The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (SPOILER FREE FOR BOOK THREE!)

You’re one to talk. You got 4 hotties, and you decided to go for the one that’s emotionally unavailable. :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, that just means M’s better at it. If I’m getting surgery I prefer a surgeon with experience, I dunno why it’d be different if I’m getting sex. :thinking:


I don’t. Their personal story (M that is) is the one I have no interest in.

I don’t know. I think it’s probably because for some reasons, it remind me of the past of Wolverine? Ya know, the guy from XMEN?

I’m guessing it would be something similar. And I though Wolverine story was so boring.

Then again, to be honest? I kinda don’t care about the past of any of them. I’m a bit curious about A past, just to see if my intuition was right? And I’m curious about N…because it seem there is tie there. Dont care for F past either…

And I mean when I say don’t care as in ‘If its never revealed, no big deal’ kind of thing. Not ‘Dont care cause they are boring or something’.

I dunno, I just don’t feel like something is missing if it was never revealed. But again, that is just me.

Jokes on you! I love 3 of them! You only like M! Ah

Check and mate! :grin:


Lies and slander, I also love F. And I like N, but I’m finding their romance mostly meh by the end of B2.

I play the trump card and make bingo!

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We are derailing the topic…

Anyway, I know you and EvilChani keep saying that A is emotionally Unavailable.

But I really don’t see it.

So what gives?


I feel that way about A’s past. N’s interests me to a point, because I want to see him lose his shit and go all Angelus to my MC’s Buffy. F’s trauma is clearly his mom. M’s is the most noteworthy, even if it does turn out to be a Wolverine thing. I always loved Wolverine. :smiley:

I love F’s (only with my childish MC, though). N, I found boring from day one. So I stuck him with a hellion of an MC, kinda Dezh-lite, only without the PTSD and emotional constipation from shit caused by her past.

Really? A’s locked up tighter than Fort Knox. Won’t let out emotions, won’t get physical (because A’s demi, I know), but there’s nothing there. There are a lot of “almosts” with A, but they always pull back. Always throw out the snide lie that the MC means nothing to them and there’s nothing between them. If that’s not unavailable, I don’t know what is.

Edited to add: I’ve also always despised the “I can’t be with you for your own good” shit. That pisses me off quicker than anything in “romance” stories. Why? Because it’s bullshit. You want to protect someone? Then be by their side and face trouble together. You can’t protect someone you aren’t with. Believing otherwise is idiocy and selfish because, in the long run, every time someone says that, they’re really just doing it to protect themselves. At least have the balls to admit it.


There’s a segue into the trolley problem (or possibly bumper cars) here SOMEWHERE, but I just can’t quite find it. :thinking: I am disappointed in myself. :cry:

The entire A romance so far is A going “but we mustn’t”, and then you don’t. And then they wear perfume and dress up for a sewer trip to entice you, but you still mustn’t, and then you don’t. If I wanted to be jerked along, I’d wear a leash.

Ah, yes, I almost forgot the repeated infantilising.


You two are like peas in a pods :grin:


M, smirking: I’ll get you a collar, sweetheart/handsome, and we can see if it does anything for you…


I’d say I walked right into that one, but we both know M would respond with “If you’re still able to walk, I’m doing something wrong”.



This just in!


That is awesome! Maybe it really will be out on the expected date, depending on how long editing and beta testing take. It takes HG/COG what, like three months to do their thing and publish once it’s submitted?

Yeah, I know. I was just hoping that’s when it actually comes out. There’s still editing, playtesting, etc. to do before submitting. Not sure how long HG/COG takes after submission, though…


Unfortunely not three months…it already has a release date 6 april🥲

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So, what do Christmases look like with Unit Bravo, or will we find out later in the series? Genuinely curious, and wondering what my detective should get his chosen RO if we do, lol. Connor should probably get Farrah something cheery, and Anders should probably get Nat a book :slight_smile:


My best guess is that there might be an extra scene about it on the patreon at some point if it’s not planning on being explored in one of the later books, but either way I’d bet a tube sock filled with ginger bread and chocolate milk that we find out at some point!

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I cannot, for the life of me, imagine why people like to romance A and M. Seriously? It’s like you hate yourself for doing that. They are a bunch of dippy downers and so rude and disrespectful. It would be so emotionally draining to even think of romancing them. They are literally what you would describe as “toxic”. It’s just miserable even being near them. How is A the most popular RO? And N is so dull. The only character that is decent enough to romance is F.

Counterpoint: M is hilarious, outspoken, forthright, and bullshit-less.


It’s almost as if people have different tastes.


When people romance characters in games, they don’t necessary choose someone, who they would actually romance in real life. They choose the RO they think will help them create the most interesting story to experience. If they prefer more tragic and dramatic stories, they would choose RO who help them build that narrative better. If they want to have a more realistic romance that would potentially be interesting to experience in real life, they would choose RO who have healthier relationship storyline. That’s why a lot of people not only choose to romance characters like A and M, but even prefer them to more “wholesome” ROs.


Thanx the Lord for freedom of Choice! Lol

and I cannot for the life of me, imagine why you would post that? Almost feel like a bait.

Ever heard of ‘Everyone has their own taste’?

@Nemureru_Mori Hm, I agree though I wouldn’t say no to having A as a real Girlfriend lol all that butthurt? Totally my alley :grin:

I admit though, the fun in romancing A is how much my mc fling herself into danger and I keep counting the amount of time I saw that veine about to pop in her forehead :anger:

It is just so hilarious :rofl:

F? I love F! Her romance is so sweet and she is so hilarious.

Natkins is also sweet but in a different way. Not dull at all, at least for me. The only part that irked me was what happen in the Demo of book 3. But I’m sure, we’ll get past that.

M? Don’t care for M.

All the romance are liked actually, some like A more, some like M more.

As you can see, I like 3 of them. Not a bad number lol

So if anything, dear @Cornelliau how can you like just F? They are all fun in their own ways.