The "Why Are You (Feeling Emotion)" Thread


Daem, asthma sucks (pun intended?).

Once, when I was a kid, I also had an asthma.
Always got back and forth to the hospital, and had to get a dose of inhaler everyday or so. Oh, I even still have my collection of inhaler bottles :laughing:

Anyway, have you tried to go swimming?


I haven’t been able to get into my swimming pool as we’ve been having what the weather people are just calling “reverse delta breeze” (meaning they don’t even have a proper term for it.) With a delta breeze, cool air from the Pacific Ocean goes up the delta and cools the Sacramento area, where I live. Instead the wind has been given us a very light breeze in the opposite direction such that it is making it hot for everyone living anywhere between San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. For Sacramento specifically, it has been making things very unbearably hot all week.

It’s supposed to be 111 F tomorrow, which will actually be hotter than Phoenix, AZ (at 109F tomorrow) and the latter is in the middle of a desert. The hotest place in the United States as a whole is Death Valley (116F tomorrow) and perhaps more specifically, Furnace Creek which will be 117F tomorrow. We’re not much “cooler” so going outside isn’t very advisable right now if you don’t need to, which essentially means that nice swimming pool in my back yard that I had resurfaced last year at the end of summer is not usable at the moment as I’m not part of two sensitive groups - allergies and asthma.


111F isn’t too hot. In Phoenix we usually get to the 120s in the summer.


I feel proud.

I just finished painting my room and i feel i good job and i am glad i did something constructive today.


I am so, so sad. I have to put my lovely cat Mittens to sleep today. She has FIP, and there’s nothing I can do to help her. All of her organs are failing and she is slowly starving to death. I know it’s better to end her life before she starts getting seizures, but it’s not that simple. She has slept in my bed every single night ever since we got her. She is my best friend. I can’t imagine life without her. And yet she is suffering, since she can’t even walk on her back legs anymore. I have to carry her everywhere now. My poor kitty. I love her so much. I’ll never forget her.


I feel bittersweet.

I feel bittersweet because I’m writing a death-scene my readers will get emotional about.

There is no better way to explain the way I feel right now.

Thank you for listening to me. :heart:


proud, happy and feeling the after effects of coffee.
I have nearly finished my piece of digital artwork for a friend of mine which was all done in paint which is a pain in the a**:

My cousin has finally returned all my Transformers films so I can have another movie marathon AND I was able to watch X-Men Apocalypse.
Hell, I was even able to find a five pound note at the back of the sofa! Today has been great!


Incredibly amused and very proud. My cousins walked into my younger sisters room and started bothering her, so she called my brother (their twins so it was pretty funny to watch) and each of them grabbed one of my cousins my the shirt, and threw them down the hall. Ive taught them well😂.


Apprehensive. In two days I will leave my home country to study for a year, the longest I’ve ever been away from home. I’ve let down a lot of people and I’m not sure how they’re going to react.
Everything is happening so fast, and I’m not sure if I’m ready.


At this point, I’ve given up on trying to figure out what I feel.

I remember when I first applied to college, I was excited to go there.

Then I realized I’d be moving to another country, and then I got terrified.

Then the freshman program started, and I was excited again.

Then it ended, and I proceeded to become paranoid and feel terrified.

And now, college starts tomorrow. And I feel…nothing.

Moral of the story: Emotions are weird.


Before I entered college, some people told me that those would be the best years of my life, so I’ll better enjoy them.

They ended up becoming the worst years of my life; I felt lonely all the time, I failed a lot of my tests despite being a good student in high school and I even went through a depression in my second year for several reasons. The fact that those were supposed to be “the best years of my life” didn’t help too much, it made me feel that I was doing something wrong.

My sister reassured me, she told me that college was a horrible for her as well. She was a lot happier once she finished it, she found a good job and now she is happily married.

And it wasn’t a complete hell for me either, I came out of the closet, I made some true friends and I made a lot of progress with my depression; I found interests in new things outside college which helped me to retain some hope.

What I want to say with all of this is that college isn’t really supposed to be anything, It’s a lot of things for different people, and they’re not the only important years in your life. And I believe that it’s healthy to feel however you feel.


Nah, enjoy the emotion roller coaster while you’re on the college.

And while at it, I’ll put my lecturer’s paint chart when he explained to us about what can we expect from the 4-year college on the first class.




@MockTurtle To be fair, I already managed to make a friend who takes the same major as me. So that’s nice.

I’ll give my college credit where it’s due, the social environment there is actually really friendly.


He… He didn’t label the Y axis. This bothers me.


Actually, he didn’t label the Xaxis either.


You’re right. I thought the X axis said “End of Semester Exam” and I knew it didnt make sense, but since he still labled it, I thought it was ok. Buuut its not labled and thats bothering me now.


@augustus27 @Harroc

What can I say? The fate of my score is on his fingers.


I feel… overwhelmed.

Today has been a weird mix of extraordinary elation, paralyzing panic, a foolish kind of guilt over stupid things thats become something of that weird old highschool friend who shows up after zero communication and decides to crash on your couch for a couple of days, and overwhelming sadness… only for that to repeat over and over again and not always in that order. (With some hunger mixed in there. All I’ve eaten today is a grilled eggplant sandwich. But I’m not able to get food right now).

Now everything has calmed down and I just feel…

Drained. But mostly overwhelmed.

Re: this because I don’t want to double post.

Today marks the start of that which was giving me said paralyzing panic (or at least the majority of it.) So I’m panic drinking a lot of iced tea. At this point I might just start buzzing with caffeine.

But I got food. So that’s one thing solved.


Felt depressed last night from recent things, so my gf took me to a party and I went a little wild from drinking. Jumped out a second floor window on to a old mattress, broke a tv and tried to steal a pug before she took me home. We had a romantic couple moment but our daughter ruined it by coming in the room on her hoverboard and singing a Katy perry song. Overall I feeling better and look forward to more nights out.


Frustrated over something petty :laughing:

I just got finished with Ending E in Nier: Automata. I tried to get through it without help and accidentally clicked the wrong option at one point, where I proceeded to see how much more I had left :sob: I then cheered myself up slightly by watching reactions to ending D.

So now I’m bored looking for purpose in life again.