The "Why Are You (Feeling Emotion)" Thread


Same-same as always, I get bored easily you could say everything is monotonous, well I did try to entertain myself with games but it won’t last long, maybe a one or five minute(s) before boredom strikes again. Nothing really excites me, which is long lasting, hanging out is boring, tv shows are boring, animes are boring, I can’t find anything exciting. I’m breathing but not living.


Try food-binge it’s really exciting to try out exotic dishes and visiting exotic restaurants you have never heard of…


I’m extremely glad to reach Friday. After the way the last few weeks has treated Texas, I’m happy to end the week with a relatively calm Friday. I say calm, but I’m bone-tired. :joy:

Oh, trying out new cuisines is always fun. When I travel to a new place I tend to pick different things I wouldn’t try or find at home. You’d be surprised what could be found in a neighboring town, as another example.


Nervous. I’ve just published the prologue of a story on Wattpad. I’m co-authoring it with a friend, who will publish the French version.

It’s a thriller, and I thought that there were not enough stories about women serial killers. Due to the mature (future) content (violence and difficult themes) of the the story, if you are interested in knowing more about the plot or want a link to the story, feel free to PM me.


I feel like i feel angery because some times i get mad, why i feel mad is because some times im upsetti never forgetti


Im furious, and proud at the same time.
My 13 year old sister was in her Economics class, and the class was reviewing some quiz they took. My sister, and her friends, start talking, and purposely mispronouncing Coruscant (it was used as an example on their quiz) because they think its funny. The boy sitting in front of her turns around and calls her an uncultured maggot. Ok, no big deal, kids are like that. The problem starts when the boy and his friends try surrounding my sister and her friends as theyre leaving class, and start calling them names. One of them even tries to punch her, and at this point shes over it and a fistfight starts.

Everyone involved in it gets sent to the deans office, and my sister almost got suspended (she didnt, becuase she was acting in self defense, but this was apparently “unacceptable”). The other kid gets off without a problem becuase his parents told the dean that he “cant control his anger”. I understand he might have said some rude things, and thats ok, because we all have our flaws, but when it starts to harm someone else, I take issue with it.

So in short, Im proud of my sister for standing up for herself, and furious with the dean for not doing anything to the boy who started the fight with my sister, why giving my sister a warning.


That’s terrible - I hope your sister and her friends are alright now, though I’d understand it if they weren’t.


Theyre fine, shes a blue belt so nothing too bad happened. Her friends are ok too,they had heavy binders with them :sweat_smile:. A couple of bruises and thats it. Thanks for asking though.


Some days, I wonder why I bother? Today was supposed to have been an off day for me, which was great because I was under the weather anyways. So, deciding to shirk responsibilities for a day, I was going to work on my WIP. Then my kid was found to be sick and needed to stay home with daddy, then the sickness started messing with his lungs. Now we are at the hospital yet again.

I hate sounding selfish, but “me” time is a rarity right now and I hate that my creative work is languishing.

I am also still sick and tired, automatically makimg me cranky. So there is that too…


I’m sorry your little one is in the hospital and I hope it’s nothing too serious. You don’t sound selfish to me - this is a difficult situation to be in and you sound stressed about it - I hope you both take it easy and get well soon.


Yeah, been feeling the pinch a bit myself. So hard to find the time when you have a family. I am awash with ideas for where I want to go after NPT is done, but how many years will it take to get to them plinking down as little as a few hundred words of uncoded text a day in between playing with our older, chasing the younger, the various tasks needed in keeping a home fuctioning and the two jobs I work? I do not want to make my wonderful family runner-up for my attention, but without some level of selfishness I simply have no chance of maintaining any momentum.

I hope your boy (and you) feel better soon. And if you have the time at work maybe you should just schedule another day when he is better to make up for what you missed. You deserve a little something after all.



Writing is something I typically enjoy immensely, and even more so when I can share it with an audience. However, when writing works that will be read (like, oh I don’t know, a choice based game for example…) I tend to be a perfectionist with commitment issues.

I have so many ideas that I want to bring to life and when I have to choose one I’ll start off with so much excitement, but then I’ll start thinking of all the shiny new ideas that are better. “If I develop this one, I can’t work on that one!” Because putting all the work into one idea means you can’t live in your wonderful sea of half-baked concepts that would all be amazing stories in theory, but not practice, and ones that actually require effort. And I know that it’s better to have one game than none ever, logically, but the commitment to one is just so hard.

Then I’ll criticize everything about it because I know it could be better, improved, and I always want the first to be the best. The “why do it if you can’t do it perfectly the first time?” character flaw.

In the end I’ll get so burnt out with this mental battle and put writing away for another day. Every day…

I know I’m not alone in this (it’s the writer’s curse! That dreaded fiend) and I’m pretty sure there’s a George RR Martin quote somewhere that sums this all up, but god can it be a buzzkill.


You are so right! I have been sorely tempted to veer off from Nuclear Powered Toaster to do one of the five or six story ideas I have had since finding this place in June. Came very close about a month and a half ago. Only thing that kept me going is knowing that I always bail on a project, and like you said, completing one game/story is worlds better than having a bunch of promising seeds that you never cultivate to fruition. Just try to push through it, and know that, Lord willing, there’s eventually time enough for the others later, even if it isn’t this year or even the next.


Fuck spiders. Seriously, just fuck them. For the second time in like a month I was just lying there in bed, then all of a sudden this big mean 8 legged bastard just shows up out of nowhere, I jumped and grabbed something (not even sure what it was) and lifted the spider out the window with it, then I let it fall to its doom.


If you’re creative enough, you’re actually can fit all of those ideas into a single, coherent, chronological story.

If you can’t, you can (yes, there’s a lot of cans) write those ideas down on a single paper/.txt/notebook, whatever your mood is. In my case, I have this scenario_list.txt that I do plan to implement it to my game, whenever I see fit, whenever I want it.

Still having that difficulties? Just simply commit to a single idea you very, really, extremely wanted to work on. Then expand this single idea.

These are my tips on worldbuilding. Good luck at creating your own world! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t4:



So, so embarrassed.

I am bad with meeting new people. Once I know someone is good, then sure! I can be fairly talkative. But I’m quiet and shy, especially with people I don’t know. So meeting new people is always a struggle. But, I still try! Sometimes.

I want to try.

I tried today.

And I failed.

Three times in a row, in fact.

I was walking down the stairs with a couple of others who I knew only vaguely, figured we’d already gotten the awkward ‘I’m horrible with names so I don’t remember yours’ out of the way so I was safe and probably couldn’t embarrass myself any further than calling three of the five of them ‘Audrey’ in an attempt to figure out who it was that was named that… Then I called the person who is, in actuality, Audrey ‘Emma’. And that wasn’t even one of the three today. That was just the ‘lowest of the low’ so I figured it couldn’t get any worse. I was wrong.

I tried three times- three times to join into the conversation, and each time I spoke so quietly that nobody heard me save for the person next to me who wasn’t a part of the others that I vaguely knew and gave me an odd look because I think they thought I was talking to them all three times. And finally when I turned around to speak up- all five of the others had turned to walk in the opposite direction than that which I needed to go. But I was already in the middle of my sentence so I just kinda… trailed off.

I… I’m just going to go and bury myself under some blankets to pretend the world doesn’t exist for a short while.


Oh, it’ll be nice if someone recreate this same scene on their story.

Ah, sorry. This is too strong for me to not laugh.
Let me laugh, please.


It’s okay, you can laugh. I certainly laugh at myself whenever things like this happen. (After, you know, I’ve buried myself under blankets and decidedly ignored the rest of the living world a solid couple of minutes.)

Can’t take yourself too seriously, after all, bad for the heart! :smile:


So sorry for double posting here but I’m afraid this story has just continued and at this point I haven’t looked in a mirror but I’m fairly sure I’m about as red as a ripe tomato.

So I decided to retreat from my cocoon to brave the world once more and grab some lunch. I walk outside and, well, it’s a small town, you run into people you know sometimes. No biggie, right?

Well, the person I ran into happened to one of said group of five that I had tried and failed to talk to earlier. More than that she has the same name as me (which is why she’s the one person, besides actually-named-Audrey, who I didn’t call ‘Audrey’). So I said tried to say hi, but I was too quiet, and she didn’t respond at first. So it just kinda sounded like I was saying hello to myself. (Luckily she sort of adverted my own inner dilemma by looking up and seeing me as she passed and saying a little greeting, so at least it was a… half win?)

But then when I went to get lunch I was still feeling a little low from the continuation of today’s social winning streak, so I decided to just sit in the corner with my murder mystery novel and read while I eat. There were only two other people in that general area, so it was relatively quiet.

They were relatively loud.

They were also discussing deeply personal matters and kept glancing at me because they didn’t want the one other person who sat in the corner to overhear these deeply personal matters. I ended up not reading and just staring as hard as I could into my food in the hopes that it wouldn’t look like I was overhearing everything they said even if I didn’t want to.

… Today is a good day.

For someone.


You seem like a nice and interesting person. Just don’t let some bad days get a hang on you and you’ll be fine. :slight_smile:

PS: I was like you too till I made some more " open " friends and well I am now basically like them.

I am feeling happy.

Nothing like a nice catchup with some friends and visiting a local café for some snacks.