The "Why Are You (Feeling Emotion)" Thread


So there’s this religious org that holds short bible studies all around campus. I don’t have a problem with that, I think it’s wonderful that the youth are active in church and are eager to spread the Lord’s word, but everytime they see me, they approach me. And out of politeness, I listen. And out of politeness I say that I’ll keep my options open if they hold another session, but I always say that I’m busy and i can’t go. And they say , “it’s alright…so when are you free next time?”

I’m not really…a religious person. I mean, I’m not that open about my religion, nor am I that active in church, but I still believe and practice in my own way. I only attend church for my mom’s sake, who’s a very active Christian, and for my brother, who, despite studying in a Christian school, knows way less about our religion than I, a (non-Catholic) Catholic schoolgirl.

It’s not that I’m not religious nor uninterested in bible studies, but it’s just that I don’t go to bible studies. I’ve been going to bible studies since I was old enough to be left alone in Sunday school. And it bugs me that I don’t know how to politely decline the org’s offer. The best I could do is delay the inevitable and say that i’m busy with acads and work everytime they contact me. Is there a more polite way to say “Sorry , but I’m not interested”? to a group of youth ministers?


I am feeling sadness that there are are many people that use terms they think they know but in reality they do not.

There is a popular title with a controversial scene in it; the author has every right to construct the scene the way they want but when it is rightly criticized for its sexual overtones and implications, the author’s fandom willy-nilly comes in like an English soccer mob trying to burn and drown out the valid criticism.

Yandere characters are popular for some people, I get that but for others these types of characters are deserving of criticism. Just to be clear, when a character of this nature does something to the object of their obsession, it does involve sexual implications and overtones. Here is the entomology: From Japanese ヤンデレ, a portmanteau of 病んでる (yanderu, “to be sick”, contraction of 病んでいる (yandeiru), progressive tense of 病む (yamu)) and デレデレ (deredere, “infatuated, lovestruck”).

I wish this mob mentality would not exist in this community but it does.


Same thing actually happened to me a little while back. I really wouldn’t recommend this, but I kind of just did what you were doing for long enough and they stopped after some time haha.

Probably a mistake there.


“Ignorance is not an excuse”

Sometimes I hate this phrase, and sometimes I agree with it.

Mostly hate though.


Eh, I was doing alright until I was informed of this:

Obviously there’s a lot of different factors at play in regards to this, but it was still somewhat disheartening to see from my perspective.


Happened to me as well, learned to say I’m busy and they still hound me to attend. What I did is when they ask me again I tell them I’m not a roman catholic anymore and made up a religion which they don’t know about since I made it up, but they still believed it. Does it work? Hell yeah, it works like a charm. No more asking me to join their blah blah.


I was more rude than that. I am atheist and I don’t go announce my atheism belief to all you . If you want a serious discussion fine. But stop trying to convince me. If Nuns didn’t achieve that after 12 yeara in a private school Hell, yeah I dare you to try. In Spain catholic church doesn’t do those biblical studies and doesn’t go asking random people. But protestants dudes yes. They put spam in your physical mails and harassing people to let them enter in their homes. In Spain nobody give a shit about their religion normally so they are frenzy to obtain followers. My grandmother had to call police once to make a pair of Mormons go away from her home.


…what even?

“My fiancée decided to fuck a drug dealer for quite a while now, but since she ignored the idea of actually being a respectable person with dignity and breaking it off with me and decided to backstab me for God knows how long, only to finish it off by abandoning me and taking a large portion of my hard earned cash, that means that she still loved me!”

That post of yours makes zero sense.


I am with you. My boyfriend in the college was with me but same time were banging several girls in my own bed in my rent apartment. I was useful to him, I caught with a girl in half intercourse. He had to run away half naked because If I caught him he would not be alive now. Or his jewels. Sociopath people could fake during years because there are no empathic. They don’t have regret and only think in themselves.

My mother was diagnosed as sociopath she did exactly as that girl did not only cheat my dad and selling all my dad furniture she stoled me as baby and let me more than eight hours in the car while she was in drugs with the dude. One neighbor called police because my cryings. So yeah, that girl only loves herself not anyone else like my mother.

He could be happy she only stole money. Thankfully I have my dad who is best dad in the world. If not I probably would have died or in an orphanage.


“Act madly in love”. The keyword is act.

The mere fact that she stole money (not just some but a huge sum!) while ditching him without a word is an obvious sign of she doesn’t love and care for him. Maybe she did love him before but not anymore or maybe mara’s right that the girl’s fucking worse kind of sociopath and manipulate him for her selfish needs.

What I can say is that Stephen doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment from someone who claims to love him.

Stephen, if bring this up is making you uncomfortable, give us a heads-up.


i bought a scallop pizza (with a free classic cheese pizza) since my mom and i would like to taste it. My sister (who has a shellfish allergy) decided to take a slice. Lo and behold, her allergy reacted faster than we expected.

If you’re wondering, she’s ok but i really didn’t like that she try to test the boundaries of her allergy.


Wisdom is a virtue, sometimes its blinded by curiosity.


Curiosity was the reason for Pandora to open the “Box” :wink:


i forewarn her a few times and she took the one with the least scallops. i’m just relieved that the worst she got was itchiness. (tho it annoyed that she didn’t drink her pills immediately)

While i don’t know if different kinds of shellfish has a different reaction time on her, i really hope she doesn’t do that again with a shellfish she has not eaten or rarely eats.

(i am also grateful that i don’t have any allergy to food or that will ruin my gastronomic ventures.)


Bro , i m also not a good believer in god I mean I am a non Christian to be precise a Hindu by birth , and it’s been years since I went to Temple , after something happened I lost faith and blah blah blah . To the point now they are believers and you if you say you don’t believe in God that might make them angry , lol i give you a personal advice from a 19yr old boy don’t go to them and say u don’t believe in Almighty much if you wanna keep friendship with them and keep making excuses , at least it will keep some good relationship with them …It is just an opinion


I love my dad too more then mom but my family is quite happy type first i felt like laughing whenyou said about your boy friend running half naked ,then when you said about your mom it was sort of sad ,I never had such experience as I said mine is happy family but heard of various stories , ànd i fell sad for you guys who has to go through all this when you where just a child .be happy that you have a dad to look after you there are people who has no one I mean where both parents are kind of screwed up be happy for what you have :blush::slight_smile:


Bro allergy’s are normal problem ,your sis is lucky that she gets it only when eating some sort of foods for me it’s different I m allergic to water and air lol if it is little humid I will start sneezing and me from Kerala, India here humidity is normal or i should say was normal thanks to global warming and weather change for it now I m at little peace .


@poison_mara Wow, that is a really sad story about your mother. I’m glad you at least have a good relationship with your dad. :slight_smile:

If this is a rude or inappropriate question, I’m sorry don’t kill me but…I have to ask. Sociopathy seems to be genetic, and that means it likely runs in families, so…if you had a kid that had the same lack of empathy as your mother, what would you do?


Nobody is born a sociopath. A sociopath is made though trauma


Is not genetic, you could have the tendency but the traumaand educationare more important, the rest of her family is normal so far .and no I am not sociopath :slight_smile: I had a great score in empathy when I was in treatment in the victims group.