The "Why Are You (Feeling Emotion)" Thread


i’m just like that, whenever i wanna talk to people i’m either too quiet that they can’t hear, or they’re asking me why i’m shouting because i raise my voice a little bit. If i ever run into someone that i’m acquainted with i just give them a little nod and then pretend they don’t exist.


Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say!

I’m overall fine, horribly embarrassed as of right now but I’ve learned that the best thing to do with these kinda days is turn them into fun stories to tell to my friends and then laugh about it later on.


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Kind of stressed and anxious

My tablet has been having more and more problems connecting and staying connected lately (and it’s not the cord, I’ve used it for other things like my phone and it’s worked perfectly fine). I’m worried it might break down soon, and if that happens, that need to happen either right now or after I’m done with classes for this semester. I’m taking a 2D animation class this semester and I’d be pretty doomed if I ended up without a tablet in the middle of a project. Right now I’m okay since the assignments are small, but when they get bigger I won’t be able to rely on class times to work, and while there are computers and tablets at school, it would be really impractical for me to work entirely in the computer lab or to rent a tablet to bring home since I live so far from my school and have to take public transit

There’s also the issue of money since my laptop ended up broken during the summer and I’ve only recently replaced it (plus I had to buy an additional attachment just so I could connect my tablet to it since it’s one of those new macs that got rid of the normal USB ports that every other normal laptop has). I can’t seem to spend more than $10 on one thing without feeling extremely guilty about using money. I’m planning to start taking commissions and maybe make some stickers or something to sell on redbubble so I won’t have to ask my mom for money, or at least so I won’t have to ask for as much, and I’ll be looking for s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale when that happens so I won’t have to spend as much, but the thought of having to spend so much at once still makes me feel really anxious. There’s one brand that I know of that’s relatively cheap for a tablet, but they have really mixed reviews and a lot of people have said that their’s came with the pen not working and they’d had to buy a new entire tablet since the company doesn’t sell the pens on their own. I can’t take a risk like that since I need a working tablet so badly and I’m so afraid of wasting money that I don’t feel like I have any other choice but to buy a wacom which costs like two the three times more than the other brand


You know when you’re annoyed but it’s funny? I feel like that. My neighbour’s cat is on my roof, meowing loudly and upsetting my dogs, and he has been doing this for several hours. Nothing I do will convince him to get down (it’s not like he can’t - I’ve seen him get off that roof many times in the past) and just go home.

Also, I feel awkward. Every time I think about what I need to say in a post someone else also is making a post and I’m pretty sure I’m scaring them away… I’m so sorry about that :disappointed:


I don’t really know what I’m feeling. Turmoil is probably the best word. Me and my girlfriend talked about the future the other night. She has always planned on moving back to Australia (we both live in England atm).

We’ve been going out for almost a year now - although we’ve been friends for like 3, and living together for a year and a half - and as we got deeper into the relationship I always assumed I’d go with her. I have no idea what I’m doing with my life - I’m taking a year out of uni and probably won’t be going back. She works full time, but wants to move back to see her family because she hasn’t seen them in over a year (we both miss them!!)

She’s on a trip to america all this week and I’ve felt like she’s going to come back and decide I shouldn’t go to Australia. I told her how I felt the other night and she told me she did want a fresh start when she goes back, to be with her family, and just to generally figure out her life too.

We’re both hopelessly in love, and I want to be with her an support her, but she’s always been afraid of commitment, and we’re both unsure about the future.

The only thing I’m sure about in my life is her. She’s always been there for me. I’ve always been there for her. But it feels like everything will fall apart when she moves.
Words cant describe how much I love her and want her to be happy! I think I have to respect her decision, but it really hurts.

I’ve been lurking on here for around 7 years and I just broke my silence!! I haven’t told anybody irl because vocalising emotions is hard. So I’d thought I’d just write everything down here and get it out of me before I call my brother later. I’m stuck between handing in my notice at work and moving home in two weeks to escape, or staying around until she leaves at Christmas just to be with her as long as possible. Making decisions at the best of times is hard for me but when it comes to stuff like this I just wanna lie down and take a nap


A person I consider a friend, despite our politics being different, is being threatened with death for what he wrote on Twitter. People are calling for him to be fired from his job and even having him sent out of the country.

I know him as a father to a beautiful child, a loving and faithful husband and a Professor of history who taught many (including myself) a lot about history.

I also worked with him on game development for years.

and now people want him dead and are sending him threats and wanting to stop him from providing for his family. All because of tweets on a social media network.

What I am feeling is beyond words - having this happen to someone I know is beyond words.

I still have pictures of his baby daughter being held in the arms of her mother in the hospital bed.

Is Twitter and Facebook and all that stuff worth it?

I never thought this would be something I’m experiencing.


Im so sorry that you and your friend have to go through this. I wish both of you the best, and I hope things get sorted out for him and his family.


First of all, people are horrible. This is why I have my best friend, my cat. Second of all, may I ask what he said? I get it if you don’t want to.


Of course it is not worth it, but the internet has fundamentally changed the ways we interact with each other, Despite being able to bring people together all over the world, it can also make us crueler and more detach.

The saddest part it’s that there is not a tangible solution, this type of behaviour can come (and usually does come) from anyone. I usually would like to give some piece of advice, but I’m afraid I can’t say anything that you already know, that your friend isn’t alone and you should try to be there for him.

Thank you for posting, it’s good to remind us that there is a human being behind every internet comment.


Right now I am feeling confused and angry at the time. At school today my teacher called me out for cheating for using a bot on membean. All the bot did is autoanswer everything for me on the site, so I didn’t have to sit and do redundant work. He said that it provides an unfair advantage to other students who do it normally, and while that is true I just grabbed the code off the web and removed lines of unnecessary codes. Everyone who does this has to have access to the internet, and they can easily look up the coding for the bot and install tampermonkey to do this same thing that I did. Personally, I see nothing wrong with using the internet for my own gain because everyone can use it. I could personally send a from google docs to everyone in my school and they could do the same thing I did, thus eliminating the aspect of cheating. Then confronting my parents about this, my mother, who is a teacher, said that doesn’t go against the teacher’s word. I highly disagree with the statement because there is partial bias towards the teacher and the fact that I did not cheat according to the definition that Webster dictionary. If everyone has the same resources as I, I am not gaining an unfair advantage over everybody else. The teacher doesn’t even realize that the school I go to teaches you how to do this stuff, so anyone who takes the class can have an unfair advantage if they create the bot according to his logic.

That is like me saying since I am taking Geometry while the rest of the students are taking algebra two, I have an unfair advantage because I skipped a year of math in the SATS. In my opinion, my teacher is punishing me for thinking outside of the box and not following the system. I honestly don’t know what to think right now, what do you all think; is it cheating to use coding for a bot online that is accessible to everyone. Right now my brain is so tangled on this subject I really don’t know what to think.


Another big ass spider found its way into my room. I was entering said room after acquiring some food and I saw the land octopus (or as they’re commonly known, spider) scuttling under the bed. I sat on the bed and brought my feet up because I don’t the tendons in my feet to be cut open by it. (I then turn and see it climbing on the wall, I trap it under a cup, I had nothing to keep it there with, so with my above average intellect decide to let it fall to the floor and then re-trap it under the cup.

Tl;dr : there’s a giant ass spider plotting its revenge against me in my room. (Why can’t it ever be small spiders?)

Edit: I have a fan on in my room (because air conditioning doesn’t exist here) and the shadow of it moving scared me because I thought it was the spider. So now I’m gonna sleep with one eye open tonight.


Sounds cute :blush:image


That is both creepy and cute


Sad as fuck. Might be the end of an era but no idea if making the worst mistake of my life. Or if I’m even making it. Just… sad.


Hmm… for your case, I’ll ascend to the heaven and look toward your problem from the sky (tldr: viewing from a wide perspective)

Both your view and your teacher’s is correct. Why the teacher’s correct? Because other students don’t go the same way as what you did (and it probably because they’re too afraid to do it - using the bot -, or just really bad at coding, or just too lazy to do that).

And you’re not specifically have an advantage which other students can’t get, so you’re not cheating as well. In fact, “cheating” is not the correct/proper term in this case, but I can’t think of any other term… :thinking:

Anyway, what is the solution?

My solution

:wine_glass: Ask the teacher before you use the bot.
“Sir, can I use the bot?”//“No.”//“Why?”//“Because blahblah”//“What about blahblah”// and so on.
It’s a negotiation. It’s a trade. It’s a compromise.
Don’t go use something that your teacher didn’t expected you to use it. Tell them if you’re using it!

And sometimes, they just go wild and deny all arguments you had and go “No. No bot or something.” If this is the case, I’d say just follow them. Follow what they said. Follow the flow.
You can’t oppose them since they have more power and authority than you. It is hard, I know, but it’ll probably the best to stay out of problem.


Sorry for all teachers and professors of the forum, no intention to offend you :sweat_smile:

I’m just speaking from a rather pragmatic side. Don’t hurt me pls :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t4: :sweat: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t4:


And what happened to you? What’s happening at here?

Look at those… sticky substance thing called sadness everywhere on your room, eeew…

Here. Listen to this and get your mood up!

I actually skipped it to 1:21. But you can always go listen the whole song from beginning :]


Anxious, because I have a bit of a dilemma. Here’s the situation:

I need to get a gift to Friend 1 through Friend 2 (as in, I’ll give it to Friend 2 and hopefully they’ll give it to Friend 1 - I can’t give it to Friend 1 directly and it’s meant to be a surprise).

The problem is that the gift contains a few things that Friend 1 is sensitive about/doesn’t want broadcast, and I’m worried that Friend 1 will open the gift in Friend 2’s presence. Even if Friend 2 doesn’t gossip (and they might), I think Friend 1 would possibly be embarrassed or angry if anyone, even just Friend 2, saw these things and potentially got nosy about it.

But if I ask Friend 2 to let Friend 1 open the gift alone, then I’ve got to give a reason, and Friend 2 might become curious about the gift, and if Friend 1 doesn’t tell them about it, that could cause a rift in their friendship. Now if Friend 1 wants to tell Friend 2 about everything inside the gift after they’ve opened it, that’s their choice, but that’s the point: I want them to have a choice.

Not including these things in the gift at all is not a great solution, as I think they would make Friend 1 happy - they’re just kind of private, or meant to be.

I guess my dilemma is whether to write a note to Friend 2 (and what to say), or just hope that Friend 1 ends up opening it alone without my intervention.

What do you think?


I’d ask Friend 2 to let Friend 1 open it privately. If they need a reason for that you can say the present has something that you’re anxious about and leave it at that. That way you’re being honest with Friend 2 (if that is a concern) but still protecting Friend 1’s right to control who they share this information with. I think you’re being very considerate btw - you must be a good friend to have :slight_smile:

I hope your dilemma is sorted out soon.


I’ve come up with a convoluted solution:

Now you can let Friend 1 decide and Friend 2 doesn’t have to know.