The "Why Are You (Feeling Emotion)" Thread


What if they tear apart the note alongside the paper?


That’s why there are two boxes instead of one. The note is attached to the small one, but the paper covers only the big one.


and big box hides the note.


I feel… uncomfortable? Yeah, I guess that’s the right word.

There’s been someone who I don’t know very well (heck, I don’t even know their name… although admittedly that’s nothing special. I’m horrible with names.) who, despite not knowing very well, I still end up seeing once or twice a week just by virtue of having similar work schedules and thusly being in the same place at the same time.

And as of late they’ve been making some unwanted… passes at me.

But it’s weird. It doesn’t seem as if they mean anything by it, or even are aware of it themself, always just sorta working it into some kinda joke and essentially up and leaving right after? And I say it doesn’t seem as if they are aware of it because they don’t exactly deliver the lines like flirts, but nonetheless are undeniably, flirtatious in nature… and rather uncomfortably so, at that. And always directed towards me, which only doubles the discomfort.

So, long story short, I’m just kinda left scratching my head as I back away slowly from this person.

And… yeah… overall feeling rather uncomfortable.

And confused.

But mostly uncomfortable.


Nervous. Job interview !


Excited and even more nervous - follow up interview tomorrow! Things are moving fast.


Yesterday, i got a fever that 40.1 Celsius (104.18 in Fahrenheit) and now, it just keeps on fluctuating between 38.2 C to 39.5 C. (100.76 F to 103.1). i took some tests with hopes that i’m not experiencing the worst.

Edit: Crap (7x). I have dengue. This is bad.


Oh, my :sweat: I hope you get better soon


Rest well, @Abe :frowning_face:


Hope u feel better soon . Rest up


Hope you get better, having a fever sucks. By the way, what’s dengue?



Welp, I just finished my Physics Mid Term exam and I did absolute shit.

Though, oddly enough, I’m not feeling any recognizable emotion from the exam. No sadness, no anger, nothing. I only have this…slight and dull feeling in my chest. I guess that could be counted as disappointment?

Eh, what does it matter? I tried my best and that’s all that counts to me.


So I’ve finally really figured out what my ‘type’ is and it’s sweet, dorky, and, frankly, unattainable

I don’t have a real crush at the moment, I’ve just gotten into a podcast recently and, on top of the podcast itself being really, really good, I watched the recording for the live show and I think that, not only does the voice actor for the main character have a really attractive voice, but he’s also impossibly cute

This guy though is probably close to ten years older than me, on the other side of the country, has no idea I exist, and I had no idea he existed until a week ago. This is staying strictly in the fantasy zone

The last guy I liked, who I guess I still kinda like, was geographically close to me but was going to (now already has) moved pretty far and he’s been seeing someone. What attracted to me in the first place was that he’s just nice for the sake of being nice (and not out to get something out of it) and he just genuinely cares about people. Somehow it’s really hard for me to find guys with those qualities?

Maybe it’s just my area but somehow I keep meeting guys who are really self absorbed and only play nice when they want something out of it and some of them even find it fun to cause trouble for total strangers just for the hell of it. And somehow the only kinds of guys I attract have been creeps who have trouble respecting boundaries (or just plain don’t care about them)

I just have. Such terrible luck with men :frowning_face: I got a tarot reading from a friend at the beginning of the year saying that I’m not gonna have much luck in that area this year and will see some rejection (it came true, only it turned out that I was gonna be the one doing the rejecting this time around) The year is nearly over so hopefully things start to turn around next year and hopefully I’ll actually have more time to just talk to people outside of meeting up at school next year

I’m only 20 and I know I have a plenty of time and it’s not like I’m in any sort of rush for marriage or whatever (like some friends I have :roll_eyes:), but it would be really nice to stop falling all over guys I have no chance with and meet someone who like likes me and isn’t the Creepasaurus Rex. There’s only so much that my gay little heart can handle

(Hmm, this was originally intended to just like. Be about me being really gay and guys being really cute and I can’t handle it but it turned out being me frustrated about being single, as usual)

(I’m too embarrassed to name the podcast or the voice actor, but he is so cute omg)


Well, it’s been two weeks since I started university, I literally have no idea what is going on or how I’m going to graduate with all that peer pressure and anxiety I’m experiencing and I still have the flu which means I feel like poop help


Not having a clue what’s going on and being anxious is normal, especially at the beginning with so many new people. Tough break on the flu. I would make an extra effort to engage other people still, the first few months of uni are important as everyone is a lot more open and clicking with each other before they get their social circles locked down. Not trying to freak you out, just saying a nod and a smile to everyone you meet could go a long way, even if you’re feeling crappy.


I know friend :confused:
I’ve made some acquaintances and I keep trying to form friendships but sometimes I feel like people don’t wish to hang out with me because I’m not a party girl or a social butterfly. I try to be optimistic however. I will probably get over these doubts after I get used to my life as an university student and life in the city so keep smiling :slight_smile:
(but seriously f you flu I wish shame upon your household bleh)


I was the same (social anxiety, introvert) but you will find your group. There were tons of people I spoke to initially that eventually I stopped talking to but it’s a numbers game, more people you meet and greet the quicker you find some that you click with. Made some REALLY good friends in the end and some amazing memories. Be worth it in the long run :slight_smile:


Tired but content. Have been writing now pretty solidly for the first month in ages. It’s getting pretty late, but the feeling of progress is making me happy. Shout out to any other late nighters :wink:


I’ve been majorly sick for about a month now - very tired but otherwise in good spirits. Fortunately the weather here is improving and by improving, I specifically mean that things are getting colder and winter is coming.