The "Why Are You (Feeling Emotion)" Thread


I am about to graduate. I have no idea what I am feeling right now.

I also learned that I am an honor student in the oddest way (and that is finding my name in the list for honorable mention on the graduation booklet.I would have like a text or an email prior that discovery tbh).


I feel emotionally tired and sleepless… I’ve been have a hard time sleeping lately. The only time I feel I slept well is during the day time for 3 hours.
I didn’t write my story for two whole weeks and I gotta stop pushing it back.
Lack of motivation kills me…hopefully I get out of this rut soon.


Taken aback when I read a certain topic in a certain forum…. Guess I’ll just give up writing in that certain forum and let my project die out…. I liked the people there, but maybe true colors do come out when you least expect it…


Ey, remember this professor? Now he makes me feel guilty of two sins and one thing I’m not even sure if i’m supposed to feel guilty about.

Is it considered rude and disrespectful if I didn’t make eyecontact or greet a “good morning” to a teacher while I was on the phone and in a rush to go to the comfortroom? I didn’t even realize that he was there in the hallway because I was busy texting someone. And willing my bladder to not explode.

But I am guilty of skipping his class last week. It was either fail in his recitation and fail another exam if I didn’t skip, or fail in his recitation and get maybe an average score in another exam if I did, so it was a lose-lose situation either way. But I did get notes from a classmate, so I still understood the lesson.

I also feel guilty of not liking his teaching methods. Privately. But it’s an open secret among the history majors right now, how much we don’t like his lectures. Straight up lectures with no visual aids bore me, which is why I doodle to pay attention (since he hates that, I scratch my arms instead, which is way, way worse, no?). I never tell anyone about it, but like I said, it’s an open secret.

How his “little birds” find out about my cut class and my private dislike for his lectures makes me feel paranoid af.

Like seriously, was it necessary to yell at the whole class while staring at me until I became red (which implicates my guilt, doesn’t it?) and again threatening to bar me from the program? It would have been better to scream at me in private.

Also, I think I missed the opportunity to apologize after his class, and when we went down the stairs together, but I was also late for a test in my next class, and anxiety issues… Now he thinks I’m proud…


Update: Did a survey, and yup, it looked like I’m rude. Even though I did not notice him, “Ignorance is not an excuse”.

Now I wanma dig a hole in the ground, never show my face in class again, wallow in my misery, and dieeeeeeeee…


You are different In a good way mam … I don’t know what your intentions are about this topic but no one cares how others feel and say sorry when all is said ,it’s like a formality… At least you are showing concern ( genuine or not :blush: I can’t say ) … Any way today I feel sad and yesterday I felt angry ( reason is unknown) might be my mom …Any way I hope all of you had a great and a happy day …


I feel defeated, well at least for 9 hours each weekday. I started at my job as a temp (which everyone does here) and was given the opportunity a few years back to be a full employee by moving to 3rd shift, which at the time was just myself and a guy working. Things were pretty good, he was nice and we got along pretty well. We added another guy after a while and things continued to be good, we all became friends and would do stuff outside of work. I became friends with the one guy’s wife and the other’s girlfriend and we even all got together for Christmas.

After a while on 3rd shift I moved back to 1st, I was still in touch with them and had heard things were going poorly at night without me. Our company was getting more work on nights and we ended up splitting the night crew into 2 teams: Service and Projects. One of my friends was given a promotion to managing the 2 teams and the other became the lead for the Service team. I was asked to come back and lead the Project team which was a great opportunity (or so I thought). We ended up hiring several more people, one of them was finally another girl and that’s when things started going poorly.

We ended up losing the Service contract we had and the teams were merged into 1, which made it pointless to have leads and my friend and I were back to doing our old jobs again. More and more I noticed misogynistic comments and anti LGBT sentiment starting to crop up, and the other girl I was working with noticed it too. People came and went and it seemed like the environment here got worse and worse.

When I went to my friend/boss with my feelings he told me “like you don’t bring it on yourself?” I was shocked by his reply and the other girl and I hatched our plan to try to record the comments being said, the guys were careful though and never gave us any proof. She ended up leaving for another job and things have only been worse since. Now people will outright refuse to ask for my help and if I offer they ignore me despite the fact that I used to run this team.

Now that my girlfriend is in school she has to be asleep while I work, which only adds to feeling crummy while I’m there, thankfully she is awake by the time I come home and I get to talk to her a while before it’s time for me to sleep. She has this amazing way of washing away the crappiness of work and recharging me, I’m truly fortunate to have her and love her with every fiber of my being :heart:

I have been working to try to get back on days and have suggested to my boss on several occasions that perhaps it might be good for everyone if I were on a different shift, but to my knowledge there aren’t positions open anywhere else in the company. With what I make and the benefits I have moving to another company is also easier said than done, so I continue to hope that I can get out of this mess.


Sorry You are suffering bullying. My only advice is trying to record them saying something about it. Also if you know one action where you were discriminated like if you working in something everyone abandoned the room. All you say in Spain is considered working harassment. And you being women would have the right by law to demand another position in the same company or in other area or in other turn. But you aren’t in Spain so maybe you have to saw a lawyer, Going to a lgbt association with one xould help you. Don’t let those assholes win


I’m feeling anxious.

Gonna start on the path to getting my HSE once spring break is over. I’m not confident I’ll be able to actually do it after screwing up high school by being such an airheaded dingus. School is a nightmare. But I’m tired of feeling like the crap stuck on the bottom of society’s shoe, and I’m tired of letting people talk down to me because I don’t feel like I have the right to defend myself. So screw it.


I’m not sure how I’m feeling.

I mean, I’m happy the weekend is coming up, but I’m a bit lost on what I should do. I could try to relax and play games, but I do that all the time and I’m getting irritated with how my computer performs with most of them (Thank god for Battlefront 2) and how much of a stranger I feel when I play, even with friends. So I see what else I can do.

I could code a game for ChoiceScript, but figuring out where to start or how to go about writing it tests my patience too much, and it saddens me because I have solid ideas for stories that I’d love to have them see the light of day.

I could probably do some exercise (which I really need to do more), but my house is too much of a mess for me to do anything meaningful.

I could probably browse sports news, but you can only do that for so long before you lose imterest.

I’m at a lost over what to do, and how a lot of things don’t feel satisfying to me.


proud. I got through 5 FREAKING FILE CABINETS TODAY (mind you, they are only 10ft tall) and managed to complete a list of information, I am so proud, this was all in an 7 hour shift at work exp.


I’m currently very sad, frustrated as well…
I went with my mother and my cat Benny, whom I had for like all my life, to the vet. Mind you, he’s old. 17 or 18 Years old. I believe that is a proud age for a cat, one that is basically a wild breed.

Turns out his liver is failing as well as his renals, there are two tumors at his throat and he basically starving himself because he can’t keep anything down due to his stomach being very weak. We were wondering if it might be due to his age, but then again a normal cat his age does not look like they are just skin and bone…

I will probably go with my mother next week to the vet again to put him down, because it breaks my heart to see him suffer like this.


I felt defeated today, I did not get accepted into the university I wanted, but life goes on. It is what it is.


@EditorAvila @Wraith

Don’t be sad, for shadow emerges because there is always light upon us

By the way, feel proud for Phoenix Suns and Devin Booker for scoring 70 points just now…

With a potential Top 3 draft pick, the Suns will rise again soon


Again it’s been a busy time for me…but I did manage to dress day to day in my less traditionally feminine women’s clothes(without any kind of reaction), and dress fully at trans events :slight_smile: . In turn this made me feel happier, but also I feel less anxious, it feels less like I’m leading a double life(though that is still a strong feeling) and it feels like less of a big deal too when I do change at trans events so far. This has been good too as due to feeling less anxious I find I’m concentrating more in uni, and needing ti go the toilet less due to my anxiety. So feeling hopeful that it’s not just a temprorary change. However feeling not anxious, but…the next stage for me’d be to get lazer hair removal, as despite my personality changes getting rid of…well first off my facial hair has been one thing that’s been consistent. And yeah it’s pretty pricey, a bigger change and apparently not exactly painless :’( but right now I’m just enjoying feeling tons less anxious from day to day :slight_smile: .

Edit: oh good in time to edit this one :stuck_out_tongue: because…got explicitly misgendered again today. This time and last I asked where the toilets were, as I’m visually impared, and they were like “the ladies?” at least this time when I said no the men’s he just accepted it. The last time he full on questioned me, and I think he was even checking to see if I had a… when he went into the toilets too! :open_mouth: so it makes me feel confused…Would someone really take it that far, or ask with regards to both times in a serious way if they were trying to take the piss or what not? But both times I had fairly thick facial hair, and hairy hands and wasn’t trying to pass at all :confused: .But it’s only ever happened recently, these two times in the last few months, so it just left me so confused, as the area was well lit and they were close up, so yeah…completely confused :confused: .


I am currently happy.

I woke up today, and realized it was my birthday.

A couple of seconds after that realization, my dad walked into the room, threw 1000$ at me, said “Have fun.”, and then left for work.

That 1000$ is, without a doubt, the best gift anyone could’ve got me.


Wow, 1k? You could illustrate a WIP :blush:


Happy birthday. Listen to your dad and go have fun.


I’m usually a lurker on here, so if I messed up by posting this I will gladly fix any mistake. I saw this thread and I figured I’d go ahead and vent because I don’t know what else to do, so here it goes. Today I am sad. The reason for this is that my fiance of a year left me today on our anniversary. I found out that she’s been cheating on me for over 6 months with a local drug dealer. (I’m training to be a police officer too, so that makes it slightly more odd). She took all my money (over $2000) and left while I was out training. This was a complete surprise considering she still acted madly in love. I’m just torn apart by this and figured I’d share my story. More as a vent than anything else.


dude…that is like…umm…I feel really bad for you. but, don’t kill me here, I guess if she cannot admit that she was cheating on you and would act like she still loved you for such a long period of time then I guess she still, in a way, still loved you. From personal experience I can defiantly say that no one can keep up a gig like that for that long and some of the best actors struggle to do that; so what I’m saying is, she probably still loved you. Just keep telling yourself that and it will ease a little over time. All I shall say for now.
(in a situation like this I would use a meme to cheer everyone up; I may do that, in fact, I may use two memes…)