The "Why Are You (Feeling Emotion)" Thread


I was about to tell you I don’t think they’d intervene because I’m a dill and I hadn’t looked into the laws before but it looks like you’re onto something. Their behaviour could be considered emotional or psychological abuse and neglect, which is very sad for the cat but at least she might be removed. Thank you - maybe she can get out of there after all :crossed_fingers:

ETA: spelling mistakes :unamused:


No problem, I am studying law to help people after all. But, I have to ask, whats a dill?


It’s very cool that you’re studying law - well done you!

I nearly said dill was the same as duffer but I think we’re from different countries so that would probably be unhelpful. Dill means “silly” but the context of when and how you say it changes the meaning a bit:

If I were to call the cat’s owners dills I’d mean they were contemptuously silly for not loving that wonderful cat.

If I call my brother a dill it’s because I love him and we like to make fun of each other (I wouldn’t mean it).

When I called myself a dill it was because I’m feeling a bit useless and so I’m trying to joke.

ETA: I can’t blur out things anymore so everyone have fun learning how to communicate with bumpkins like myself - it’ll get you far in life :wink:


Thanks! And yeah, Ive never heard anyone being called a dill or a duffer, so were probably from different countries. Oh, and thanks for clearing up what a dill was.


Ladies and gentlemen, I am feeling quite happy.

You see, my university just had this…orientation of sorts? It’s basically a three day program which is mandatory for the freshmen. It’s supposed to get us familiar with the school, have us interact with other students.

So, I’m sitting with my group in a classroom, and the person in charge of all this has an idea. They say that each one of us will stand up, introduce ourselves and recall a funny story about a weird experience we had to all of us.

Naturally, this made me nervous as all hell. I’m not really a social person, let alone with strangers. Nonetheless, one by one, the people stood up and did the procedure. I got a bit of respite when I realized that quite a few people in my group were also shy, and gave pretty conservative and short introductions, sometimes choosing to skip the ‘funny story’ part.

And then, it was my turn.

But something inside me…changed. No one had given off a memorable introduction, as far as I was concerned. I didn’t want to be just some other shy freshman in the class. No. I wanted to impress the everliving fuck out of these people. I want to give them an introduction that they’ll remember, dammit.

So I just…let it all out.

Surprisingly, everyone loved it.

What I thought would have been just another quiet and short introduction turned into one that was flashy and confident. I gave off a story that everyone actually laughed at, and mixed in a couple of jokes that also made people laugh.

I never really thought I had this outgoing side to me, but I guess I was wrong. And for that, I am happy.


Congrats, you are now the clown of the class :wink: Personally, I’ve always been quite outgoing in class and I apparently I make strong impression on people.

I’m entering college in less than two weeks. So I’m quite happy because for the first time in my life I’m doing something I choose. I’m also determined to make it to the top because I actually have a chance to do so.


The same thing happens to me when I have to do public speaking for school. At first I’m terrified then when I get up I gain confidence and charisma.


Soo… can we hear what funny moments did you tell them about?


So I spent the weekend at an anime convention and honestly I’ve been really stressed. This was the first year it was being held, so naturally there were some issues, but I feel like even with keeping that in mind, it was really sloppily managed

I lost the prop for my cosplay on the first day. I ran around the entire weekend asking the staff at the prop check and info booth and everything because the organizers hadn’t thought to set up a proper lost and found. I never found it. The last time I’d seen is hadn’t been more than five minutes before I realized it was missing, there weren’t any janitors going around while the con was going on, and one of my friends saw it propped against a wall later that night but didn’t say anything because she thought I’d found it and put it there, so I’m assuming someone stole it (why though, I have no idea. It was just a glittery umbrella that didn’t even function as a proper umbrella anymore)

I also missed a panel that I really wanted to see because, not only did it change rooms, but also it’s time got moved to an hour before with no notification or anything online. I didn’t know this until I arrived at the panel room and saw the piece of paper taped up saying that got moved. By then, the panel had ended about fifteen minutes before

Also for the entire weekend, I wasn’t only a third wheel, but a fifth wheel. I know I’m young and I probably have a lot of time left to do stuff, but being twenty, having never been on a date or kissed or even held hands with before, not being able to drive, living in what feels like the middle of nowhere, having a mom who doesn’t like me being outdoors alone when I’m not heading to school or something, and just spending too much time home alone, I guess, I feel like I’m missing out on a lot. I have a tough time meeting new people now, and I’ve only heard that meeting new people after you get out of school is harder and that makes me really worried because I’ve always had trouble just connecting with people

I have a pair of friends who decided they want to get married within the next five years or so (to each other) and I want to be happy for them and all, but I honestly feel like they’re taking things way too fast. We’ve all known each other for at least four years (one I’ve known since elementary school, so that’s 11 years with that friend now, and the other we both met her when we all started high school) and they’ve been together for only a bit over a year. Not only that, but I feel like 19 and 20 are way too young to be deciding something like that, but also they’ve had problems in the rather recent past with being aware of how each of their individual actions affect other people and how they’ve judged some actions/issue has been rather iffy and black-and-white. At this stage of life, I don’t think that that they’re mature enough to be making that type of decision and that kind of commitment

I’m only a bit older than them but I’m still a bit baffled about how they’re even able to think of those sorts of plans since we’ve all been through a lot of unexpected stuff for the last few years since that’s just kind of how things are since we’re young and have only been out of high school for a couple years and the part of the brain that handles emotion and all that stuff isn’t even fully mature until the mid-20s??? I’m a different person and I’m in a different place now from what I expected six months ago, and thinking about who I’ll be and where I’ll be within the next six months stresses me out already, let alone trying to plan the next few decades of my life. I’m all for being optimistic, but I just can’t help but feel like something (or more likely a series of things) is going to happen and one of both of them are going to end up heartbroken or at least disappointed when they’re trying make such big plans for so far in the future

I’ve also been thinking a lot about why I can’t/shouldn’t have children and honestly it’s really bummed me out. I’ve never liked or wanted kids, but realizing that my mental issues and emotional baggage make it so that I, more or less, don’t have a real choice in it really sucks. I’m afraid I’d become my mother and be hyper critical and lash out at them all the time, and, if I didn’t do that, I’d have no energy and push of all the responsibility to my partner. I know there’s a lot of guys out there who really want to be fathers and it’s already hard enough for a lot of gay couples to have children, and I’d feel horrible for taking that chance away from someone. But at the same time, I wouldn’t be able to have a child, in good conscience, just because my hypothetical partner wants one because, not only do I not think a person should have kids unless they actually want them themself, but I don’t want to give a kid a bad life because I have issues that I don’t think will ever fully go away

Also I recently found out that the person dating the guy I’ve had a crush on for like a year and a half is apparently friends with an acquaintance of mine and I’m kinda hoping that this is only online and they haven’t met in person because that would mean they live on my area and quite possibly go to my school (it’s tiny and has like only over 1000 students) and if we ever met, I’d probably make things extremely awkward because I’ve never managed to get over my crush on their boyfriend


I’m feeling… a lot. It seems my life is constantly hectic/changing, and recently has been no different. On the good side, after tomorrow I’ll finally be finished with having basic stuff done to my house, I’ll have curtains tomorrow :slight_smile: , so might actually be able to afford stuff like lazer hair removal. Though it doesn’t help I’m a bit of a compulsive buyer, I often feel down and people cope differently, eating too much, drinking too much etc, tbh I probably spend too much on things I don’t really need to try and cope.

I’m also feeling pretty happy and a lot less stressed that my GIC screening appointment went really well, as I’d heard mixed things about them, but they got how I identify and stuff pretty well I think, and none of my worst fears such as being dismissed as not trans enough didn’t come true. Plus with more research about different identities, focussing on how I feel, talking with my councellor and writing down my thoughts etc I’m pretty damn certain that I’d identify myself as fluctuating between identifying as a woman and demi girl. So yeah it feels great that I’m finally feeling certain about my identity :smiley: , I don’t know if my feelings or indeed my personality will change, though I’m still not entirely certain of how this means I’ll move forwards.

Finally I’ve been feeling stressed with uni still. I’ve finished a good bit of coursework, my deadlines have been extended further. I’m still struggling and am still pretty sure I wont pass, but now I found out I might be able to resit the year if I am deemed to have significant personal reasons. Pretty sure I’d qualify, but I’m still not sure :confused: . As in would next year be any different? Would it be worth resitting the year? Uni is really stressful, and even now things are a lot more stable with regards to family, my living arrangements etc, I’m still struggling. So maybe uni just isn’t for me…I’ve worked full time briefly before and found it a lot less stressful, but I have a week or so to decide(that’s when any submitted marks will be returned).


I’m a little bit sad. Today I was finally able to meet with my friends for first time in all summer. Although It’s been nice to see them again after all this time, and they’ve been really friendly, I think I wasn’t able to enjoy myself.

Time went by too quickly and I was feeling too tired to have fun. Also after a quite stressful summer, I would have liked to share some of my feelings about some things, I didn’t really had the chance to do it, they also invited some people that I don’t know too well, so I didn’t really feel comfortable saying those things.

It’s not a very big deal, but it’s kind of disappointing considering that I don’t have too many chances to see them. I felt somehow guilty about not being able to have fun, because I know they really tried, but maybe I’m just not in the mood.


I’m moving out Saturday! Finally I’m leaving that cursed house and with a bit of luck, I’ll manage to keep my mother at bay.

No need to say, I am quite excited.


Just found out there’s supposed to be a new season of red dwarf coming out in, i think october, so i’m pretty happy. I remember watching that show when i was younger and it’s still one of my favourites.

I’m not sleeping tonight. “Why?” you may ask, and the answer is this. I was lying in bed, you know because that’s what you do with beds, when suddenly a gigantic, fearsome eight legged demon from hell (a spider) climbs onto my bed right beside me. I half yelled and half cried as I jumped to the other side of my bed. I had to think of a plan fast, I didn’t have the heart to kill what i named “Spider jerk” so I searched my room while glancing at the spider, and there, I found my saviour, I thanked myself for my messy lifestyle, picked up the box of whatever the hell it was and coaxed the spider into it. Fearing it may get out before I reach my back door I just decided to throw it out the window. And that is the story of my trial through hell and back.


Im irritated. I have a fever, and my throat hurts like hell.


Try get a… what is the name, again?

Sunflower drink. Sunflower candy. Any kind of Chrysanthemum product :sunflower: :tea:


Are you talking about tea? Because I just had some, and I have to admit, its kind of growing on me.


Not necessarily a tea, but I guess any tea should works :thinking:

At here, we have this sunflower tea, sunflower candy, and stuff like that.
Anyway, if you’re looking for such things, look for the keyword “Chrysanthemum” and you should be good.


I don’t think I can find any of those at Walmart or CVS can I?


Well, I can find those on any grocery stores around here, as well as any supermarkets.

But just in case, I’m sure that you can get 'em on any pharmacy. 100% @Szaal’s seal approved :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:


Today I feel like something my cat puked up that wasn’t even fit for being vomited into the liter box.

I spent most of the day in the ER after waking up this morning feeling like I was breathing through a straw and with an invisible dude sitting on my chest. I thought my allergies where acting up hardcore where I was in danger of going into shock but as things would turn out, my lifetime of having only borderline asthma (meaning only requiring monitoring) resulted in an actual asthma attack today, so now I get to carry around a rescue inhaler everywhere I go… on top of the epi-pen that I have to carry around everywhere I go.