The "Why Are You (Feeling Emotion)" Thread


I read the title of a certain off-topic thread as asking why people were feeling angry. I was wrong about what that thread was actually about. So I’d like to open this up to people who have emotions and would like to explain them.

Why do you feel (emotion) about (situation/concept/thing)? Are you happy today, and if so, why? If you’re sad or angry, why? Explain yourself in your own words, in as much detail as you want.

Things seem to flow better when I give this warning in advance, so:
Please be kind. Try not to argue with what someone else is feeling. This is a topic about venting and what’s true for an individual, not about arguing what people should feel a certain way about.

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I’ll bite.

Generally, I’m not a very emotionally-expressive person, and I tend to either feel things either very deeply or very mildly, with little in between.

Today, I’m stressed. Because moving sucks, and there’s no way around it. Pack boxes full of all your earthly possessions, haul them to truck. Haul them out, unpack them somewhere else. Also, make about a zillion phone calls to switch all your utility services, cough up lots of money you don’t have for BS “connection” or “moving” fees from your utilities/internet company, on a grad student budget. Sigh.

It’s not the worst thing in the world, of course, but it’s a bunch of little slightly-annoying things that combine into one extremely annoying thing. Also, it’s super hot out, so I’ll be sweating too much throughout most of this process, which is just a nice little cherry on the frustration sundae.



Grateful, because a friend stepped in to reduce my stress by helping with wedding planning.
Wistful, because my fiancee is about to leave for her week-long once-a-month work trip.
Warm and contented, because my fiancee wanted to spend today on a date, and it was wonderful (brunch out, wedding registry, Ant-Man, and then drive-through Taco Bell on the way home.)


I had a really good day. I’m feeling hopeful today. The weather was perfect, I slept well last night, and I had the day off, which all probably helped.

Also, I posted some rants and essays about the things that have been bothering me the most lately, and several people wrote me privately to say that they understood and respected what I had to say. I even had some men flirt with me without being rude, who complimented me on not only my appearance, but my ideas. They actually read my writing and wanted to intelligently discuss it!

As a bonus, I went out shopping today (often a fruitless endeavor) and found everything I was looking for. Everything I needed, in the right size, color and price range. It was beautiful.


Normally i’m very neutral and unexpressive but today is the absolute worst.
my head hurts my entire body is sore my stomach hurts its just so ugh.


Today? I feel a combination of emotions.

this probably sounds stupid but here goes…

soAs some of you may know, I am visually impaired. My number one passion is football and I’m proud to say that I play blind football for England’s national team.

However, this involves going away from home quite frequently to go to England training camps. Tomorrow I’m going away for four days. And well… I get a little homesick I suppose. And also factor in the fact that I’m the youngest player their by a number of years, it’s really quite depressing, frustrating and boring sometimes. I sometimes even contemplate not going… But I would never stop going even if it was the last thing on earth.


The Screaming and Crying Thread

That is extremely cool.


I’ve been pretty good since last Friday.
Man, July 17, 2015 was a good day.

My Dad and I were a little late to seeing Jurassic World, but we intended to see the 3D version on that Friday since it would apparently be the last 3D showing of Jurassic World in our area.

Unfortunately, Ant-Man was released on July 17, so our local theater’s scheduled lineup was changed at the last minute.

The last 3D showing, for Jurassic World, was replaced by a multitude of 3D showings for Ant-Man.

I was disappointed, of course, but I still wanted to see Jurassic World, so I settled for a 2D showing instead.

The 3D showing of Jurassic World was scheduled to begin at 1:05 PM, while the 2D showing was going to start at 1:35 PM, so my Dad and I made plans to leave a little later.

We left the house at around 12:55 PM, so we would have plenty of time to get situated before the movie began; when we arrived at the theater, got out of our truck, and started to go inside, my Dad and I ran into a woman who recognized us (but we didn’t recognize her at first).

We later came to the conclusion that she was one of the receptionists that worked at our dentist’s office.

She greeted Dad and made small talk with him for a while, then we followed her into the theater.

She wasn’t going to stay long; she was doing work, to make a few extra dollars on the side, for some company that sent independent contractors to movie theaters for various purposes.

The receptionist completed her business and left; as Dad and I were buying our tickets, popcorn, and drinks, one of the theater attendants informed us that the receptionist had bought our tickets for us, saving us the $8.50 required for admission.

(Dad later realized that she had graciously extended some of her benefits, acquired from working for some screening company, to us; the ticket stub stated that the tickets were $0.00, proving this idea.)

Man, that was great.

Ironically, if the theater had not changed its schedule at the last moment, Dad and I likely would have missed the receptionist, as we would have arrived at the theater about 20 minutes earlier.

Being unable to see Jurassic World 3D had actually been a blessing in disguise.

So, later, Dad and I are watching the movie when a character says a particular number; that number leads to a series of events and realizations that finally allows me to create a definitive version of a character that I had been working on since June 02, 2015.

July 17, 2015 was starting to look really good.

Anyway, we finished seeing Jurassic World (which was surprisingly good), and went on home.

I had rented and watched It Follows from On Demand the prior day, and I had planned to watch it again before its rental timer expired; unfortunately, I took a nap and didn’t wake back up until about 8:15 PM that night.

I had rented It Follows at about 8:30 PM the prior day; I only had about 15 minutes to watch a 2 hour movie, which was obviously an impossible act.

Worse, if the rental timer expired while I was watching the movie again, I’d be charged a 2nd time to re-rent the movie.

So, I’m freaking out; I ran to my living room and looked up the rental info when I became shocked to see that I still had 23 hours remaining on the rental clock.

I knew I didn’t re-rent the movie, and I knew no one else could have done so either; the movie was locked with a 4-Digit PIN to prevent my siblings from watching it, and my parents had no interest in horror movies anyway.

As it turned out, It Follows was available as a 2-Day rental, something that I had not realized when I rented the movie.

Damn, July 17 was a good day.

So, I snatch up some popcorn and watch the movie again (this time with subtitles to catch anything that I might have missed, as I do with all movies that I watch a 2nd time); I get a few ideas, from the movie’s whole “following” thing, to write about.

Great! Fantastic!

I have all the lights turned out and am deeply concentrating on the TV screen when a rather large spider scuttles out from under our sofa.

Naturally, I scream at the top of my lungs and dive for my shoe.

I was so frightened of that big thing that I couldn’t strike it head-on; I had to circle around its backside to flank and smash it.

(Fortunately, that had actually been a much smaller spider than some of the bigger spiders seen around my house.)





I had been studying the [url=]Jorōgumo[/url] for a while, due to my intense fascination with spiders, but I had slowly lost the spark of inspiration to work with these characters; the appearance of that large spider further increased that fascination.

I studied the big spider for a while before burying it; during this time, ideas came to me and I found motivation to resume the development of Jorōgumo characters.

After watching the movie, I went to bed and had a kick-ass lucid dream (that I can barely remember, unfortunately. :disappointed_relieved:).

But, yeah.
July 17, 2015 was the best day I’ve had all year.
That was like my lucky day or something.

I’ve been at the peak of happiness since then.

I’m still glowing with merriment, still glowing with merriment, baby. :smile:


I am stressed out of my mind because I just accepted a new roomate when I planed on moving back to my parents house so I could focus on my studies and save cash for university. And to top that I’m lonely as hell and feel like I might have made a bad decision because I mostly accepted because his mother is kicking him out in a few days. The bigest reason I was about to move was monetary so I’m scared it wont do much (the rent is 140$ a month)


It’s the first time in months that I’m totally alone in the house, I don’t have to deal with my brother’s children being noisy and taking things from my desk and hiding them, and I had a dream where I had super strength. So, I’m more or less contented for now.


yeah it is… I just wish that I didn’t get homesick. Haha i’m already getting home sick thinking about it.


I’m feeling content. One of my dear friends said she was running out of food, she had a kid. I didn’t want CPS to take them. So I put 25 dollars on a prepaid gift card then sent her the information. She usually buy’s the pizza. This time I logged in using the information. (You can check the balance, as well see what she bought.) I found out she bought mobile games.

I don’t know sincerely if she was running out of food. I know what she has in the past. Last week. I watched my family’s kid’s. I was stressed out because she has four kids, and they usually fight with each other. My step dad was yelling at them in front of me. I stood there awkwardly pretending I didn’t see what I saw.

It’s also a tiny bit sad. I live on my own. I noticed when I ask for sometimes, 25 or 50. I can get chewed out by them. They usually give me the money, sometimes they will say they don’t have it. I spent the last week watching the kids, going to the movies. They spend a hundred dollars on movies for them the kids buy popcorn, soda, candy etc. If they don’t get what they want they act like someone just killed their favorite animal. I just see them throwing money at the kids while it comes to me. It gets a little harder

I’m alright now. I can get stressed out easily. I just been working out for the weekend. Trying not to think of what I been thinking of. It’s been a long time. Since I was really happy, like just plain happy. I’m content with my situation. I don’t think that’s same being happy.


I tend to feel hungry when I haven’t eaten in a while. That’s a nice useful emotion that doesn’t bring out the Hul- … the other guy…


Some of these comments are sad, so to clarify, I don’t LOVE that someone was feeling something not-great. I just appreciate that people are participating and sharing.


I’ve just started work after taking a year and a half off due to a spectacularly awful pregnancy (the baby is pretty cool, luckily, but I’m still waiting for my second post-pregnancy operation and haven’t been able to do normal work for SO LONG…and in the meantime I lost my previous job*).

I found a really excellent new job - babysitting two extremely smart and self-reliant kids before and after school. Plus I can take my own kids along sometimes, which will be fun for everyone I think (not to mention somewhat convenient for me).

The dignity of having an actual job is amazing, although it means I’ve lost a lot of precious writing time just as I’ve started seeing a little bit of success (my first novel to be published is coming out in 2016; I wasn’t well enough to mind my own kids full-time, but I was well enough to keep writing). So lots of contradictory emotions there. But mostly panic, because I’ve never been very good at being a contributing member of society and I’m scared I’ll screw it up. And also hope, because being able to work for money is a huge improvement from life just a couple of months ago (before Operation #1).

So panic and hope then, for me.

*I was fired partly for my dodgy health (it was a physically active job) and mostly for my stance on marriage equality (yep, that happened - earlier this month!)

I’m a Christian and I was working at a Christian organisation, but I believe love is fantastic and sexuality is no big deal… and the organisation disagreed. I feel sad for the organisation (and for other Christians who don’t believe in marriage equality), but ridiculously pleased that I get to be a part of this turning point in history.


I’m so sorry this happened! My sympathies are entirely with you, and I’m glad you found a great new job. And congratulations on the novel!


As with most days, I am content. And ever so slightly fatigued. As with most days, my upper back bothers me, My night, as are most nights, was pleasant for me. I read through ‘Guns of Infinity’ to see what all the hubbub is about (and was quite surprised in a pleasant way) and worked on my own story enough to feel satisfied with my progress. As with most days, there are other things I wish I could do that I don’t have time for- play some video games, watch some anime, go out and go shopping or call my friend to play tennis, read, work on my story more. I must choose where my priorities are. I have no plan for what to do, as is typical for my days. Next weekend, unlike most weekends, I will be attending Anime Iowa, the one convention I like to attend each year. I have no cosplay planned this year. I suppose I shall leave that to younger folk.

I have skimmed through the comments of the other people who have posted here. I think in some cases, just knowing that people are listening is a good thing. A thread like this intrigues me, because of human nature. I am inclined to think people more likely to post than to regard the posts of those before, considering the nature of the thread… but, being considered is, to my understanding, the aim of starting the thread. And so, to those aware enough, I extend a hug. You are in a way, a selfless person.


Interesting discussion…why do you bring it up? Just wondering!

As for me…this morning I woke up really peaceful and content… (like most mornings!!) and happy cuz I have a great life!! but mostly cuz God is awesome! And I’m happy to be His child and know His love… (I’m a Christian and sorry if that upsets you but I won’t hide it.) So I was spending a great morning with God in prayer and such and was just so thankful for my family and amazing fiance!
When I finally got up to do normal life things I was still feeling fine but just physically drained…since that happens often :confused: oh well. So I was kind of confused why this is and wish it wasn’t but I wasn’t complaining and did a lot of cleaning anyway.
Then I was texting my future sister in law and got really sad because their marriage is doing horrible and shes hurting really badly and I hate that for them… cuz I know what that kind of pain feels like when you feel betrayed and such…and I care about her tons!
The rest of the day I didn’t really feel very much…


Terrible as my entire family including me have diarrhoea and are constantly fighting over the toilet


Sounds like a…

puts on sunglasses

…shitty situation. :sunglasses: