The 'What are you watching right now?' Thread


I don’t know if there is something like this already, but anyway, this is how it goes:

You just post what you watch right now, be it a gif, musik or a video from youtube.

Well the, let’s begin!

I’m watching this here right now:

Usually when I write, I listen to music like this, it gives me a lot of ideas to say the truth.


Right now I’m watching a Subnautica (an early acces game) let’s-play sort of thingy !

The game is really cool , and also I’m a long time viewer of the guy playing , so I’d recomend them both :grin:


I usually watch his horror game play throughs but right now I have it on random.

and now this

The game is pretty ridiculous.


This is my music, that i am hearing right now. :grin:
And this :sunglasses:


The Cranberries, nice. I too love music from the 90s, it makes me nostalgic.


@Prof_Chaos :wink::point_up_2::+1:


If anime count I’m watching episode 1 of Ansatsu Kyoushitsu other than that, then nothing.


I usually listen to this to motivate me and give me ideas for my game since it’s a lot like Fallout.


Right now? This thread.


I was waiting for the smartass reply :smirk:


No but really, this is the only thing I’m currently watching. What else should I reply? The screen of my phone? The emptyness of my life? Your very, lovely, juicy body sitting in that chair…



I’m just gonna ignore that part… :worried:


When i have nothing to do and i wonder why i am even watching this.


I am feeling like hearing one of my old childhood movie soundtracks.
Princess Mononoke was one of my favourite ones back then!


I’m watching this right now. I’ve had a bad day and Luffy making Zoro’s life a misery always cheers me up.


I’m watching the flash


Just Caught up with Naruto


Whenever I hear Princess Mononoke or Spirited Away, so many memories come back. :sob:


Finishing up Battlestar Galactica. Wheee!