The "Why Are You (Feeling Emotion)" Thread


Bored, hot and hungry? So it is kinda like you got a head start on camping, then?


Hey, I’ve already broken out the sleeping bag to use as a pillow. I’m all set.


I feel sick of what has been happening on the news. You know, that protest when a car ran into people. I mean, people are going crazy and I am sick of it. I don’t care if you are black, white, gay, bi, whatever. We need unity more than now, and if people don’t get their act together, we are going to have civil unrest along with a possible war against North Korea. But a lot of people do not realize that.

I feel better getting that out.


Shibata walked to a New Japan ring. Probably doesn’t mean much to most folk here but going from watching a man “in the best case scenario” paralyse himself to see him up and walking like nothing happened is enough to bring a tear to the eye.


You talking about New Japan Pro Wrestling?


Was making sure. Didn’t know you were a fan, too. That’s awesome, mate.


I feel much better now that I’ve escaped traffic and made it to the one hotel we’ll be staying at before bouncing off to the campsite.

I’m also suspicious, though, it’s… weirdly really nice.
I almost thought they gave me the wrong room kinda nice.

But, no, right room, right hotel just… weirdly fancy rooms.

I dunno, my best guess is the fact that we’re in the middle of nowhere and so the only casino within miles around is nearest to this hotel.

But, yeah, I feel happy to be out of that (literal) truck-fire.


If you think about it though, you are sort of camping out when you go to a hotel for the night. All you need is some foliage and your done since the places I have been to have always been as loud as heck day and night.


I feel happy but also scared.

I turned 16 yesterday and its just dawning today that im almost am adult. I have no real plans for the future. I say i want to be a software engineer or game dev and im studying the necessary GCSE’s but I used to say i wanted to join the police and i still do. The problem is im not physically fit (And i could do with a therapist lol) And because of a troubled family situation the last few years I am struggling with deciding on choosing the path i want to follow. Either follow my dream and get fit to join the police or continue down the easier (For me) programming path.

Being an adult must suck.


Congratulations! Also, you have the exact same birthday as my older daughter, who turned four yesterday.

If you want to be a cop, you need to be realistic about what your time will be. A lot of paperwork, a lot of people lying to your face and being able to do crap all about it, and a lot of sitting around in a car doing not much. Sometimes you will help people. A lot of times people will dump on you for real or imagined reasons. You will work erratic schedules, though at least less overall time than a desk jockey like me. If you can handle that as your reality, then get fit and get ready to live your dream with the next couple years. If you cannot do it, you probably aren’t driven enough to be a cop in the first place.

Otherwise, do programming. It is less exotic but offers lots of opportunities for solid jobs. Being an adult does not always suck, but it does involve a whole lot of compromises. Every day, in many ways both big and small. But you can choose how much you let it bother you.


My son turned four today and though I would’ve liked to have said I felt “nothing”, sometimes things happen that break the dams one tries to place around their emotions.

For those that don’t know, my son has some developmental issues which may have stemmed from the circumstances around his very premature birth. He can read and repeat heard/read words however, he cannot “converse” with you beyond rudimentary words. (Particularly “I want” if he wants to pull you to the food/drink that he wants.) He also is suspected to be on the high end of the autistic spectrum though with his linguistic handicaps, they can’t even test him.

So, I have a child who can only converse through whines, crying and other sounds which after prolonged exposure, stress me out and makes my blood pressure spike. It’s like a I have a big and highly mobile 1 year old. I see videos of parents having conversations with their young kids, I see my siblings and all of their “normal” children and as much as I hate to admit it, I feel envious and even mad. Especially when they drop platitudes on my situation in life that really do nothing for me except twist the knife in my heart.

Then there are the good times that we can have. Kid can repeat stories and songs. If you need someone to sing Bruno Mars or Weird Al to you, he is your go to. Sometimes we can make little games out of something simple as tossing a pillow back and forth, sometimes he’ll let me help him color. Then there are times that he gets frustrated and I can’t seem to get him to calm down.

So, on his birthday, the memories of late night vigils in the NICU while his mom was recovering are clear and I can think of the tiny guy in the little “chamber” they had him in, it makes me sad when I feel that it’s been 4 years without a break for him. Then tonight, even though he cannot say the words “I love you, daddy”, little guy comes over and snuggles with me on the couch after a long day of therapies and play. It gives me some hope, on days that I really need it most.

TLDR: I love my son a lot, it just hurts way more than I expected parenthood to because there’s nothing that I can do to make his issues go away. I would rather feel nothing than live with that feeling.

(Might not be my most coherent writing, it’s all really raw at the moment.)


I’ve been super depressed and anxious the past few months and I think it’s the lowest I’ve been in the past couple years. I used to have a friend who was very emotionally abusive and this coming October would mark two years since I cut her out of my life, however I still don’t feel like I can really talk about my feelings or what I’m going through or even really what I’m interested in one on one with anyone unless it’s someone who’s job is to listen to people talk (i.e. a therapist) because I think I’m just gonna be invalidated or insulted or told how much worse things are for them so I have no room to talk

I used to be able to talk to a therapist at school, but unfortunately the hours that were paid for by the school and I’d have to pay myself to continue going but my insurance won’t cover it. I can’t exactly go to a therapist because I can’t drive and don’t have the time to take public transportation and my family is the type that would rather hide or ignore a problem than fix it. Basically, to them, if my problems get to the point that they’re detrimental to my success, then I’m lazy and ungrateful and wasting money on school on purpose and therapists are just there to steal their money

I haven’t been suicidal lately but I’ve had no energy despite not doing anything but lie in bed all day and I have so many things that I’ve been wanting to do but can’t manage to get started no matter how much I want to (or I start and get tired two minutes in and go back to sleep) and I’ve also been really paranoid lately and dislike leaving my room even though I know I’m home alone most of the time, and during the time I’m not home alone, the only one around is my mom. I’ve been beginning to wonder if my apartment is haunted but I don’t know if it’s real or if I’m imagining it and honestly I don’t know which worries me more, I just know it’ll be easier for me to get an exorcist than a psychiatrist

Also I’ve been having problems with a couple friends and these have been ongoing for the past couple of years now. I’ve talked about it various times with them but there have been some things that I feel like they just haven’t really listened to? They’ve just been kind of self-absorbed and extremely hard to get a hold of. Like one time a couple months ago, we were at a convention and about to sit down for lunch when I realized I’d dropped my phone at some point. After running around looking for it for about thirty minutes, I finally went back to where the rest of my friends were sitting and borrowed one of their phones to try and call my phone. Luckily someone found it and dropped it off at the lost and found, so I asked if we could drop by the lost and found after lunch and everyone said yes, but two seconds later one of them (who had also agreed to let me get my phone back) was like ‘let’s all go to this thing’ as if I hadn’t been panicking for the past half hour. They’ve also been extremely hard to get a hold of. I get being busy and forgetting because I have the world’s worst memory but also I think if it takes nine tries to get a yes or no answer out of someone who you know is on their phone and seeing your messages because of the little ‘read’ thingy, there’s something up but it’s not like I’m actually able to get an answer and figure out what it is

Also I don’t know if I’m just being paranoid or what but I feel like one of them has been being passive aggressive about money problems to me when she’s the one who has a job and has bought multiple live animals basically on impulse while I can’t work because I don’t have access to transportation and I don’t know how I’m gonna pay for school supplies and get anxious about having to ask my mom for lunch money. And that convention I went to with her earlier this year? She blew several hundred dollars on impulse buys while I spent just over a hundred bucks, half of which on food, because that’s all I could get and then over the rest of the summer having anxiety attacks from just thinking about spending money. I only got a new laptop because the old one was beyond repair thanks to my cousin’s kids messed with it and because one of my other cousins gave me a discount on a new one


I am so sorry to hear about that, man. It’s natural to feel that mix of anger and love in a situation like that. Are there any medications or procedures that may come on the horizon, or just a bunch of non-answers from the medical community? And since he is receptive to music, do educational songs help to increase his expressive or comprehensive vocabulary?

This is a good reminder that sometimes the people dealing with the biggest hardships do not say much about them. I am praying for you and your son, that hopefully you will have more moments of encouragement like you did tonight.

Also, aside from your son being only two days younger than my firstborn, they also share a favorite singer. Emma loves Weird Al too. You never can tell what kids will latch on to.


Do you think maybe learning and teaching your son sign language may help at all? I honestly don’t know anything about kids, but I have heard from adults who go nonverbal in certain situations that the opportunity to learn sign language has helped them. There’s a lot of online resources and apps for learning it now. Unfortunately, it may not help a ton once he starts going to school since so few people know it, but it may at least help with communicating at home. Whatever happens, I wish you and your son the best of luck


Scared, sick, nervous and freaking out like heck!

I got a pop up email from my friend, as they do at 11:00 at night, saying oh so casually; “Hey buddy, thought I would tell you that after the solar eclipse 8/7/17 planet X is going to destroy all life as we know it on Earth” that is legit what it said and I couldn’t get any sleep and I am completely panicking and regretting my life! I hat being me sometimes, I know that this is unlikely but still…why? why would people say that kind of stuff?


Obviously I don’t know your friend, but I do have some friends that like to jokingly say such things; they are people who enjoy paranormal/conspiracy stuff as entertainment, and I admit sometimes I share a laugh with them.

That said, if you have a friend who knows you may react like you did in such a way, then I’d say the friend was being a bit of a jerk, and the behavior was definitely uncalled for. Some people do get off on making others squirm; I know I’ve ended friendships with some people who behaved that way fairly often.


giphy (12)


While this is not a serious threat, if you regret your life up to now then this could provide worthwhile motivation to make some changes you feel may be warranted.

But really, Planet X? What is this, a John Campbell sci-fi novel from 80 years ago? Your friend is unoriginal. Or paying homage to the classics. Hard to tell which.

On that note, a county sheriff in Oconee, GA got on a local radio program here after he put on the department Facebook page that all life would end as we know it after the eclipse. They had him on and he went on and on about how he and the deputies had a eclipseproof shelter, and who they would loot when society collapsed. Apparently he does this stuff all the time to mess with people. One year he posted that they were canceling Valentine’s Day in the county. Another time he closed all the Oconee beaches due to a carp infestation (Oconee is landlocked, by the way). When some but who took him seriously about the Valentine’s thing called up and left a voicemail telling him he could not do that because he wasn’t the mayor, the sheriff called the guy back and said he had more guns than the mayor did, so he could do what he wanted.

Guy has been elected six times. And I just wish he were in my county, because I would definitely vote for him.


Does anyone sometimes wonder if there’s the off chance you’ve somehow forgotten about the time you walked under a ladder, while carrying a black cat, knocking over a mirror?


So the first campaign of The Adventure Zone ended a few days ago and it’s been bittersweet and I still haven’t stopped thinking about it. I know the podcast is going to continue on with another story after they take a bit of a break, but it’s still sad that this story has ended and I’m gonna miss it and the characters a lot

I know this is gonna sound cheesy or dumb, but even though I started listening pretty late (didn’t start until the end of the Wonderland arc), but it’s really meant a lot to me

I’ve liked a lot of things, but I don’t feel like I’ve really loved something in a while. It’s been a while since I’ve really let myself love something because I used to have a friend who would make me feel like shit about liking things that she didn’t like or liking things that she liked but not in the exact same ways that she liked them. Ever since then I’ve kind of kept my distance from just being interested in things really and been ready to erase something from my life at the drop of a hat. It feels stupid to say but doing something as simple as enjoying things without having to justify why a dumb thing is worth caring about has been so difficult for me for the past six or so years and it feels so good to just be able to love something again

I really love Taako as a character. I hate that he’s seen as kind of “cringey” because he’s such a popular character, but there’s a reason why people love him? I’m also a feminine gay guy and I’ve also spent a lot of time feeling/being treated like an idiot because I’ve been a bit slow growing up, and not only is this like the first time in a long time that I’ve found a character I’ve felt like I’ve really felt close to, but even though it’s a comedy podcast and he’s involved in a lot of the gags, he’s never treated as less or as a joke because of those qualities, and he’s still a complicated character and that all means a lot to me

Griffin, and Justin, Travis, and Clint really, have been amazing story tellers and they’ve been just wonderful to listen to. When I started listening to the podcast, I did it while I did my homework and I’m a huge perfectionist to the point that the thought of doing something I’m not great at causes a huge amount of anxiety for me so I’d rather procrastinate and forget about it, and then get even more anxious because I’ve wasted so much time, but listening to TAZ while doing my homework made it become something I almost looked forward to. It’s made me laugh and cry so many times and so much more openly than I’ve ever let myself in years.

They’ve put just so much love and hope into the story and I don’t think I knew how badly I needed something like it until now. When I was a bit younger, it felt kind of “cool” to be cynical and believe that happy endings can’t happen and all that (and really, that was probably just the beginning signs of developing depression) but seeing so many unhappy and gritty stories, and all the the tragedies in the world, and just having so many problems in my own life is just so tiring. I want things to be better, both in my own life and in the world in general, but there have been times where I felt like I was stupid for wishing and hoping for that and tired of fighting for it and I just need reminders sometimes that it’s okay to keep going, and that it’s okay to step back and take a break from the world for a bit. Hearing those characters keep fighting on despite all odds and get their happy ending has been just about the most satisfying thing I’ve experienced maybe ever

I cried during the entire finale and didn’t really stop until long after I finished listening and I started crying again as I was typing this up. I’ve thanked the McElroys once already on twitter for all the work they’ve done on their show but I don’t think I’d ever be able to thank them enough. This is mushy as hell, but I could only dream of creating something as wonderful and full of love as they have and I feel so lucky to have it it in my life. I really can’t wait for what they’re going to make next. I don’t know what it might be, but I know they’ll be making me cry a lot more happy tears than they already have