The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (SPOILER FREE FOR BOOK THREE!)

Ah okay

I personally didn’t see him as quilting the MC into staying but whatever it’s subjective. I wasn’t saying he was rich so he can get away with it I don’t even know how what I said could imply that I was saying he was rich so he hasn’t had much experience in life maybe read my comment again I was talking about how being legally an adult doesn’t make you one mentally and I said he was a rich guy who hasn’t had expireience in anything when your rich you don’t worry about the roof over your head or what your going to eat next week at least someone’s whose rich like him wouldn’t.


To be fair, Douglas has been sheltered and coddled like a baby his whole life, with an indifferent dad and a god-knows-what mom. So he can be excused a little bit for not knowing the fact that stalking your boss just because you have a crush on them is NOT cool.

However…if he keeps on with that behavior in the future and has no noteworthy character development whatsoever, he’s going to invite a lot more criticisms then. And there’s nothing we can say to defend him from that.


I do not think this is a bug, in all honesty. The way I see it is that unlike Falk (an adjusted individual minus his whole justice thing), Douglas doesn’t seem to be aware enough to notice that the Detective is not interested, lesbian or not, therefor I don’t think he would change it unless very bluntly told.


Speaking from a male experience, I think Douglas is endearing in his attempts to imitate the Detective. It’s like having a little brother. I mean, he can even hug you at the Carnival, how sweet is that?

With that being said, I read somewhere that he sniffs the female Detective’s hair and yeah, I imagine that would get creepy pretty quickly.


His crush on female Detective is very creepy, but I am looking forward to getting past that and hopefully change it into some kind of mentorship. So far I am trying to redirect his attention, and I do feel for him considering his home situation, but he needs to learn to behave in an appropriate way.


It’s actually pretty fun.
First, Bobby will kiss the MC and tell them to go get comfortable at which point you can decide that you will have sex them, tell them to go or you can call Tina or Verda to dissuade you from going through with it.
Regardless of what you choose, you’ll overhear Bobby on the phone telling someone that they’re just there to pump you for information and the sex would just be a nice plus. The MC will be angry and the maa-lused will attack.

When you take Bobby to the warehouse, Farah will ask you why you were alone with someone at night in your apartment. If you tell the team that Bobby is your ex, the ROs will each have a unique reaction.

Ava breaks something, Nat gives a really scandalized “Her!?” and I don’t remember what Morgan and Farah do.

Yes exactly much agreed you got my point across better then I did.

@MisterJB Do we see more of Bobby after that?

Can he? It’s not like he was homeschooled, he went to highschool. I’m pretty sure he’d learn it’s not acceptable to stalk anybody just because you’re interested in them.


We don’t know that, do we?

I’m not saying Douglas shouldn’t be bashed. He should be bashed; stalking isn’t cool in any situation. You guys are free to bash him as much as you like. I think that he should be given a little leeway for now (as in for Book 3). If he doesn’t develop as a character, he can be bashed as much as anyone like and I won’t lift a finger to defend him.


No we don’t, but until we’re told so I’m going to assume he did. Personally doubt the Mayor had him homeschooled and then make him work at a precinct.

Yeah, Falk’s hitting on lesbian MCs was just a bug but Douglas is supposed to be That Straight White Guy who sexually harasses women at work.

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You can report bugs on all games, not just Wayhaven, by emailing:


@WarMaster999 My favourite RO is definitely Nate, paired with Mason as a BFF. I like the sweetness that comes with romancing a character who is openly affectionate, and befriending a grump like Mason lol

As for what I think of Douglas: I haven’t played Douglas’s branch in a long time so I’ll have to do that once there’s a book 2 save function. Douglas’s branch made me feel awkward lol but I don’t hate him as a character. I’m interested in seeing how his story plays out with the Mayor, and what that whole family dynamic is like. I can tell he means well, but yeah, him dressing up as the RO/Detective is weird lmao

Yeah true lol

Wait, how do we even get to that point? In all my playthroughs, I’ve never had more than what I assume are the minimal interactions with him. Lol.

In book 1, did you go out to the bar or stay in to do work when Tina wanted to go out? If you went out, you won’t get the Bobby kiss scene and Douglas will show up at your apartment instead.

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Hm, I thought I played both options but maybe I’ve only gone out? Thanks! I’ll have to go play through now lol.

When Bobby tells MC, to get comfortable, then when MC gets mad at Bobby because he/she were using MC, what is Bobby’s reaction? I want to know lol