The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (SPOILER FREE FOR BOOK THREE!)


I cannot… This commentary!?! Yet soooo little information… TT^TT

How did I not find that… O_O
But thank you! : D


Quick, get @Seraphinite’s permission to make that canon. I’m not gonna lie, even the most simple of gestures can bring out the best of friendships and make it a powerful moment.

Ah, might as well and ask this cause I currently don’t have time to read all the previous posts (assignment for uni…huzzah :expressionless:); When and how did A and N become friends?

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:sparkles: We have no idea!! :smiley: :sparkles:

But I’m sure we’ll find out in the game at some point. :slight_smile:


I hope not or being totally skipable because that for my playthrough will have no damn sense. Except My character could say something like F*&’* you are all you mad? and going with Tina or Mom.
I mean game is already really sugar and rainbows more sugary… and i will die of excess of Rolling eyes.

:wink: But i seriously miss less sugar and more mischievous jokes or something.


Dang it, I jumped the gun there, didn’t I ? Should have thought my question through. Sorry :sweat:

Dance scene with F, please? I feel like we need it.


Dude, that’s ok! I know how much school can frazzle your brain circuits, lol, so don’t even sweat it.

But you know what, though, this means we can s p e c u l a t e!! :eyes:

Personally, I think they met each other after N had already been a vampire for a while (and A is said to be older, so I’m also taking that to mean that they’re been a vampire for longer than N as well), my gut also imagines them meeting in foggy Victorian London for some reason.

Maybe they were investigating the Jack the Ripper case together because, idk, I get some weird Holmes/Watson vibes from them…

Maybe they helped found what would become the Agency…

:sparkles: The possibilities are endless~*:sparkles:


I’d love for it to be as simple as them getting pared together on a couple cases and N’s niceness just chipping at A until they just decided N was now and forever more their favorite person.


omg, that’d be amazing too!

A: [is alone for who knows how long]

A: This is nice.

N: [appears] Hello!

A: Oh…oh this is…nicer?


Lol all of you are so softies :hugs: This should be the Gummy bear thread :wink:



Ahhhh, that’s adorable!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I kinda wonder how long they’ve been with the Agency. Surely not since it’s founding

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Your emotes were on point :ok_hand:


You know, I honestly have no idea. I don’t even think there’s anything in the books so far that can hint at it either.

But the only reason I’ve ever headcanoned/wanted A to have been one of the founders is:

1. I find that idea mildly hilarious.

Detective: So…just how many other instances in history have you been eyewitness to??

A: I didn’t tell of you this so you can create a guessing game—

F: Quick! A! Tell the Detective about the time you stole H. G. Wells’ bicycle!

A: Absolutely not!!!

F: A crashed it into a ravine!!

A: [strangled death noises]

2. Completely personal reasons that have nothing to do with the game.

Do any of you remember Men In Black? The first movie?
Well, the scene that has always stuck out to me wasn’t the gags or the jokes, but when Agent K is explaining to Jat the story of first contact.

Kay: There were nine of us that first night. Seven agents, one astronomer,

Kay: and one dumb kid who got lost on the wrong back road.

Jay: Oh, you brought that tall man some flowers.

I’m not entirely sure why, maybe I’m just easily manipulated by music scores, but this scene always stuck out to me. It’s bittersweet, as it symbolized the creation of something important on a scale that is still unknown to the general public, but at the loss of Kay’s normal life. The other eight founders were there because they wanted to be, but Kay was there because the universe wanted him to be.

I don’t think this is exactly how it would have gone for A, for all we know they were a soldier long before joining the Agency, but I do think it would be nice if we found out that perhaps the founding of the Agency was almost pure happenstance on A’s part, that they never intended to join something bigger.
It’d be almost poetic, in a way, that despite having to live in the shadows, despite only helping people from afar, this Agency they helped found has also been the source every connection in their life, connections that with vampirism they never even expected to have, but that they’ll get regardless.

:slight_smile: But that’s just me.


And i desire exactly the contrary The agency being far more ancient and sinister. With A and the guys being almost force conscripted to it A shady organization mad with power and secrets that move the strings of world. With Agents being considered expendables.

But that’s me if story is so goodie everything is happy i start to snore saying were is the fun of hippie happy agency.

Still I love hear all your goodie canons as are interesting :slight_smile: :turkey:


Ok, so, I wanted to say, I fucking love this, and now I can’t take stop thinking about A being some ancient Celt warrior that were doing their own thing when a portal from the Echo World opened and they got involved wanted it or not.

And I love thinking of A as some ancient being who had no idea of modern science and was living in an old village without the whole super hard discipline going on, and maybe because they were ripped from this they had to harden up, to be able to forget their old life


I want the detective to hang this up when A eventually punches a whole in the wall.



Funny thing I fan canon my character has a message in his desk IT IS NOT BROKEN IS A PIECE OF CONTEMPORARY ART


Yeah, with this you will be a bit disappointed. As you say, this is a goody story, and as such, the Agency is actually good (which I find refreshing, because usually is always super shady, etc etc).

But, we know that there is a rat within their ranks, which is another thing I can’t wait to find out about.

Wait, there’s a rat in the agency? :anguished:

I actually think it would be interesting if N joined first and then A joined :thinking:

I have no reason to think this other than to explain where A’s deep respect for N originated from, and I think the Agency’s goals sound more like something N would be originally drawn to, where A probably just like the structure that being part of an organization like the Agency would provide.