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oh boy, if you think that’s big!!

my little brother uses size 13…

edit: Wow, I’m an idiot, lol.

but it’s actually worse because I’m actually size 11 :eyes:


You would believe so, right!?! But do not be fooled by height, friend. Because I am tall myself (for a woman, anyway), 178 cm to be precise, and yet I have small feet (especially for my length). My shoe sizes range from 36 to 37 (on the European size charts, no idea how they are different/how it works in America).

On a different note:

NO. I like talking to impeccably stressed people, deal with it.


I mean, is big for a 162cm woman

:sparkles: And we use the same sizeeeee :sparkles:


googles cm to feet

Oh shoot, I see what ya mean. :sweat_smile: :sweat_drops:


Lol, with this talk about size, I just remembered N used to be short. smol vamp baby


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smol bby N probably wore size 4-6 shoes my god


I have pretty huge feet too :rofl: my mum’s always complaining how I can’t share heels with her because mine are too big for her teeny shoes, and I’m just… uhh. sorry? :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait wait what? I am 149 cm and my feet are around the same size. Holy bejesus. :rofl:


I can’t believe your tiny feet?! They must look so cute omg :sob:

I’m 1,75 and use a 42. But listen, you are lucky, you know how friking difficult is to find shoes that are my size? Let me tell ya, very.



Random thought. So my little sister is watching MLP rn, and I immediately thought of F. F would watch my little pony, and you cannot tell me otherwise.
Felix is the ultimate broNie


duuuuuuude, it’s so true, i wish i could just

You know what though? I can imagine now that Nat, because she has a larger than average shoe size for women, probably spends most of her money on, like, custom shoes or something. Nate can have his silk jammies, but Nat knows when to spend her money wisely until she finds $600 shampoo then all common sense flies out the window because, “IT SILKENS WHILE IT SMOOTHES, AVA!”


I am 1’65 and a 39/40 lol.


Omg this is my mom. Except that she is 1,68cm and still has our shoe size, plus the fact that she has stupidly wide feet and she has to have her shoes made for her :ok_hand:

I don’t think she ever expended less than 100 euros in normal shoes :woman_facepalming:

I know right?!? When people’s attention falls on it for the first time they are always so puzzled by it.

Same-feet-size-club <3

Oh, dear, I am so sorry. I cannot say I know the feeling, because I can always find my size shoes in the sale… always the cute shoes as well.

So, feet are interesting and all, they can tell you what kind of footwear someone prefers, for example.

But… What about hands?!
Who has the smallest hands, who has the biggest hands? Who has beautifully long thin fingers? AND MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, (in my opinion anyway), who has callouses on their fingers and palms?
I personally go wild for the feeling of rougher skin caressing my own <3


hahahah. I swear, I hope we see some of N’s more “luxurious” aka need to spend every single dollar on something like shampoo’s side in books to come.


Smallest hand: F
Long fingers: to be honest, all of them, but if I had to chose, I think either M or N.

And I don’t think they can have callouses, super healing and all that, but, if they did, it would be A, no doubt.


I understand your mother every time I go to a shoe shop The owner tries to sell me a size smaller Saying o sorry I though you had them smaller

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Oh, I’m sure F will love that show - it has unicorns! :unicorn: and we all know what F will love to see :wink:

My vote goes to N! I can totally see them playing the piano… a lovely classical piece of Mozart, or a romantic piece by Beethoven… * sighs dreamily *


NOOOOoooOOOOoooooooooooooooo… You are completely right…
Edti: Why, why did you have to make me realize this…?!


detective.exe has stopped working


I think my main will end being A due How much laughing I had in the second demo

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