The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)


If only N saw the puns and memes of this forum.
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You had a dream about unit bravo!? Lucky you.


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I don’t think A and N would manage well with being seperated for an extended time. N would handle it better than A would, but still not well. N offers A a kind of stability, and A offers N a sense of security and trust.

These poor nerds. On one hand that’s really cute and also sad…

But on the other I just like to imagine N leaving for, like, a few hours, and A just waiting by the door for them to return like a puppy.


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:sparkles: :birthday: :birthday: Happy birthday @Meira_Litch!!! :birthday: :birthday: :sparkles:
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Ok, but imagine this: F doing that.


MC: Shouldn’t we tell everyone where we’re going, N?
N: We’re only going to be a gone an hour, MC, it’ll be fine.


N and MC: walks back into the Warehouse
N: We’re back-
F: tackles N
A: No we didn’t.
MC: looking around Why is everything broken?
A: …
A: I fell.
N: Why is the corner on the room on fire?!
M: peeks out of smoke cloud Its not.


Happy Birthday, @Meira_Litch!

And what a lovely gift it was! :wink: I wish my brain would take a hint. lol


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The day turned out for the best, it was a good birthday at the end! So yaaaay!!!
the cake is so big, send help please


I mean, that sounds like the opposite of a problem. :birthday:


I hope we can throw a surprise birthday party for the ROs with a huge cake. Although I wonder how they’re going to prevent them from sensing everyone in the room before they arrive lol


Actual footage of N stopping A (A? more like M) from starting a fight

also Happy Birthday @Meira_Litch!


Perhaps or N stopping F or M?? :joy:


you’re right, A has great self-control :laughing:


Ahh, I finally got around to playing the first book and I loved it so much I had to dust off my old forum account just to tell you!

I don’t post much but I would like an invite to the NSFW thread.


Speaking of fights and stuff, who do you guys think is the scariest team member to see visibly angry? I’d honestly have to say N. If they are at the point where you can see how angry they are there’s about to be a serious problem.

edit: I also feel like N is one of those people who when super angry, picks up glasses and plates with the intent to break it, then thinks twice and puts it in the exact same spot :joy:


Is always the nice ones you have to be aware of. They would also be the most efficient at scolding a friend in a serious matter.

Just think about sweet N looking at you in the eyes, clearly upset and disappointed at you. I would feel like a 5 year old and just want a hug while saying I’m sorry for upsetting such a wonderful person :joy:


Agreed. It would be like disappointing your grandmother or something. You would just feel really bad about what you did and try to do everything you can do make them proud again.


Why do I feel like F would say something like that in regards to making N angry :joy:


If I disappointed N, I would feel like Percy Jackson disappointing his mom, Sally Jackson.


I would like an invite to the NSFW thread


Wow, I just realized Sera has an Instagram :woman_facepalming: I can’t believe it took me this long. So you’re telling me that all this time I’ve been in ignorance of that snippet of Mason’s portrait! He’s so gorgeous. :black_heart:

(You draw beautifully Sera! Can’t wait to see all of the finished drawings.)


Little bit late, but may I be invited to both the NSFW and detective discussion threads? Thanks!