The "Why Are You (Feeling Emotion)" Thread


Nice art there. :upside_down_face:
Kind of reminded me of a certain character from a book I once read.

What software did you use for it though?
(I usually just use Clip Studio Paint, might try something else.)


i only have Adobe Photoshop in my laptop. but i would like to touch other softwares like Clip Studio Paint and SAI.


I’m feeling pretty happy…hopeful. Haven’t practised taekwondo regularly for ages now, at first it was just due to my life being hectic, but sometimes I just need to be alone, but also because of some issues surrounding my gender, but specific things make me feel a bit too self conscious. But since it used to be such a big part of my life(used to practise 12 hours minimum a week at one point) being without it hasn’t helped my mood at all :frowning: . Tried writing my yp, but writing has only intermittently had a role in my life, and I only kinda like writing in and of itself, I prefer more looking back at the finished product.

But music has always had an important role in my life…so decided to buy an electric guitar, got a used one in good nic, with an amp and got a case too relatively cheap(relatively speaking) and found some cheapish private tutors(again relatively speaking). So yeah…heres hoping my guitar can fill the hole taekwondo left behind(although I do want to pick it back up someday).

But anyhoo with the nature of me and my flat it isn’t complete without an electric guitar :stuck_out_tongue: …or a cat…Which is another reason I feel hopeful and happy as there’s a chance at some point in the future I might be living in a place that allows pets :smiley: . But overall feeling pretty good right now :slight_smile: .


I am very heart broken today. Miss Squakers got out of the truck and vanished. I spent many hours looking for her. I was unable to find her and had to leave. I have only cried twice as an adult. Once when my wife’s brother passed away, as we were close. And today I wept as I left the truck stop.


I am sorry to hear this. Shoot me a PM, if you desire.


I am so sorry lord I have lost my cat before and one when I was little was poisoned. I understand how you feel. Our pets are family members and making company and take care of us. If you want talking with me You know were I am…

Also Couldn’t you contact with a local pet protection association they could ask volunteers to trying find Miss. maybe they could find her


Thank you, while I am very sad life goes on. I have family to think of, I have my goals to obtain. I am not the type to let a broken heart stop me. It will be sometime before I get over her loss, but still I must move forward.


Try call a local pet association they at least here organize searching lost pets.


Have already reach out to several place but my hope is not very high right now.


Well My old cat once runaway as kitten He find us at night in the middle of forest and he was a small rat. So maybe you will be lucky.


I have lost a pet or two in my life, which is always sad. But Miss Squakers and I were very close. It was just us two in the truck two to four weeks at a time. We had a special bond. Well I thought sharing would help but just getting sadder I will be back on the forum in a few days, have the CSCOMP to attend to. Take care all thanks for your alls support.


Sorry double post from my phone.


been studying 8-10 hours a day for my finals and went to bed really late the day before one of them. forgot to set my alarm or I slept through it, missed the whole exam. professor won’t give me a makeup. the final is worth 40% of my grade, so im going to fail the course and drop my term gpa down a whole point. going to lose my scholarship as a result and i dont know if i can afford to attend another semester without the scholarship.

i feel like my whole life is over


Is there someone above the professor you can appeal to? That refusal sounds like rigidity and power tripping without concern for the consequences for others.



Extenuating circumstances do exist.
Don’t give up!


Li’l tired and overworked. I had a kinda road trip thing (not for fun or anything, more for work) and I spent the entire 6 hour ride working only to get to the place we were going, do more work, and spend the rest of the time driving back working as well. (Good thing I don’t get car sick).

I got to see some family on the way back though, which was nice. What was not nice was being woken up at around 6 AM with extreme stomach pain, running to the bathroom because it quickly developed into nausea, not being able to throw up or stay standing because of said pain so dragging myself back to the bed and laying on my back for a good three hours, unable to really move or do anything before eventually passing out.

Then I got up, got in the car, and started working again.

But, I’m back home, and I finally have some time to write now though, so that’s good! And all those hours in the car paid off, since it looks like I’ll at least be able to finish everything before its due.

So I’m tired, but hopeful that things are going to calm down now. (And hopeful that no more pain comes along. It’s happened to me many times before and it always passes, just need to wait it out and lay down.)

EDIT: I realize upon rereading this that I should clarify I wasn’t the one driving.


I am Super Stressed :tm: about my finals. I have to schedule my Chinese finale for on-campus, as it is my only online class, I have to find time to do my speech/communications final from home, and I have 2 finals, one after the other, on the 8th. Then I’m free until August…

but i’m more than 85% certain I’m going to fail my Chinese final, so part of me is like…should I even bother taking 4 hours out of a day in the next two weeks to go take it? Minimum four hours, at that, or should I just accept a 0 for an exam that’s worth 20% of my grade? I’ll probably have a high D or low C if I don’t take the exam…and at best, I’d have a B, if I do take the exam – assuming I get a C or better (which is not probable, as I just can’t seem to retain the words. I can only write very basic sentences :/)



Just manage your time by going over what you think is going to be on the test (or even better what you know is going to be on the test, if you are allowed that information).

Not trying will get you an automatic zero, right?
Maybe if you try you’ll at least get a 50% on the test which means -10% overall instead of -20%
(Of course you can always get a perfect score too, I mean, you never know till you try.)
That’ll bump you up an entire letter grade and help your GPA.


Mmm, thing is, I’m probably transferring schools, anyway. I’m likely going to take a net loss in funds for most of my classes, anyhow, lol :confused: It’s a tough decision, honestly. Also, it seems I misunderstood the syllabus. I just double-checked, and the final is actually only worth ~11.67%


Oh! So, obviously, if you’re transferring schools, make sure you know exactly which credits transfer and which ones do not, because you can potentially lose out on a whole bunch of time and money. Weigh the decision whether or not to leave very carefully before you sign any papers.