The "Why Are You (Feeling Emotion)" Thread


Wow i just love the look on the face …:blue_heart:


thanks! i don’t know if i nailed the tired but still persistent look but i’m glad you like it.


It’s really cute.

Uff…I can relate to that.


I haven’t felt this anxious in years. God, I hate it. Long story short, I had a falling out with a best friend around… 3 years ago. Probably a li’l longer than that. He hurt me, betrayed my trust, and then walled me off. There was no closure (for either of us, I guess), and now… here he is, trying to reach out to me after all this time. At first, I was… sad? Numb? But as we’ve been talking, I’ve just had all the old feelings, all the old, unresolved bullshit, bubbling up to the surface, and it’s making me restless. I hate that I feel some hope somewhere in this mess of anxiety in my chest. It feels like… my hoping/wanting to patch things up would be the desperate measures of a lonely man, y’know? I don’t know. I’m trying to figure things out. I want to hope that we could go back to something like we used to have, but I’m frickin’ terrified that it might just ricochet and fuck me up more.


I understand the feeling I had similar experiences with my ex. I decided no return with him. You have to looking in your heart If you want give a chance even if the most possible outcome is end same as before. I discovered that I didn’t want him anymore. You have to discover what you really feel and go for it.


Bro I think it is rare for you to lose friends , it appears he is quite a good friend of yours and your heart wants to reconnect and forgive him while your brain want to know him more and the reason he is trying to be friendly again … Your brain must be saying " hmm something is fishy " I know the feeling , I stopped getting it wheni lost more friends , it appears I got adapted to that feeling , bro my experience says that you listed to your brain or heart , whichever helped you in the past to make decision…
Hope it was helpful …


You know that feeling when you have stalled and procrastinated for so long and your responsibilites finally bite back HARD? And you’re still smiling and laughing and trying to look normal while your world burns all around you? And you wanna cry because of all the time that you wasted but it wouldn’t be wise because crying is a waste of time and you need all the time that you have?




Well…im having multiple feelings today…way too many feeling to be exact


scared as F*ck.

looking at a possible college placement/school for myself yesterday and two days before I have been preparing myself mentally for it (which is why I haven’t made any media appearances) and I really like it but…distance…



So mad, so embarrassed. There are worse places to be stranded than Hawaii, and I fixed it (sort of). BUT I MISSED MY FLIGHT!


I’m kind of just feeling really crappy right now. I’ve just been totally exhausted this week so I’ve missed my bus to school twice (I missed an entire class and half of another one this week because of how far from school I live) and also missed a lot of work because I’ve spent so much time just asleep. I also have to watch a film and write a paper on it all tonight and I highly doubt this class gives extensions/accepts late work since this is basically the only real homework assignment in it. And on top of that I’ve been really dysphoric and invalidated for a variety of reasons

One of the main ones being that a couple of my friends have been really disregarding my feelings and dismissing my problems in favor of their own. I mean it’s one thing to focus on yourself but it’s another thing entirely to chalk up invalidating someone else and borderline bullying up to “Sorry, we’ve just been through a lot emotionally lately” as if no one else has issues? Especially when some of said behaviour has been somewhat triggering memories of an abusive ex-friend who I left just over a year ago

I’ve talked to them about various related issues over the past few months but I’ve felt like I’m the only one who’s made any real effort to fix things and sometimes I don’t feel like I have much faith that they’ll do the same


Just and advice Cog just changed the rules and phrases all in caps are forbidden. I am trying hard not doing anything with caps, as here Spain caps mean emphasis not anger. Even if lately with internet influence is starting to change.


Today I feel horrible for a lot of reasons, I’m kinda disgusted at myself…

Last year I went through a depression and mostly I’ve been recovering from it, I made some amazing progress.
But this week has been just horrible.
There were some projects and some stuff that I wanted to do but I feel like I shouldn’t bother, I always fuck it up, or that I suck at everything I do…

And worst of all I feel like a horrible person, that I’m a burden to everyone, that I don’t belong anywhere.

This happens sometimes, I guess tomorrow I’ll feel better and sort of embarrased so I’ll probably delete this post.

But today I didn’t have anyone else to tell all of this, or to convince me otherwise and I just needed to get it out of my chest.

I’m Sorry.


I feel like that sometimes too, and it always feels good to know that someone is listening, even if I never would have believed it if someone tried to convince me otherwise. Depression is the worst.

I’m glad you posted.


It’s comforting to know that someone will be there to catch us if we fall.


Sleep deprivation + missed meals + tons of work + stress + fatigue + awful period cramps + hormones = messy, bloody week. Missed some.classes because I fell asleep in the weirdest of places (bathroom, library, stairwell), which means angry groupmates, bad reports, and missed lessons - oh my. I already lost a bit of weight because of one terrible week. Which is sorta nice since now I only look two months pregnant instead of three, but the way I lost it is just the worst.

As if I suddenly lost all motivation to do anything…

(not pregant, btw)


Some of you may remember my previous post with the WIP version of the drawing below. So now, i want to show you guys (the technically) finished work.

i feel like the disintegration effect was done haphazardly and i kinda didn’t choose a good color for the background but i’m pretty happy with the shading on the character. i’m also enjoy the learning experience of doing those two effects (disintegration effection and somewhat “bokeh” effect)


My stick figures weep in shame … your experiment did turn out cool and I bet your next one will benefit from what you learned.

Thank you for sharing with us your drawing. :heartbeat:


Is beautiful you are a great artist. If weren’t that I am broke I totally pay you for a drawing. Someday lol. Keep the good work


thanks for your kind words,@Eiwynn and @poison_mara :blush: