encountered seemed mostly fanatics, the kind that doesn’t flee when faced with an ovewhelming threat, the dumb kind. That Asterius guy said they were trainees too.” I muttered mostly to myself. “Asterius? As in Adjudicator Asterius? And you’re still alive to tell the tale? I don’t mean to offend you, but you got very lucky. He’s definitely one of the best templars around. If not the best. If you cross his path again, at least for now, don’t even try to fight him again.” I wasn’t sure I’d want to anyway. I still feel that hit to the head.

  • overwhelming

  • “Ah! Honestly, the usual, wars, treasons, crusades, invasions, and other diverse and joyous celebrations. Sometimes it feels like a god cursed this land with eternal conflict. Oh, yeah your memories aren’t back yet, are they? How much do you remember of the bigger picture?” she asked shifting a bit to lean on the side of the throne. “I can’t remember my geopgraphy, my politics, and a lot of the important things. Try to be thorough.” I answered trying to shift into a more comfortable position on my uncomfortable seat.

  • geography

  • “So, where do I begin? Hum, let’s start with geography. We are currently in the kingdom of Arkadia, a nation enclaved between the Dragonjaws, the mountain chain that surrounds the kingdom and make it virtually impossible to invade the kingdom through them. You probably already know that though. Let’s see, the nations you really have to know are Nevarra in the south-west, Blitzlandhe in the far east, the Veiled Sovereignty alias Velzarim far far away in the south-east, Garmvall in the north, and finally the Meidian Empire alias Meidia right in the middle.” good to know though “Thank you, but it’s hard to visualize the landscape without a map.” she then winced before continuing “Ah, sorry I don’t have one right now.”

  • Cap, I just realized I’m gonna have to reread to check for capitalization :laughing:

  • Continuing with a sigh I said “No matter. How about the political landscape then?” she appeared to think a little before explaining “I don’t know everything about what’s going on precisely into those countries but I heard rumors. I never heard of a time where no one was at war since I was born, and they seem to live up to that reputation. The war between Velzarim and Meidia has lasted for nearly two centuries now, though the tides are deffinitely shifting in favor of the sovereignty. I heard they found some kind of messiah to their faith, a woman that leads the velzari armies to victory and has became the sovereignty’s leader through her deeds. Since that came from a travelling southern Nevarran merchant I don’t know if these informations can be trusted though.”

  • definitely, traveling

  • The platform slowly slowed down, and came to a stop onto the level of the throne room, the barriers retracting as a metalic sound signaled that the plaform locked itself into place. I gladly rose up from the uncomfortable seat, and stepped down from the platform Helena in tow. I turned my head to give her an interrogative look, silently asking her ‘what now?’ she easily picked up the clue and answered “I don’t know. Maybe the most urgent is getting you a weapon. I’m sure you can handle yourself even without, but better safe than sorry.”

  • metallic, platform

  • As it seemed a good idea to have something else than my fist to use against a would-be enemy, I gave my agreement, and took a step forward before mentally facepalming myself for the simple reason that I didn’t know where to go. At the obvious amusement of Helena. “So where can I find one?” she answered with a shrug and said “I admit I haven’t explored the keep very far, you’re never too cautious in these old ruins. There’s surely an armory somewhere though. Or at least a weapon stash… maybe you can find it since the keep seems to answer to your will.”

  • cap

  • This room was more decorated than the rest of the keep and surpisingly free of dust, pure white stones were embelished by golden etchings, lit by powerful shimering brasiers of blue purplish flames, the smooth ground of a material akin to marble but completely white parted in the middle into a glass panel that shown a pit filled with sand. Thin stairs near the entrance led into the pit that must have been some kind of training arena.

  • surprisingly, embellished, shimmering

  • As for ther room itself, weapons of all kind laid on the walls, sword, hammers, spears, all of undeniable quality. Once again, the runes lit up. The vaulted roof of the room was covered in etching like a good part of the keep. I wondered whether they were use as a conduit for power or just to signal activation of power.

  • the

  • Just after the room’s runes lit up, five weapons lifted from their rack slowly travling to a semi-circular altar and landing with an almost ceremonial air. My eyes widened, more at the sight of the weapons themselves than the magic trick I was getting quite used to. They were masterworks among masterworks, relics crafted in an forgotten era. It seems the keep presented me the best it found.

  • traveling

  • A claymore with a razor-thin edge of great length which elegance equalled only its power. A greataxe with a large blade, exhaling strength and a surprising sense of brutality and danger. A winged mace with a big head, one that would send my enemies flying with every hit. A glaive, an elegant curved blade at the tip of a long spear-like handle, usually wielded by the elves. And finally, even surprisingly, a great scythe, usually an unwieldly weapon except in cases like this, the blade could cut through most materials and the angle plus the fact that the blade was double-edged was studied to counter the flaws a usual scythe would have.

  • unwieldy

Chose your destiny! Chose your shiny! Yes!’ Going to finish that soon.

Da master used chose instead of choose

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… what’s wrong with European spelling?

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For a french, realising and realizing are pronounced exactly the same way. It’s basically the same word. But if EVERYTHING is wrong with it I’ll correct it anyway…

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Eh, anyway I’ve nothing against the people of these nations, it’s the nations themselves that I’ve something against.

When I think about it, I’ve something against every nation in the world. There’s not a single decent country out there, that’s sad.

By the way, how are you both american and russian?


I’m a mutt.

Ethnically Russian from my grandmother on my mother’s side.

American from… most of my family? And born here anyway.

And the result along with my paleness makes me be able to pass for a few races. Which I probably am ethnically part of anyway.

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I’m Albanian, which is essentially Russian, Italian and Greek all in one.


I’m half belgian and half french, with a lot of other ethnicities coming from my relatively close ancestors (my grandfather’s father on my mother’s side was german for example), basically, I have in my ancestry people from a good chunk of western Europe.

So, I’ve a miniscule of spanish, german, english and italian. Though these don’t even count anyway.

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I’m aparently related to a lot of old English nobility, a lot of people from Germanic tribes and apparently also Native American. most everything else is to small a quantity to really care

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Are we seriously discussing heritage right now? I thought a wight king doesn’t need such insignificant thing to assert his superiority?

Meh, it won’t hurt anyone, might as well play along.

I’m Indonesian, which is to say, a clusterfuck of race and ethnicity, I have european blood (from Portuguese, Spain, Netherland and probably England methink), middle-easterner blood (from Arabian merchants), Indian heritage (from budhist and hindus apostles), Japanese blood (hey, WW2 blues), Chinese (merchant methink) and that’s not counting the local ethnicities.