~The Whispers A Series of Short Stories and Poems


So Guys… I have been working on a little project called ‘The Whispers’, a series of hopefully ten dark short stories/poems. So far I have completed five and I am half way through the project which started around July, there is no schedule for when work is due, and I also hope to publish. The stories are not interactive however if anyone is interested at reading ONE of the pieces let me know by commenting the story/poem you want to read and I will directly send you a copy through inbox.

The stories available are;
6ft Under
Creatures of the Night
The Painter
and Sparklers’ (Poem)

Thank you for your time and watch the thread for anymore updates regarding the project,



A new short story has been added to the series. I would like to introduce The Painter which is now complete.


A new short story has been added to the series. SANITY is now available to read. PM to get your hands on a visual!


Hey Guys!

Just to update you, two more pieces are avalible to read. Mist and Time (poem), to read, PM or comment in the comments below!