The "Why Are You (Feeling Emotion)" Thread


Ugh, don’t I know it. Unfortunately, what’s going on is that my university is, for some reason, not offering ANY of the courses I need to take at any of their campuses. It’s all online for the next 2 available semesters (summer and fall). Thing is, why would I pay on-campus price for an online class? So I’m transferring what I can to a definitely accredited online university. I’m not a fan of online classes, because I don’t learn best that way, but if I’m being forced into taking these classes online, anyway, I’m going to take them for a third of the price – again, at a definitely accredited university. I’ve done dozens of hours of research to make sure it’s not, just, like, a “pay for class, get a fake diploma” type of thing.

Whether the university I want to get my Master’s at will honor the credit doesn’t really matter, as I’ll already have both my Associate’s and Bachelor’s at that point. I don’t need undergrad credit anymore. It’s annoying and messy, but I don’t have the ability to go into debt thrice as fast for the exact same course, y’know?

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I would definitely recommend talking to a transfer counselor at the University you want to attend.
It would probably be easy to shoot them an email with your unofficial transcripts and an explanation of your situation.
They are (supposed to be) trained to give you good advice. :smiley:
And yes, attending a regionally accredited University is very important for a Master’s.


Ah, what I meant is that, in theory, my undergrad credit doesn’t matter, so long as my bachelor’s is a legitimate certificate from an accredited university, as I will no longer need undergrad credits. At that point, I’ll only need graduate credits. At least, that’s my understanding, after speaking with several counselors and doing my own research.

All this stuff is crazy-confusing and stressful, though, for sure. ;o;


Yeah for sure. Everyone needs to know how to cope with stress no matter the situation. :slight_smile:


I’m in a very good mood today. Just renewed my R.I.P. license and got a raise from work. Halleluiah! I’m going to shop till I get bored this coming weekend to celebrate! Coffee for everyone! :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:


I’m pleased as punch that final grades are in for the semester, and I can now spend my summer finishing Tally Ho. Today is my first day of cafe writing. I’ve been keeping track of my word count in my profile, and I hope it will shoot way up over the next few months. Hoping to have the draft in by August!


Stressed. I just got put into a position of organizing stuff for some bigger event and I feel like the things I get told by my predecessor are not sufficient to do that job in a way I will be happy with the outcome.


Confused and a little bit irritated. For some reason lately I have NO energy at all and it is very frustrating to want to do things but not have the energy to do them. I can push through at work but it’s just like…tiring (hah). I think maybe I should go to a doctor but not sure if I have the monies to spare :sweat:


dying, 4 weeks till exams and I have f*ucked all revision. I. AM. SCREWED!


I’m in the same boat only with a wee and a half :cry:


:stuck_out_tongue: my single one for this semester is on Monday, good luck guys :slight_smile: I’ve done ok with my revision myself, more worried about sleeping right the night before…and course work…oh dreaded course work :stuck_out_tongue: .


The firstthree weeks of May are all my finals weeks, actually. I’m done with one exam last Tuesday, I have one more this Friday. My final project for a class is due on Monday (I think), and my Spanish orals is next Friday. And my last exam is next next Wednesday.

This is why I don’t sleep much these nights…


good luck guys, may the force of teachers talking be with you…


Feeling nostalgic after watching some He-Man.
It’s been a very long time!

I hope this resource will be useful to you:


LibreOffice ate my story twice, so I had to edit the same chapter three times. :rage: I’m certain that I saved often, and the editor auto-saved as well, but the changes to the chapter were gone. I got really mad. I saved the third edition in two programs just to be sure.

This is just a continuation of the Lavender vs computers saga. My computer broke down last week, and I didn’t have recent back-ups, but I managed to recover my story from the hard drive.

If you’re reading this, back up your story.


Always a good idea.

Multiple backups are smart, too.


Feeling amazing a month into hormone therapy :smile:


Currently bored like most of the time.

Got a good laugh yesterday at my friend being surprised that Boondocks was not only targeted at black people but is also popular with them.

They’re freaking out over a project.

Arguing with another friend over what constitutes a “person” with robots (synths from Fallout 4 being the prime subject)

Big tests coming up, not really worried.

Going to have to play a girl, playing a man. So yeah that’s fun. I’ll get a pink bloody dress, wand and crown.


Right now I’m the very definition of happiness :relieved:. I just found out I got accepted in the college I want to attend for the course I want to take and I won’t even have to take the transfer test. Perhaps they could’ve warned me I wouldn’t have to take the test because of my grades before I started studying for it two months ago. But hey, I ain’t complaining :grin:


I feel kind of relieved, actually. Let me explain.

So basically, today was my graduation day. I went through the whole ceremogny, got my diploma, yadda yadda yadda. What surprised us was when the school got 5 fancy ass limos and told us that we were going to this deluxe 5 star hotel to party the entire night away.

They divided us into 5 groups, from A to E. I was in group C (which had all of my friends in it, so yay). I then remembered having an intense urge to piss and ran off to the bathroom to relieve said stress.

I came back out…only to find all the limos gone.

Literally every single one of them skeddadled the fuck outta there. And I wasn’t the only one who was left behind.

It was me, a student who got accepted into Harvard, one of the rich people, and one of the popular girls.

Luckily, we weren’t in any danger of being unable to go to the event. The rich guy called up his driver (who was driving a very nice Mercedes jeep, might I add) and the four of us got in and drove to the hotel.

It was a fun ride. We put on some nice music and talked about stuff. I specifically had a nice time with the popular girl, who actually wasn’t as bitchy as I thought she was. We sat in the big trunk space of the jeep and talked about a plethora of stuff for a while, until she decided to take a nap. But all the while, I still had this nagging feeling that my friends were having the time of their lives without me. Yet another stroke of bad luck, I thought to myself. We arrives at the hotel fifteen minutes late from the others, but we arrived nonetheless.

I immediately went inside and searched for my friends…

I could smell the smoke on them from a mile away.

Apparently, once the limo got on the highway a bunch of the people in there pulled out some vaping sticks and Cuban cigars and got to work, if you know what I mean. Add in the fact that there was no ventilation system and you couldn’t open the window (why am I not surprised about the fact that the school got us shitty limos?), and I’m sure you could see the problem. And if you tried asking them to stop, they just called you a pussy and turned up the volume on the already outrageously loud music.

It got so bad to the point where someone passed out and another person had to do CPR on them or something. And even then, they still didn’t stop. They just told the driver to stop on the side of the road and opened the door for the smoke to go out. Once most of it was gone, they closed the door and got back to business.

So yeah, I guess my stroke of bad luck was actually one of good luck.