The "Why Are You (Feeling Emotion)" Thread


College sucks. If you are feeling like you can’t keep on, maybe you shouldn’t. Depending on your major you might be better off just entering the workforce anyhow. Just keep in mind that’s all a degree is: a very expensive piece of paper that only somewhat, potentially, increases employability and potential pay.


If I taught at your school I would ask you to come to my office hours so I could give you a pep talk. As it is, this can be pretend office hours. College is really hard, and there’s a million ways it can be painful and stressful beyond all measure. I see it every single semester, especially in my first-year classes, but also in my seniors.

What are you finding hard? The workload? The social stuff? The deadlines? The weird, sudden shift in your responsibilities and schedule?

I don’t agree that college is about the paper and the earning potential. That’s part of it, but students who come visit me tell me that the experience of college opened their eyes to new thoughts, new ways of experiencing the world. I think for many people higher education offers insight into one’s self most of all. I’m not your professor (at least I assume not) but lean on me anyhow. I’m happy to at least be a friendly ear and a little bit of inside information. That goes for anyone struggling with university stuff on this forum.

I just added a thread that we can use to talk about this sort of thing more specifically.


Update: No, no there isn’t. I’m a big fat liar who has wrongly classified making out, giving each other gifts and going out on dates as some form of romantic interest when it’s apparently not even meant to come off as that.

But, I reiterate



@Jjcb you just haven’t met the right person yet. Don’t give up on love. Never give up on love.


It seems like it’s just another one of those nights where I’m depressed and lonely and I really wish I knew and kept in touch with more queer guys

Like I don’t even need a boyfriend (not that that wouldn’t be nice) I just wish there was someone I could talk to about things like this to who’d actually understand and not like belittle me for it or anything

I have some friends who I’ve felt like they’d like me better if I stayed a girl or if I at least liked girls or something. They were honestly the worst when I first told them about the guy I had feelings for. I’ve talked to them about it and they’ve apologized and all that and that all happened forever ago but I still don’t feel like I can trust them again and I’m not comfortable with talking to anyone about guy troubles anymore

I really want to say something about it but at the same time I don’t want to dig up old dirt

I also feel like the two of them will neither admit to their own nor each other’s flaws one of them especially lacks self awareness and is extremely hypocritical and resistant to change and I feel like trying to bring anything up at all just won’t lead to anything happening. They’d say they’re so sorry and they’ll try to change but it’s just so hard to and maybe they’d throw a few buzzwords and crying in there to try and get some sort of half-assed point across but then act like nothing happened ten minutes later

And also a boyfriend would be pretty nice too


I used to love overcast and rainy says but ever since like last year they’ve just made me depressed and I don’t know what made that switch and it really sucks

I was just on a roll with the school projects this past week and I even did a bit of baking yesterday and now I don’t know where all that motivation went and I don’t have the energy to do much more than lie around in bed

This is almost been regular enough to be a pattern and I’ve had it happen for probably at least five years now but hell if I know what I’m supposed to do about it


Hey, you did your best. In my opinion, everything that happen after that is not your fault. If you try to help him but he doesn’t want to help himself, then it’s not your fault.


I’m stressed out and so full of anxiety that I’m about to break down any second.

We’re homeless, and living at our friends place is really chaotic for my autistic, anxiety-ridden self. Especially since they tend to let small problems fester untill they are super angry about them before actually telling us.
We come from a really bad living situation, and I really need to restore some normality and my energy reserves, but that is just not possible.
To top it all up, I feel so guilty and shameful about feeling bad, when they are letting us stay in their home at almost no cost, and I can’t talk to them about it, because I’m afraid I’ll be seen as an ungrateful jerk.

I am so bloody desperate to find a place to live, a place that’s mine, filled with my things, but it’s really hard to find anything to rent within the size and price we need, especially since we have a cat and no car.
I am really scared that we will end up settling for something too pricey or too small, and will end up ruining the next few years for ourselves because of it.

Last week was the end of the weekly course/seminar I have been attending the last few months, and this thursday, after returning home from the debriefing meeting, all the stress I had been pushing away to be able to attend as a semi-functioning human being came rushing back to me.
And that was the evening our housemates decided to bring up every little problem from the last two months.

So now I’m back at my breaking point, just trying to keep the pieces together, constantly distracting myself or crying into my boyfriends shoulder, my cat or pillow.

We are going to go look at an apartment on monday, and I want it so badly, and I am so bloody terrified that something will go wrong.


Thanks, I appreciate it.
Anyway, I decided to delete my post. I wanted to talk about it to feel a little better, but I’m not so sure I am comfortable keeping it there for anyone to read it. Not like anyone involved will ever find out about it, but still.


Keep us posted. Maybe knowing that people are thinking about you and hoping for you and are interested in how things turn out can give you a tiny bit of comfort in the days that come. I’ll be thinking of you and wishing you strength.

But do keep me posted!


While you have internet, make sure to check to see if your city has temporary assistance programs for needy families.
If you have an actual autism diagnosis, that should help you get assistance as well, I think.
Don’t give up and stay positive, especially when you go see that apartment.


Well, it is now pretty late, and even though I spent most of the day studying for my AP Calculus make up exam tomorrow, I just can’t get rid of that nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach that just tells me I’m going to fail again.

But by this point, if I’m being completely honest, I’ve already resigned to my fate. I’ll go, take the damn thing, and then wait for the result. If I pass, good, I won’t have to retake the subject next semester. If not, well, guess I’ll just try to do well enough not to be put on academic probation / get kicked out of college, which seems hard to achieve right now.

I mean, if I have to retake the subject at least I’ll already know part of it, right? Right. Now let’s pretend that’s a good thing.


Don’t worry, I believe in you. You’re an immensely talented person and I’m sure you can come through. You just need to look in the right place.

I wish I could have helped with Calculus, or anything at all, but I can only say this: the more positive you are on your test day, the better your score will be. Believe in yourself.

College life is hard, no doubt. But most of the people overcome college problems. And you are better than most of the people.

Totally go for it, believe inyourself. You can do it.


Hey~, remember me, the girl who thought she was gonna fail her exam? Yeah, I wasn’t too far off on my estimate.

That was a rather craptastic performance, to be honest. If everything I answered was correct, then I’m scoring around 8~8.5/10, except I already know some of my answers were wrong, and I’m not putting too much faith on the others being correct either. All in all I expect a 4.5/10, maybe a 5, but that’s it.

Oh well, not much I can do right now other than wait for the score and study for the next exam.


I think I’ve gotten sick again but aside from that I’ve actually been feeling better than I have been for the past month or so

I have two animation assignments, four animating total, due this week. One of them is later today, the other tomorrow morning

With the one due today is two different walk cycles and I’d just finished my adjustments to the first one last night and I’m almost done with the second one. I just have the arms left to finish. I’m waiting for the bus right now (and two very cute dogs just passed by me) and I should have about twenty minutes or so before class starts and I need to get the assignment in and that should be enough time for me to finish drawing the arms

The one due tomorrow is for my intro to 3d class that I’ve been struggling with and I think I’m finally getting the hang of the program. For the first big assignment I did badly, I feel like I was mostly trying to push myself too hard and trying to make something more advanced than I had the skill for. With the assignment, I have the first part completely finished and the second part just needs to be smoothed out a little

I also started listening to The Bright Sessions which has been really good so far. It’s basically about superpowered people who are in therapy to help them deal with their abilities. It makes me really miss being in therapy because I would have had a wail easier time dealing with the stuff going on recently. I found my old ipod from like 2009 again and if I can find the usb cable that goes with it, I think I’ll start using it again to listen to podcasts since I already have all of then downloaded on itunes


I feel sad today. I think I’m gonna lose one of my closest friends and I wish there was something I could do to stop it. Basically, they asked for space between the two of us so they can - er idk, well I can’t ask because I want to respect the space they asked for. I don’t know if this is going to be temporary or not.

I’m not saying that they’re the one at fault. Some part of me believes that I deserve this sadness for being a bully back then and hurting other people emotionally.

They might be going through something else in their life right now, so I want to be understanding about why they’re doing this. I can’t really talk much about this but I felt like I should vent this out somewhere before I cry again. The one who I’m supposed to be saying these words to is my friend. They said we’d talk about this in the future, so I’ll see what happens then.

And I know that my problem seems a bit small when compared to what other people are going through, and I agree. To the people who are hurting now, I hope that you get through whatever it is that’s happening to you and come out stronger than before.


I wouldn’t say losing a friend is a small issue, especially considering most people have very few true friends, as opposed to acquaintances, work/school buddies, and so on. Friendships are hard to create, but the plus side is the longer they go on, the harder they are to truly break. It might be some time before y’all are right again, but months or years of shared experiences often provide the solid foundation needed to rebuild no matter how bad the temporary storm damage might get.


Thanks. Reading that gave me a little bit of hope. :grin:


Glad to help. Let us know how it goes.


So, uh… I haven’t received the results of my Calculus make up exam yet, but today the teacher asked me to stay a bit after class because he wanted to talk to me. Well, it was a nice talk, to be honest, and at the end he handed me a worksheet that’s 17 pages long, front and back, that he said he designed specifically for me. I’m supposed to hand it in on Wednesday.

I honestly don’t know whether to be honoured that he did it, or to be a bit pissy because instead of my regular studying schedule for the weekends I’ll have to spend pretty much the entirety of this one neck deep in equations/graphs.

Maybe a bit of both?