The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (SPOILER FREE FOR BOOK THREE!)

Hi! So, I’m currently reading the second book and I’m at the part where you arrive at the carnival to scope things out. I noticed that the ticket seller officers you tickets for free on account of the reader being the town detective. I decided to decline and pay anyway, and the ticket seller said that the offer still stands are creepily slides the money off the table. So, I was wondering if this was a nod to the Faerie folk? Since you aren’t supposed to accept gifts from the fae, was this some sort of underhanded trap set up to harm the detective? I haven’t read farther than this so I don’t know if the ticket seller was revealed to be a supernatural (i assume they are, and i assume they are fae) but I sure hope they are! If this is in fact a reference to the fae that would be super cool and a nice little detail! I still love this scene even if it isn’t, helps with world building yknow?

The ticket-seller wasn’t seen again in the book, not from what I can remember.

And no, there’s no trap there.


You can always check the code to see if you really missed something

Doesn’t seem like it; it appears completely benign and is never brought up again.

Patreon demo’s out, by the way! Gonna go play it.


Sera put a reminder to be mindful of those who are non Patreons.

So no discussion until the public release of demo this Friday. Hope for your cooperation!


Just gonna make a quick announcement that as of now, and until further notice, this discussion thread is officially… :drum: …SPOILER FREE FOR BOOK THREE!

So talk, speculate, drool over Unit Bravo to your heart’s content! Just make sure that any Book Three spoilers are well-hidden!

Have fun, everyone!!


What’s your guys favorite RO?

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For me, Nate. :relaxed:

Best friend, Felix. :grin:

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Same @Taylor_Enean except opposite gender of the characters



Can’t decide :thinking:

I understand it’s hard.

Mason or Felix, depending on what RO vibe I’m going for lol

It’s Felix right now. Used to be Nate but book 2 made me fall headfirst for Felix. I love Mason too but Adam isn’t my cup of tea, I’m glad to be friends with him though.

Thank you guys for answering!

Definitely Nate. Felix is a close second because he’s so sweet and fun.

I love each of ro, so im gonna pick everyone.
But to be bff spesifically? Yeah, F. They lots of fun to be friend with. (and probably a friend route with M and genuine!MC. M just doesn’t know how to deal with them, it’s so funny and endering at the same time :joy:)

Morgan :100:

:+1: nice everyone

Mason for RO, Felix for BFF. Adam for RO, Nate for BFF.
It just makes sense. :thinking: