The "Why Are You (Feeling Emotion)" Thread


I’m feeling melancholic and motivated. (Alliteration, ha.)

Melancholic because a few weeks ago I was at a Germany-wide academy, which is the most wonderful place I’ve been to. The word “academy” may sound boring and elitist at first, but it’s the most fun thing I’ve done in my life while also experiencing tons of resonance. I was in the theatre course and discovered I want to do drama, I met tons of open-minded, crazy, energetic people, who have reminded me how to live again. This summer was like a rebirth for me and I’m so, so, so unbelievably sad that you can attend an academy like this only once. I hate that I was so depressed during those 3 academy weeks since I’m sure I could have experienced even more and talked to even more people and made more friends and had even more joy if only my mental health hadn’t held me back.

Now that I’ve been there and experienced what happiness can look like, I’m determined to achieve that in my daily life too by being motivated and staying positive and so on. I may not have beat my depression at the academy, but I feel that I can do it now and I want to. So badly. Hence I’m working toward that. Hope is everything. :muscle:t2:


Im proud. My brother just got his yellow belt in Kenpo.


I am feeling very depressed and scared at the same time. School is coming around the corner and I am not very well prepared for it. School for me is just a living hell for me. All my schools years I’ve endured constant bullying and torment from my peers for being me. I try to change my habits, but I didn’t feel right. However, last year of high School has been my breaking point. Everyday was a cycle of get up, go to school, be shoved down a flight a stairs, made fun of for being autistic, and then being told you should kill yourself because you will never provide nothing to this world and sadly I’ve considered that options several times. It seems like the only way to stop it. I see a shrink every two weeks, but it seems to do nothing. Surprisingly I can make deep philosophical poems of which are fueled my constant depression. Really I am just a hollow husk of what I used to be.


Upon receiving my college class schedule, I realized that I have no classes on Tuesday, basically making it a holiday for me.

Needless to say, I am quite happy.


I’m angry for discovering that I now have a Internet franchise. Yes, guys, gals and n-b pals, the internet is now LIMITED per month. You pay a fortune to have a 3rd world internet and you can just use some GB per month, and then your contact to the external world is blocked. Talk about CENSORSHIP South America is been having lately.


I feel so accomplished today.

Couldn’t sleep, so I took a random book from my bedtime bookshelf, which happened to be Eclipse by Stephanie Myer. A little while later I remembered about the eclipse in America so I went to YouTube to watch a livestream of the eclipse (ha, thanks technology!), while having Bonnie Tyler on repeat in the background. “Total Eclipse of the Heart” ended just as the moon begins to leave and the sun is peeking again.

Something good always happens after 1 am…


I pass my driver license Thursday. I still didn’t learn anything for the theoretical part, and I’m sure I’ll mess up the practical one, although the guys apparently don’t care and the city’s desert when I pass it (1:30 pm).

So, yay. Especially considering it will be useless since I live 600 yards away from my college, and I aim to emigrate to America as soon as I pass my teaching license, meaning it’s just because mother dear wants to brag that I got it. And this isn’t exaggerated. As soon as I obtained my high school diploma, it was on Facebook and every member of my family received a message. If I get my PhD, I fear that she’ll put an add in the local newspaper.

Sorry for rambling but apparently that’s what this topic is for.


Yuck that sounds like a horrible school. Although I know they have problems controlling cyber and verbal bulling, you’re being pushed down stairs for goodness sake. There’s nothing subtle about that. Can you transfer?

Just an additional thought, although lots of people will tell you school is the best time of your life…it isn’t. At least it isn’t for many of those that don’t fit the popular kid mold or who aren’t remembering high school through rose tinted glasses. Hold that thought and remember it’ll get better.


Bored and scared. Scared because lightning just struck causing my power to turn off (which made me jump so hard) and bored because my power is off. (Luckily I have a finite amount of money on my phone to keep me unbored for a while.)


Getting my GCSE results tomorrow and i’m oddly calm, all my friends are talking about how scared they are, i’m sitting here like “no point in being scared, it’s not gonna change your results.”


How does it work in the US? Can you still go to high school without it?

In France we have the “brevet”, which is the most useless exam I have ever seen: if you fail, you can still do whatever you want and it doesn’t give you any qualification.


I think if you fail the main ones like English and maths you have to do them in college, and a lot of the courses require you to have certain GCSE’S

But my emotions have changed, not because of the results, but because there is a spider just kinda walking around on my ceiling and I’m just hoping it doesn’t murder me in my sleep


I’m happy because now I have a tablet and can improve my art and start for real in my projects :blush: maybe even do fanart for the games here xD


Feeling…guilty, I guess, that’s close enough. I was getting back from work by the tram and on the stop right before the one on which I would leave, a lot of people entered (some seniors among them), and I was tired and annoyed, and despite feeling a need to offer my seat to someone I didn’t, and of course that some random women started to demend of me to move. In short we started to argue, I knew that she was right, I should have offered my seat but I didn’t and her comments under my address that just because I look young I am surely healthy etc. just pushed me over the edge instead of making me rethink my behavior (basically why I talked back, I was suffering from floating kneecap for a long period of time, funny thing being that the last time my kneecap dislocated was while I was letting some old lady take my seat in the bus (was, not am because not long ago I had an operation and nothing major happened since then)).
My point being: i’m not happy with myself at the moment


Wow, what a coincidence @iMadeYouReadThis, I just had a very similar experience to what you did😅.

I’m feeling quite proud of myself. I was taking the bus to go home since my car was being fixed (I don’t have any classes for the rest of the week, do I decided to hang out with my family for the weekend). I got on the bus early and got a seat. A of couple minutes later, a wave of people in their 30s I’d say entered. A woman demanded I give my seat up to her because she was tired from work, and I was younger.

Now I’m not opposed to giving up my seat for older people, but I was exhausted today from waking up at 4 AM to study, and something about the way she demanded I give up my seat rubbed my the wrong way. So I politely told her I would not get up. She started calling me names, saying I was disrespectful and I didn’t respond to any of that. She tried making me feel guilty by telling me her family was waiting for her and she didn’t want to be late to see her son. My response to this was telling her that, even if I did get up, she wouldn’t get to her stop any faster.

She then stands the rest of the ride, and tries “accidentally” kicking me every 5 minutes (she was looking right at me and glaring, it was no accident). So as she continued trying to kick me, I slowly edged my foot towards the metal bar that holds the seat up. The next time she tried to kick me, she kicked the bar and her toe turned red and there were tears in her eyes. Now, I don’t support violence (unless in self defense, or if you’re a soldier), but when someone just won’t leave you alone like this lady, I think I was justified. So that’s pretty much why I’m proud today😂.
Edit: paragraphs


I keep rewriting this because I’m getting details muddled, and I can’t decide what’s relevant to share. Oh God and then I keep thinking to myself “what if the police see this???” even though I haven’t done anything wrong. Stuff it, I’m just going to post because I can’t figure out what to do and my family hasn’t been much use here.

I’m laughing but I’m really worried. My great uncle (who is pushing ninety) has accidentally stolen his neighbour’s cat. She won’t go home and honestly I don’t think uncle wants her to go home. This man has never in his life had a pet of his own and he’s been ringing me several times a day for the past three days for cat advice but apparently she’s been at his house for over a month. Every day of the week different people in the family see him, I usually go twice a week myself, and he hadn’t mentioned her to any of us in this time presumably because he knew we’d tell him to return the cat. I was relieved to find her in good health this morning when I visited him but I don’t know how he managed to look after her with the cat-care questions he’s been asking me. Most of those questions were reasonable but a few were a little alarming :sweat_smile:

Does anyone have any ideas for what I can tell his neighbours? I am assuming they want their cat back, even if uncle is insisting they weren’t taking care of her and didn’t notice she was gone. I really don’t know what to do.


I cant stop laughing about this. But I think you should tell the cops, or the neighbors that your unlce has the cat and wont give it back. You could get in some really serious legal trouble of you know about something like this and dont report it or tell the neighbors.


I’m about to hit MY thirties boy and I studied the same as you. Give up that seat!
(I jest, but if I ever saw you on a train, I’d definitely fight you for it)


I dont mind giving up my seat for someone who asks me respectfully, but that lady literally said “Get off of the seat, and give it to me”. If she had tried to physically fight me for it, I probably would have given it to her. (Not that I couldnt fight her if I wanted to, I have a black belt in Kenpo, I just dont want to get into unnecessary physical fights😅).


@augustus27 What are you studying in college? I ask only because I have a black belt in Judo and it makes me think of my college days.

On the thread topic, I’m confused and yet happy? I’ve come to the point in my relationship with my girlfriend where I couldn’t even imagine living without her in my life, in my house, with me. I don’t know exactly how to describe it, just see the “What is love thread”, I’m definitely in love. I want to ask her to be my wife. I know that in total and complete certainty, and I know (well I don’t know but I’m 99.9% confident) that she would say yes, it just feels like such a large step. It’s something I want to do. It’s something I should do, and I’m happy that we’ve made it this far and that we’re so close. I’m hesitant I guess. And I don’t know why. Something is stopping me. Or not really stopping me, it’s just in my mind all the time and I feel weird thinking about it. It’s confusing, I know, hence the feelings. It’s just tough for me. I want to do right by her, and it’s not even like my parents don’t like her, or my friends don’t like her, or she cheated on me or something, no it’s just me and me alone. And all I want is to go through with it. I know I can. Kinda painful honestly. The only person who knows I’m even considering it is my father, and it’s not that he isn’t helpful, it’s just that he gave me vague explanations of how I could just make the final step. Thanks! I’ll do it. Probably. I think. It’s killing me.