The "Why Are You (Feeling Emotion)" Thread


No! Never a mistake! He’s so adorable. Easter Bunny!


I tried so hard to get a cute shoot with him, but he messed up the set for all his bunny curiosity, so all the pictures are of him playing. S’okay though, since he’s an adorable ball of sunshine. Bravest rabbit. Day i got him, he came to my and just laid on my chest to sleep. I was like ???

And thats when i decided to take him home. Back when he was a she ??? That was a fun surprise. Before he got comfortable enough to untuck his privates, his name was Pepper :smile:

ANYWAY THAT IS GOING ON A TANGENT that nobody wants to hear lol. However talking about the bun has helped me brighten up a tad c:


It’s much better those pictures where he’s actually being a bunny, as opposed to just posing. It’s nice to see him bunnying around. You should take more pictures and put them on the pets thread. I love looking at the pets thread to cheer myself up. And out any bunny stories there!


I don’t mean to be a downer,but isn’t there already a thread for the whole pet thing?


whispers yes, it’s my thread. We were just talking about it.



I swear,my stupidity only gets bigger and bigger…

I apologize for the inconvenience.


Oh no, it’s totally fine! @FairyGodfeather was trying to get me out of a slump by having me talk about my rabbit ^^; I can definitely see how someone coming in might be like “heyyyy you know, there’s already a thread for that…”

No offense was taken, on my part anyway, at all. More people that know about the fur babies thread, the more popular I feel, anyway :laughing:


psst… good blog

I’m always available 2 vent to so just pm me if u wanna talk privately. I won’t talk about anything if u don’t want me to.


Nooo! I absolutely adore bunny rabbits and I love talking about them, and looking at pictures of them, because they make me smile and cheer me up. If it helped you, that’s good, but that was secondary to SQUEEE BUNNIES!!!

I used to have “go to the pet store and look at the bunnies” as one of my activities that cheered me up. The bunnies are back in the big enclosure in the store and I just loved watching them do bunny things.

I also used to go and watch the wild rabbits. I love watching wild rabbits doing bunny things. I’d get up at the crack of dawn and watch the sunrise, and the little bunnies hopping about. And just whenever and wherever I see wild rabbits they make me smile.

Watership Down is one of my most beloved books.

I just really like seeing the pictures of Poe and hearing you talking about him.


I have a feeling of dread in my stomach that has been there all day. I’m retaking my drivers test tomorrow and I’m beyond nervous. I was picked on enough for failing the first time so there’s even more pressure now.


My elation at receiving a scholarship is now undermined by my fear of losing it this early in the semester, as well as really being kicked out from, not just my program, but in college.

I now believe that one of my teachers is out to get me. Everyday he tries to find a reason to humiliate me in class, with or without dropping my name. First day of classes, it was my posture. The succeeding days, it was my frowning and weird facial expressions when taking notes. But usually it’s my habit of doodling in class, playing with my pen, fidgeting in my seat, and not being a note-taking robot in class, in general. I don’t disrupt the class; I apparently distract him.

I’m sorry if I may look disrespectful, but these bad habits is part of my learning process. Doodling, from random scribbles to all out artworks, keeps me focused on listening, otherwise my brain wanders and I daze off and I don’t learn. I can’t stay still, I could never stay still in my seat. Even as a child, even as a young adult. Something needs to move; (silent) feet tapping or pen twirling or biting my lips or whatever. I sneeze and have watery eyes because seasonal allergies. I warm my hands because I feel cold. I’m sleep deprived from studying for his class, hence the yawning. My face is weird because I’m having trouble trying to shortcut what he says for my notes. Plus, I have scoliosis, so of course my posture is crooked and I have to adjust my position to make myself comfortable.

This professor, although he has no position in the History department other than just being a professor, is one of the oldest out there. He can influence the chair’s decision in accepting me in the program because of his seniority. I bet he can even pull the strings so I won’t be accepted in amy program in the college. He even threatened to drop me from class if I misbehave, calling me my behavior out for the reason I’m a floating Linguistics student.

For the record, I failed the first semester because I forced myself to be a robot who does nothing but take down notes and be as still and unnoticeable as possible in her seat, among other personal problems. Unfortunately, I can’t conform to the mold and failed, miserably. Thankfully I bounced back by returning to my creative ways of studying and learning. Doubt he’d find my scholarship noteworthy, though. He might even accuse me of sucking up to my previous teachers to raise my grades, or something…

No joke, I’m terrified of him. My future depends on his opinion on me, and right now, it’s terrible, and my future looks grim. Even my BC 100 prof, while as scary as he is, had his sweet moments and never publicly shown his distaste for me (if he had one). But this one…God help me stay and pass History 102.

(sorry for the rant…)


Do you have an adviser or someone else you can speak to about him? That he’s picking on you because of a medical condition is terrible. I’d also suggest making a record of every single incident, time and date so you have evidence with you.

It’s been proven that doodling, and fidgeting can help with focus and concentration.

First google hit I got

Study: Doodling Helps You Pay Attention

There’s so much more. You’re hardly alone in that regard and as long as you’re not being noisy and/or disruptive I don’t see the issue.


Ugh how disgusting. You definitely need to start making note of incidents. Of you can, go so far as to record them (if it is legal where you live).

In addition, there should be an advisory department within your school that allows you to announce disabilities, if you wish. Scoliosis can definitely be a hindrance to learning. If you announce to this advisory board that you have these problems, you’ll be able to have a private chat with your professor about accommodations he can make for you. Good grief my Kindle likes to omit words.

Which reminds me, have you tried speaking to your professor before/after class or during office hours about how his behavior affects you? Professors are people too, regardless of age, and you are directly paying them for a service. You are not beholden to them, nor are they to you. It is a business transaction.


I tried talking to him actually. This was before he noticed me doodling, so his only problem with me was my poor posture. It didn’t go well. I explained my situation to him, and his response was basically: “So what?” That was probably my worst meeting with a teacher, ever. I haven’t talked to him yet about the doodling incidents since I think he made it clear that he doesn’t want to talk with me right now.

I asked my classmates about him, and they said that he has always been like that, and I have no choice but to adjust and conform to his expectations on students. Even they feel miserable under him. I went to the person handling shiftees and transferees, and despite not being officially in the program, she agreed to talk to me. She also basically said the same thing, that I just have to stop doing those habits in front of him, and he won’t notice me anymore.

I’ll try to take note of future incidents, like you guys said. Thankfully it’s easy to remember the older ones since because they happen every other meeting. I’ll also make a research if my uni has a special board for disabilities.


Your school should have something to help with disability advocacy. What he’s doing is discrimination.


I guess it does, huh? My other teachers were never like this. While most of them didn’t really care and I was fine with that, and only my PE instructors cut me some slack when needed, but this is ridiculous!

This is the first time I’ve been bullied over my posture and habits since I was in, what, 5th grade? And by a teacher, too!


I was kicked out of college by my faculty head, when I came back for the second year for not achieving, despite the fact that I am disabled.

Because: the head considered me “not sick enough, just lazy”, while also simultaneously being “sick enough to require funding that we haven’t got” (that’s a lie, I know they would get funding for having me since I’m professionally diagnosed, they just probably didn’t want to deal with meltdowns, mobility problems, and people trying to kill me for another year).

They gave me no support while I was there, and prevented me from coming back for the second year, even after I completed most of my work, passed, was my teacher’s favourite, and maintained just enough attendance to not get kicked out for missing class on the course as a whole.

Sometimes, no matter what you argue or what you do or who you go to, it just wasn’t fated to be. ¯|(ツ)


I’m stressed about school and how much homework I’ve been having this semester. I knew that I’d be taking a really work-heavy class this semester but I really didn’t expect to be spending virtually all my time at home doing homework for it. Now between that and my other classes I don’t have much time at all to work on A Witch in Suburbia or any other personal projects

I’m also just a little bitter about it being Valentines Day (it’s 1 AM where I am right now) and three of my closest friends are in happy relationships, and meanwhile I’m single and still not totally over my crush who rejected me like four months ago. And every other guy I know is straight and/or already in a relationship. And yeah, I’m young and have plenty of time to find love and whatever, but it doesn’t really help when the people telling me that all already have SOs and are constantly showing off how happy and in love they are. Not really a good way to make me feel like I’m not missing out on anything


what’s ur favourite fictional character brah I’m doing one for mel I mite as well get one 5 u


Anders from Dragon Age 2, closely followed by Krem from Dragon Age Inqisition probably?