The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (SPOILER FREE FOR BOOK THREE!)

I’ve been thinking about the mc becoming an agent at the end of b3 (which I wasn’t particularly happy about, but alas), and for some mcs who are super enthusiastic about the supernatural it’s obviously a good job opportunity, but for those who are scared or just don’t trust the agency it’s just… so weird?! Why have stats that track how the mc feels about the supernaturals and the agency if they won’t matter in the end?!

I wasn’t aware but it make sense, though I still enjoy b2 quite a lot. I really appreciate authors that listen to their fans, ofc you don’t have to change your story because people want you to, but constructive criticism is always helpful, at least to reconsider some of the choices you’ve made. But at this point twc is so popular and the majority of players/readers still rave about it despite all the issues that we point out, so why change something that sells like hot cakes?

I think JBento said up thread that UB are more Fae than vampire and I agree. They never have any vampiric urge or impulse, no desire to suck blood beside their caprisuns provided by the agency (that single scene at the sun ne of b3 doesn’t count). Even during the sewer’s scene you have to tell them to use their hypersenses (?) to locate the trappers, I mean you would think something like that is second nature for them without you having to remind them, but I digress. When/if they succumb to their urges it’s going to give the readers whiplash. But in all honesty, when the ro can no longer resist the detective’s blood, they will probably just go away for some time to create some angst, but when it comes to actually drinking their blood, it will be a non issue whether you agree to give them some or not.

My canon is no kiss until I see how A will act in b4, my poor mc can’t take it any more.

This, M is the only one actively going against the agency and siding with the mc, consequences be damned. A would never, N would try to find an excuse and F would just be fine with whatever. M is fiercely loyal to a romanced mc and they don’t give a sh*t about anyone’s order and I love them for that.


This gave me a good laugh. And it’s so true. I think this is also a plot device to make it “hard” LI to deal with being around the MC and their super-duper special blood. That way there can be more angst and drama–i.e., emotional edging, which is apparently Mishka’s favorite thing in the world (it’s sure not satisfaction!!).

My A-mancer is just getting on with her life until the text forces her to do otherwise. She thinks A needs serious psychological help, and has pretty much had it with the emotional abuse in the form of A’s hot/cold shtick. I suspect it will be ramped up throughout b4, though, building up to A finally giving in.

Me too, but I’m wondering how that will be retconned in b4. Or how M will be forced to fuck it up. I’m guessing Alima will be involved, since last week’s update mentioned scenes with UB and their friends outside their team.

I actually came over here to post a link to this week’s update:

The big news is that it looks like she’s closer to getting to writing of b4 now, after the “immense” task of making the character creator and doing something to tidy the coding (not sure what that means).

I gotta say, I could not care less about next month’s scenarios on Patreon. Half of this year’s scenarios have been about tertiary characters we barely see in-game. But it appears at least half or more of the scenarios will now be about such characters, instead of the ones our MCs are romancing. I’m never thrilled to see scenarios with anyone other than the four LIs, but Alima? :face_vomiting: That email will go right to the trash bin.


It PROBABLY means that she cut out a lot of redundant coding and chaff. Making the code cleaner makes it faster for her to refer to it and it, theoretically, means she’s better and faster at writing the code parts of the game.

Yeah, if she can do away with all the copy/paste text with a word or two changed, that’d save a lot time for her. Multi-replace would work well for a lot of that (example, all the “if callme” sections for whether the MC is called detective, their name, or their nickname). There were so many repeated passages in b3 that it seriously bloated the word count.

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That’s the best course of action, but A is my main route, I need something to happen there, I’m so done doing this endless chasing. I wish Mishka would let me smooch my bff M and create my own personal love triangle ending with my mc and M leaving Wayhaven and that stupid agency behind and living hea in some quiet and remote place. A who? :upside_down_face:

But seriously, A will be the bane of my existence, after 3 books I’m invested and yet, yet got so little satisfaction in return but I won’t give up (at least until b4). Thank god for other ifs ro that are less frustrating.

I mean she ain’t wrong :upside_down_face:

I stopped supporting her patreon some time ago so I’m out of the loop, but is the scenario about M and Alima or just Alima? And why is Alima everywhere all of a sudden? Is this a ploy to make people fall for her before b4 and make them more forgiving when Alima will inevitably do something despicable? Why is b4 turning into M and Alima’s attempt at second chance romance? We don’t need that drama, thank you very much!

sn: who is voting for Haley’s scenarios? And most importantly why? I would only read a scenario about her if it was the scene with M and the mc at the bakery from her pov (because ma’am what was going on in your head when you uttered that nonsense?) or any scene about any of the ro from her pov.

On the sub, someone thinks Rebecca is the mole and I actually love this idea, it would give her character some much needed dimension and explain her odd behaviour, but I’m sure Saint Rebecca would never. Ahh, a girl can dream.


There’s absolutely zero chance Rebecca would leak the Detective’s special status to the Trappers… UNLESS the mole is an unwilling/unknowing one, like a mind-control spell of magical parasite or something.
Is the mole going to be the B4 villain? Is that why the pseudo-romance option exists for them, because we’re supposed to think they’re part of the Agency and therefore one of the “good” guys?

I don’t think anybody disagrees with this, no. XD


Ok that would be smart as hell if they make it seem like a secret romance and shabang they just stabbed you. But i will say is that rebecca is definitely hiding things from the mc. I can definitely understand the suspicion of Rebecca because there are momments where it seems like she isn’t telling us things that are kinda important to know


For real. I have really high hopes for The Fernweh Saga, after being on Aelsa’s Patreon for a while. I don’t think she intends to drag shit on forever, and to actually have the ROs act like something other than troubled tweens. J seems to be the “A” of the series–more serious, work-focused, and quietly in love with the MC–but isn’t as big of a pain in the ass, and isn’t over the top with the drama. Of course, my favorite RO in that series is R. I can’t wait for b2.

I think it’s going to be a MC-Alima “romance” scenario, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is M-Alima, because everyone on her Patreon is salivating over a M-Alima romance and “seeing” how their relationship went. Personally, I’d rather take a beating than to see Alima and M together.

As for why she’s everywhere, she’s one of Mishka’s favorite characters, according to what she’s said. Since she loves the character so much, and seems to hate M so much, I figure Alima is rammed down our throats to show how awful M is and how great Alima is. That way, the MC can’t be mean to her when something ends up happening to make it seem M and Alima are fucking again. My guess is that the MC will see them “together” and it will appear they are getting frisky, so the MC can freak out about it and M can shit all over them again (“This thing with me and you was just about sex, sweetheart/handsome, remember? So why are you acting jealous?”). Alima will probably say something shitty to the MC, that isn’t supposed to be shitty and just the truth (“Did you expect anything different from M? You agreed to the terms, just like I did.”). If the MC is nasty to Alima in turn, I wouldn’t be surprised if M defends her because they’re friends (fitting with the whole thing from last week’s update, where she said we’ll see UB’s friends outside of the team).

For Haley, I’ll admit I voted for her. I can’t stand her after the bakery incident (and neither can Dezh), but at the time, I had hoped to knock Alima out of the running. I’d rather read a stupid Haley scenario than have to suffer through Alima and M or Alima moaning about being in love with M.

That said, Haley is a fucking moron with no ability to read a room (only when the MC is with M, because she doesn’t make any comments about N and the MC practically humping in her establishment), and I hope someone eats her before the series is over. But that won’t happen. I just wish the MC could cuss her out for running her mouth, or–at the very least–avoid her altogether for the rest of the series. What a bitch.

That would be… very cool. From what I’ve gathered from the weekly updates (which, to be completely honest, are all but worthless as far as giving any indication of what will be going on), the villain is introduced fairly quickly. Whether or not they’re shown to be a villain, I don’t know. This would be a cool way to go about it, which is why I doubt it will go down this way, lol.

What I think would be perfect is if her hiding things almost gets the MC killed again. Or taken by someone. She needs to suffer the consequences of her lies in a way she can’t just immediately write off like she did with Murphy.


More than mummy Rebecca Mary Sue?

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Given her gushing over her, I’d say about even. So definitely another Mary Sue. Probably why she had M “hurt” her. Gives her another reason to shit on M (and probably lay a guilt trip on any MC who doesn’t kiss Alima’s ass).

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Does she realise that she’s getting the opposite effect she wants with that style?


I get the impression she doesn’t care. She forces the MC into feeling certain things (like the guilt with Rebecca, and noticing her sad face if you don’t bow down to her greatness), so it doesn’t matter what the reader thinks, because the text shows what she wants it to. It’s why she ignores personality stats–if she actually allowed them to have an effect in the romances, things wouldn’t be so ridiculous, because a lot of MCs would never resort to the UwU tween behavior with the ROs.


I hate how UWU OWO UWU my MIND ORIENTED, SOLO WORKER, BOLD AND FLIRTY SUPER SMART detective is. I want some consistency ffs.
He literally never deals with A’s or M’s or N’s BS… like you want to keep lying to yourself? Ok, fuck you, i’m outta here, and the moment M called him a fucktoy during that GOD AWFUL bakery scene, he immediatly got up and left… without saying a single word, and after that bullshit apology, he was like “This is bullshit”.
And whenever N starts being a controlling creep, he’s like “you’re not my dad ffs, i’ll do what i want.”



Yeah, my M-mancer did the same thing. One thing that pissed me off so damned much is that the MC is forced to go begging for a place to stay at the Warehouse, no matter who they’re romancing. I don’t know about your M-mancer, but mine would’ve slept in a fucking ditch before she went there, especially after the bakery scene.

It really irks me that no consideration is given to M and A-mancers in situations like that. It’s one thing for a MC in a relationship with N or F to ask such a thing (though that still wouldn’t have happened), but for someone romancing A or M? With both of them dishing out emotional abuse at that point? Fuck no.

UB should’ve been the ones to ask the MC to stay there when they learned about the bounty on the MC’s head, leaving an open invitation if the MC said no. At least then it might have made more sense to go there, even if my M-mancer still wouldn’t have done it. And M should’ve been the one going to the MC to apologize, not the MC going there and forcing an apology out of them. The whole situation was just fucked up.

Because that’s the character Mishka wanted to write. Only she wasn’t honest about it when selling the game. We’re offered all these personality traits, but they’re ignored until she decides to use them in specific circumstances. Otherwise, you default to the shy anime girl who accepts being treated like shit with wide eyes and a puppy dog expression–and if she wanted to ignore the personality traits, she could’ve defaulted to a more adult, neutral character foundation.


That bakery scene for M was just so fucking bad, does M need to behave like that? You can write them to be a asshole to that nosy cunt Hailey, Halley, whatever the bitch name is… but you don’t need to shade the MC after Book 2 LITERALLY and COMPLETELY developed M’s trust and respect for the MC… i just thought that scene was really out of character and inconsistent, they could’ve said no with a hint of hesitation or literally nothing at all to just… build up this arc of being totally clueless… like… why?
And the reason for staying with UB? A random bathroom malfunction? That piss poor attempt to bring some humor? TERRIBLE, LIKE I HAD TO LAUGH… sooooooo inconsistent with the plot, after a whole dramatic scene about the bounty was written… like…


:rofl: That is precisely how I feel about that character now! Fuck her and her baked goods, my MC would be done with going there, no matter how much she likes sweets.

You do when you decided–before you ever began writing the M romance–that it would take until b5 for M to stop being a dick (and M will likely be one then, because of whatever angsty bullshit will be forced on everyone) and actually realize they have feelings for the MC. That’s why we got a retcon of b2 M in b3, and why we’ll get a rectcon in b4, bringing M back to full dick mode (and not in the fun way–I wouldn’t be surprised if M refuses to have sex with the MC for most of b4, partially to do the reset and partially so N can be made into the team sex god, because M isn’t allowed to be the best at anything).

It felt out of character to me, too. M may be an asshole to strangers, and may even be insensitive toward their team members (usually not intentionally, from what we’ve seen, like the scene in b3 where N gets all mopey at a M comment), but they aren’t outright nasty like that to anyone they respect.

But the thing is, Mishka wanted a reset from b2. Undo the progress to start over again. And that comment did it. You may as well expect the same thing for b4, since she said M is still an idiot and has no clue how they feel.

She wanted the LI to see the MC in wet pajamas. I am 100% convinced that was why the stupid bathroom scene had to happen. And why the LIs really don’t give a rat’s ass about the bounty until she wanted a certain “scene” with them.

Everything is about the ‘moments’ she wants to write. That’s why you have characters acting like fucking imbeciles, why plots are dropped and ignored until she wants to use them, and why things make so little sense. The plots of b1 and b2 were simpler, so it wasn’t as obvious. In b3, the bounty happened–and it was never really used for anything until the end. Even then, it was stupid and poorly implemented. But it was there to get the LI scenes we got, and that’s it.

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As someone who loves to write character driven stories… it really pisses me off seeing the writing.
(Just my opinion, i’m no pro like you)
2- Rule number 1: Character driven stories need fleshed out characters… and they need to progress to move that fucking plot forward, she just doesn’t develop the characters (F and N), or maybe she’ll give a crumb of progress to retcon them the next book… making them EVEN MORE STALE AND INCONSISTENT. (M i’m looking at you)
3- Pacing is fucking horrible: Character driven stories need to be extra careful with the pacing, she literally spends so much time introducing useless scenes and characters she won’t develop… FOCUS ON YOUR MAIN CHARACTERS AND VILLAINS? THEY’RE THE ONES MOVING THAT FUCKING PLOT?
4- Too much filler: Character driven does not equal filler… too much filler fucks up the pacing and takes away the organic aspect of the character’s development for me… you’re forcing the plot to stop cause the character won’t progress naturally.
5- And the detective being a UWU… they need to call out the RO’s BS, they’re not flawless, perfect vampires, they’ll never stop treating the MC like shit and will never actually work to be better if the MC’s like… “I’m so in love, i could never get mad at you, cause we’re oh made for each other forever and my soul is so connected to yours and my heart…” JUST STUPID

Well, that got too long...

It pisses me off, too. But I’m no pro!

The thing is, M had progress in b3. A lot of progress. There should’ve been an actual discussion at the end, if not before. M’s talk with an A bff said it all, so it makes no sense that M is still an idiot. And that is proven by the her response to the ask about what would’ve happened had the MC professed their love for M–M would’ve realized their own feelings and been relieved. The fact that she felt the need to stop that is just infuriating for me, as someone who is all about the characters. That’s not character-driven story–it’s author-induced plot-forced bullshit, based on her own need to drag shit on for M’s romance for five goddammed books in the name of “slow burn”.

Personally, I could’ve seen M freaking out at such a declaration. No matter what Mishka says, M is written as a character who fears commitment and is relationship averse. And it could easily be explained. First, M has never felt a connection with anyone before meeting the MC. M is very instinct driven, and instinct brings them to the MC time and again. A second contributor could be that, psychologically, their resistance could stem from their memory wipe (what if they have to be wiped again?) or from fear of what happens if something happens to that crystal and they lose their shit.

M, in many ways, would’ve made more sense as the ‘love at first sight’ LI, with them believing (at first) that it was lust, not love (since they never thought they’d feel such a thing). Then, have their draw to the MC progress as it had, with them recognizing that it’s “different” than lust much sooner than they have in the series, and becoming antsy–partially because this is all new to them, but also because they are afraid of what the MC may or not feel. And they aren’t used to the uncertainty, because it never mattered before.

Following that line of development, the bakery incident would have made more sense–it wasn’t a thoughtless comment made because M is an asshole, but rather a defensive statement because M doesn’t want to admit how they feel because they are uncertain how the MC feels about them. After all, up to the point, they have driven home the fact that, for them, it’s all about sex. There’s no way for the MC to know things are different for them now. What if the MC still wants the no-strings thing? M’s in a predicament.

Then, the relieve M feels at the MC’s declaration of love would have fit so well. Or their lack of one. Either way, you have an M knowing their in love much sooner, but–for once in the life they can remember–being afraid of it. Yet, still driven by that instinct to be with the MC as much as possible, in any way possible until M either blurts out how they feel in a moment of passion/fear/annoyance or the MC tells them and they get that feeling of relief.

Yes. The entire blood drive thing should’ve either been dropped altogether or, somehow, tied in to the Trappers/rogues/supernaturals being after the MC for their blood. I’m leaning toward dropped, because the whole thing was fucking stupid.

Captain: You need to give blood.
MC: No.
Captain, irritated: But you–
MC: Keep pushing and you can speak to my lawyer.

Or, just have the Agency get the MC out of it. It’s not that fucking hard. But then you couldn’t have a kid dropping their ice cream and the slapstick garbage of the MC trying to get out of it. Again, plot driven nonsense. And don’t even get me started on the “teams” we constantly meet and never talk to again.

Well, except Alima, who will probably be rammed down the throat of M-mancers. And likely end up with M in the non-M routes.

What I just want to punch walls about its the fact that there’s this supposed “soulmate” connection but it’s only on the MC’s side. A and M go about their business and don’t give a rat’s ass if they stomp on the MC’s heart, while the MC is the one suffering. In b3, it’s less one-sided with M (thank goodness), but that won’t last. With A, it’s almost entirely one-sided, with A only showing some emotion other than eternal constipation when they want to have a nice moment before going back to pissing in the MC’s face (who pretty much just takes it, no matter what your MC’s personality).

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What really annoyed me recently in warehouse scene with M is quote

And you thought we could lend you something?" He sounds genuinely confused.

Dude, wtf? You should offer place to stay to my MC after you insulted her just few scenes ago, without asking stupid questions :roll_eyes:

What you mean, you don’t think being drained in sewage water is sexy??

If she wanted the wet scene so badly… Please, I could right now post a rain scene from kdrama.
It’s cliche as heck but still more romantic than whatever happened in that tube breaking moment lol


This didn’t pass the smell test for me. I think it was more Mishka wanting M to be an asshole than how M would’ve behaved. M is simply not this stupid. In fact, M is very intuitive and intelligent, and notices things even when it seems they aren’t paying attention.

I know, right? And why the hell did the MC get into their car after that? That piece of shit is bad enough as it is, and you just filled it with sewage.

Oh, God, I would’ve loved a rain scene. I figure A will get one at some point. The rest of us got sewage stank.

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